Some Videos~!

25 10 2008

無責任ヒーロー — 関ジャニ∞
Musekinin Hero — Kanjani∞

A hilarious PV, again~!! OMG~!! They are just so crazy and high~! XD ♥

Yesterday’s Asazuba aired the preview of ARASHI’s newest song “Beautiful days” PV! It is the theme song of Ryuusei no Kizuna! Nice song, it will be released on the 5th of November~ They also reinforced the high viewership ratings for the first episode! 21.2%~!! XD

Newest OXY tv commercial by Jin and Koki!!

OMG~!! Jin is super super super CUTE!! KYA~! *Pssst* Koki is cute too~! ♥