[My★Boss My★Hero][Yukan Club]

8 07 2008

Sunday 6 July 08 1:30am

My★Boss My★Hero

Finished episode 9 and 10 of My★Boss My★Hero~

T_T Such a funny show, lol~ Touching as well! Never fail to touch me everytime I watch a Jdorama, lol~ I know, I know, it was originally a Korean movie or drama, wasn’t it? But they can’t do it like the Japanese, because.. their “resource” is really sub-standard, lol.. You dunno what the “resource” I’m talking about is, so, shut up. Ne~! ^_^v

This is my first time watching Nagase Tomoya’s drama, he’s really good ne! I only heard his name, in chinese, on TV or in the magazines, so I know he’s good etc, but I never really know who he is, lol..

Found out that he’s actually the vocal of TOKIO, which is a Johnny’s group, so, he’s a Johnny’s boy, lol..

Interestingly, all 3 Johnny’s boys in the show are Scorpios~ Daisuki! ♥ XD

Nagase’s character, Sakaki Makio, is a stupid guy who can’t even count~ How pathetic! Such person can’t lead a yakuza organisation, can he? Love the first episode, it had Lian Kai as well! XD Was totally surprised!

Tegoshi’s character is Sakura-nantoka~ No, actually it’s Sakurakouji Jun, haha.. It’s too long for Makio to remember, lol~ He’s one of those prim and proper, guai guai de students~

Koki’s character is Makio’s underling, Kazu. He’s sooooooooooo cute!! ♥ A yakuza who can cook and sew and clean?! Kawaii~!! Hahaha~!!

The female lead is Yui, it’s my first time watching her drama~ I’ve read about her in i-weekly though, that she’s one of the up-and-coming actresses of this generation~ She’s cute and acts well~ But.. I like Horikita Maki way more~ ♥ Maki is really good~ ^_^

Hoshino’s actor is an actor I see a lot of times before, lol.. He was in Nobuta wo Produce and also in Gokusen~ He’s cute too, lol~

The soundtrack is really nice, it really has that “yakuza” feel to it, lol~

The theme song, Sorafune by TOKIO, is really nice too~ Somehow, the voice doesn’t feel like it belongs to Nagase.. Hahaha~~~ XD So when I saw the PV, I was like, “USO! He sang it??!!” Hahaha XD

Overall, it’s a really nice show, must watch ne! ^_^

Monday 7 July 08 11:46pm

Yukan Club

Finished Yukan Club in one shot~ I only watched 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th, but today, I watched the rest~

Initially, I was thinking that it’s a boring show, so that’s why I stopped, lol~! Yes, even though it had JIN!! XD

But yeah, today was a boring day, so yeah, lol~~

I’m glad I watched it all~ Jin was too cute to miss~~~~~ ♥

Junno is cute too~ Narcissist!! XD

Plus, I really love “Keep the Faith” by KAT-TUN~ I listen to it everyday, lol~

Hmm.. This high school drama wasn’t like others.. They’re older than the characters’ age.. Usually, they find actors and actresses of the same age, ne? Haha~~

So, suddenly, you see Kashii Yu playing a teacher to 18-year-olds in My★Boss My★Hero, then she plays an 18-year-old high schooler in Yukan Club~ Haha~~~

Same for Jin~ He was a working adult in Anego but a high schooler in Yukan Club~ Hoho~~

But that’s what acting is all about, right? ^_^

Overall, you don’t need to watch Yukan Club if you don’t want to~ It’s a drama that gives you this sort of feelings~ LOL~ But yeah, it’s full of Jin-goodness, watch it if you hate him! HAHA *evil laugh*




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