山下智久の日记 vol. 1920-1922 27.11.08-29.11.08

30 11 2008

山下智久の日记 vol. 1920

I’ll update tomorrow~
Because I haven’t finish writing the essay~~

山下智久の日记 vol. 1921


Today, I used the normal greeting, to greet everyone!

Yesterday morning I woke up, and looked into the mirror

This kind of man with a messy sleep face, why is he able to get support from everyone?

“Yamashita Tomohisa are you ok?”

I said that to myself loudly!

What do you think my good points are?

I hate hard work, always want to do happy things.
Seeing SEXY people, my heart will flutter, and will also think of some naughty things.
Also sudden bouts of loneliness, and, of course, jealousy.

There are also some people who thinks that I’m a goody-2-shoes, but all of you totally thought wrong.

I think I’m just a 23-year-old youth that you can see anywhere.

Only, I hate failure more than the surrounding people.

This has been so since young.

Only this.

Sometimes, just like today,
I will think about things out of nowhere!

Just what is my personality~
I will feel that I’m actually the person most difficult to understand!

Want to know more about myself
Want to do more things that I can do!

The me today
Thought about these.

Tomorrow, I will, again, write boring diary yo(laughs)

山下智久の日记 vol. 1922


Today, let me try to summarise!

Yesterday morning about 4am, my stomach was empty, too hungry, so I went to eat ramen!

Went with a certain friend who is trying to reject food

After eating, there wasn’t any intention to sleep anymore.

So, for the first time in a long while, I read manga.
I even read 4 volumes.

For someone who doesn’t really read manga, it feels like I read a lot

The manga that I read yesterday was unexpectedly interesting,
Today, I will continue to read it too (laughs)!

Haha, P is so cute~!! XD

Sometimes, I think about things out of nowhere too.. Like, why we walk upright?.. That kind of thing XD

I wonder what manga he read? And he doesn’t really read manga? How rare! XD All my friends read manga, including me! LOL~

I love his song, MOLA~ The music is great~ XD I hope that one day, he will write his diary in English, even if it’s only one entry, haha~

Ganbare, P!!

P.S.: Thankz to Tiff and mi-chan for leaving comments! I like reading comments people leave behind ^_^


Room of King -Finale-

29 11 2008

I’ve never watched this before even though there is Mizushima Hiro.. It’s because Suzuki Anne is in there too!! x.X No matter how long, how many angles you look at her, no matter what hairstyle, she.is.not.pretty. So why do they still use her?! o.O

Anyway, this show’s viewership rating is very very low but not as low as the Zou show [poor Asami and Oguri T_T].. Room of King is as bad as Oh! My Girl!! though.. Poor Hiro.. Poor Hayami.. Both who appeared alongside in Zettai Kareshi~ T_T

Anyway, I totally don’t understand the show, and there are too many scenes with Suzuki Anne’s face in them, so I decided to close the TV and watch Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no Youni « waaay better~ XD

I hope that Hiro and Hayami will get better leading roles in the future!! Ganbare!!


29 11 2008

Shabake Series 2 「Uso Uso」

This wasn’t shown on Fuji -_-”

I watched it on KTV [Kansai Terebi]~~

Even though I don’t understand most of it and the scenes are all choppy for me due to the lousy internet speed, I still enjoyed the show~ XD

Just looking at the show like a kid without understanding much, haha~~

It seems like there is a ghost who hates the Wakadanna~ And it seems like the Wakadanna is being wanted, but why?!

If you don’t understand, Wakadanna is played by Tegoshi~ The Wakadanna’s name is Ichitarou. In the first episode of this series, the Wakadanna was introduced as this very very weak teenager who is the only child in the family. They own a herb shop.

It’s an interesting story revolving around the Wakadanna and the ghosts around him~ I really like the first episode~

In this episode, the 2nd episode, there are lots of ghosts too, haha.. But I missed the 1st hour of the show T_T

So I really wanna watch it right from the start!!

