Popolo August 08 – In the Room

1 07 2008

Yay, new translation! ^_^ 1st of July!! Time flies.. Ah, what magazine is this? I’ve never bought it before, well, I’ve only bought two others before, haha.. XD Liang Court is far~~~~~~~~~ And the amount of magazines featuring my idols are amazing, there’s no way I can buy them every week or month.. T_T $$

Well, I got the scan from somewhere and it’s small.. But it’s ok, I got way to make it big, lol.. Yup, and so, here’s the result~~ Ryo is sooooooo cute~! And sexy~~ XD I love him!! ♥

Still waiting for Ryo’s entry to be out.. I’m sure it’s out somewhere..? Or.. he hasn’t written anything? .. T_T