KAT-TUN’s New Year Greetings 2009 — Kamenashi Kazuya

3 01 2009

Kamenashi Kazuya 龜梨和也

One year passed too fast, it’s already 2009
This year’s beginning could also begin with a drama! Like this, I’m also super looking forward to it
Also, there probably wouldn’t be much growth…but I wish to show I’ve grown, “if I can use this chance to make everyone become interested in wine I’ll be very happy”I thought
Hope that this year I can become an active person for the sake of productive activitiesEveryoneDo support me

Yay! Kame’s greetings for the new year!! I can’t find the other member’s posts though T_T

Kame’s so cute~~ I can’t wait to watch his new drama! Kami no Shizuku is a really popular manga!! I hope someday, I can buy the whole set of the manga, hoho~ Well, that’s when I have the room to put them! XD

Kame ganbatte!! ♥




2 responses

29 08 2009

can u update me how are they now? i miss them a lot. but there is lack of news regarding them. i also like toma and horikita maki.

29 08 2009

hi, i’ve moved to blog in another space if u noticed the word on the right side of this page, the words are in blue.

it’s true that they don’t have much news these days, but the groups take turns, now, it’s NEWS’ time.

there is no lack of KAT-TUN in our lives, we can watch them on TV every Wednesday night, Cartoon KAT-TUN.

thankz for ur message though.

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