I think my favourite ghost is the one in his room and the little ones who can’t talk XD Really kawaii~~~ ♥

Half hour before the end, I kinda understand why Wakadanna was wanted and why his brother did that.. T_T

The ending is a good one, of course! Haha~~ Yay! v^_^v

流星の絆 Episode 7!

28 11 2008

I only caught a bit of it.. T_T The TV player decided to f*up again. So I went to watch TV instead, a good new drama is showing, lol..

Anyway, the millisecond [choppy sequence T_T] that I caught was about the old cop examining the gold watch and then him asking Kouichi whether he recognised it or not, then later Taisuke came into the restaurant too and he immediately said, “Dad’s watch!!”

Haha, so cute~~~ XD

OMG, how did the watch get into the hands of the cops? How did Kouichi manage that?! I wanna know!!

Let’s hope the TV is smooth next Friday!! [And Wednesday too! XD]

Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 27.11.08

27 11 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
26.11.08 1925h

Kyou kara ryouri shimasu.
Mina mo jisui shi you ne

Starting to cook from today onwards.
Everyone cook for yourselves too

Yay, emoji again! XD

Wow, if I can taste his cooking, I’ll die happy XD If I can cook for him, I’ll die happy too XD

Anyway, I finally received my package of “color” and “Musekinin Hero” and the little Mario toy that YesAsia gave!! YAY!! It was delivered to my mailbox on the 24th or 25th but I only opened it on the 26th morning and only write about it today, lol! XD

But I’ve fallen more sick because I haven’t recovered.. Went to see doctor today and hence I’m on MC.. I hope I’ll be better tomorrow, coz I need to work! T_T

Watched one second of Janiben last night, caught a glimpse of Ryo, hee, so happy~ ♥

Ryuusei episode 7 tomorrow! I can’t wait!! XD

And I’m being incredibly slow.. KAT-TUN is gonna have a new single called “White X’mas”!! It will be released on the 3rd of December! It’s their second ballad single! It’s really quite ballad-y, lol.. It will only be available for a short while, from 3rd to 26th Dec only!! WHY?! It’s quite expensive too.. T_T

Also, it will be “released in Korea” on the 17th Dec.. Why this move? If Johnny wanted more money, he could have chosen a bigger market — Taiwan; let them debut in Taiwan with this ballad, they will sell over the heavens because of their current popularity among Chinese in Asia, Johnny will make a lot more money! Don’t understand what he’s thinking -_-” Grrrrr..

Anyway, here’s Music Station on the 21st November!

Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 21.11.08

21 11 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
21.11.08 1601h

Okurete gomen.
Kyou no ON EA mo mite ne.
HOTERU no SHIIN wa tanjoubi deshita

Sorry for updating late.
Please watch Ryuusei no Kizuna today too
The scene in the hotel was shot on the day of my birthday

^_^ Better late than never!!

I watched it yo!! Taisuke is so funny in the hotel!! That little pervert, hahaha XD

I’m patiently [not] waiting for color to arrive~~~~

♥ you, Ryo~

流星の絆 Episode 6!

21 11 2008

Miraculously, I was able to watch TBS!! I missed about 10 or 15 minutes but it’s ok!! ^_^

So who’s the real murderer!!??

Shii finally know the truth.. T_T

OMG!! How did the obachan know?! OMG OMG!! Taisuke baka!! XD

Why did you tell him all that, Shii?! Grrrr..

Everything’s going wrong, in this episode.. O no!! T_T

They’re making Togami more and more suspicious, so he is the real killer? Is Kyouichi making fake evidence?!

I can’t wait to watch episode 7!!

By the way, saw Kame, Ueda and Jin’s cube advertisement again, lol~~ SO CUTE!! “L”s chocolate advertisement makes me wanna eat it so much!!

I also saw NEWS color advertisement! So pretty!! I can’t wait for it to arrive!! XD

I ilke the new Fujitsu phone that KimuTaku is the spokesperson for!! OMG!! And the Professor Layton has so many famous people as seiyu!! OMG!! I wanna play it!!