Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 3.7.08

8 07 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
1.7.08 1756h

Ima Shinkansen desu. Boku no migi te no hou de shikaku kiri torareta keshiki ga nagareteimasu. Taiyou ga kumo ni kakureteimasu. TONNERU ni hairimashita. MANAAMOUDO no shinai occhan ga boku no futatsu mae no seki de shabettemasu. Yamete hoshii kedo… ongaku wo kikimasu. Shin Yokohama ni 着kimashita. Biru ga sawayama sobie


Mou sugu Nagoya.


On the Shinkansen now. The scenery flowing by is framed by the rectangular window on my right hand side. The sun is hidden by the cloud. Entered the tunnel. An uncle sitting two rows in front of me, whose phone is not on silent mode, is talking on his phone. I wanted him to stop but.. I decided to listen to music. Reached Shin Yokohama. Buildings are tall and many

Fell asleep

Reaching Nagoya soon.


Awwww~ Finally a slightly longer post from Ryo, yay!! And finally, no more advertising for LF!! ^_^

It’s fun to see how he describe what he sees~ Makes one feel closer coz you can imagine the scene, as he sees it, in your head~ ♥

His writing is nice too~ His original words for the scenery part are quite hard to translate into english and he didn’t mention the word “window”.. So I only translated the meaning, haha~

As for “着kimashita”……….. 着 is kiru, but.. there’s the extra “ki” after 着.. so I dunno how to romanise that~ Lol.. XD I’m still bad at Japanese!!

He must have been really tired, coz he slept for 8 stations!

According to the map, he should be on his way home~~~ Home Sweet Home ne! ♥

Looking forward to his entry for this week~~~

Love ya, Ryo~ ♥


Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 26.6.08

8 07 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
26.6.08 1601h

Minasan genki desu ka?
Kyou wa tokubetsuhen desu.
Minasan mite kudasai

How is everyone?
Today is the Special.
Please watch it, everyone

Late late late late, super late, haha..

I did watch the LF SP.. Sian la, felt like a waste of time, I didn’t even bother about blog-ing about it..

It got about 17% viewership -_-” I guess everyone was waiting for something to happen in the SP, but end up, we were disappointed that it’s just a cut-footages-from-the-drama SP. T_T

But.. YAY for no longer having to act as Sousuke!! XD

Viewers who can’t separate acting from real life hated him.. Poor Ryo.. T_T Heartpain for us fans!!

But now, no longer~~~~~~~~ Hohohoho~~~~~~

Ganbatte ne, Ryo~ ♥

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8 07 2008

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[My★Boss My★Hero][Yukan Club]

8 07 2008

Sunday 6 July 08 1:30am

My★Boss My★Hero

Finished episode 9 and 10 of My★Boss My★Hero~

T_T Such a funny show, lol~ Touching as well! Never fail to touch me everytime I watch a Jdorama, lol~ I know, I know, it was originally a Korean movie or drama, wasn’t it? But they can’t do it like the Japanese, because.. their “resource” is really sub-standard, lol.. You dunno what the “resource” I’m talking about is, so, shut up. Ne~! ^_^v

This is my first time watching Nagase Tomoya’s drama, he’s really good ne! I only heard his name, in chinese, on TV or in the magazines, so I know he’s good etc, but I never really know who he is, lol..

Found out that he’s actually the vocal of TOKIO, which is a Johnny’s group, so, he’s a Johnny’s boy, lol..

Interestingly, all 3 Johnny’s boys in the show are Scorpios~ Daisuki! ♥ XD

Nagase’s character, Sakaki Makio, is a stupid guy who can’t even count~ How pathetic! Such person can’t lead a yakuza organisation, can he? Love the first episode, it had Lian Kai as well! XD Was totally surprised!

Tegoshi’s character is Sakura-nantoka~ No, actually it’s Sakurakouji Jun, haha.. It’s too long for Makio to remember, lol~ He’s one of those prim and proper, guai guai de students~

Koki’s character is Makio’s underling, Kazu. He’s sooooooooooo cute!! ♥ A yakuza who can cook and sew and clean?! Kawaii~!! Hahaha~!!

The female lead is Yui, it’s my first time watching her drama~ I’ve read about her in i-weekly though, that she’s one of the up-and-coming actresses of this generation~ She’s cute and acts well~ But.. I like Horikita Maki way more~ ♥ Maki is really good~ ^_^

Hoshino’s actor is an actor I see a lot of times before, lol.. He was in Nobuta wo Produce and also in Gokusen~ He’s cute too, lol~

The soundtrack is really nice, it really has that “yakuza” feel to it, lol~

The theme song, Sorafune by TOKIO, is really nice too~ Somehow, the voice doesn’t feel like it belongs to Nagase.. Hahaha~~~ XD So when I saw the PV, I was like, “USO! He sang it??!!” Hahaha XD

Overall, it’s a really nice show, must watch ne! ^_^

Monday 7 July 08 11:46pm

Yukan Club

Finished Yukan Club in one shot~ I only watched 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th, but today, I watched the rest~

Initially, I was thinking that it’s a boring show, so that’s why I stopped, lol~! Yes, even though it had JIN!! XD

But yeah, today was a boring day, so yeah, lol~~

I’m glad I watched it all~ Jin was too cute to miss~~~~~ ♥

Junno is cute too~ Narcissist!! XD

Plus, I really love “Keep the Faith” by KAT-TUN~ I listen to it everyday, lol~

Hmm.. This high school drama wasn’t like others.. They’re older than the characters’ age.. Usually, they find actors and actresses of the same age, ne? Haha~~

So, suddenly, you see Kashii Yu playing a teacher to 18-year-olds in My★Boss My★Hero, then she plays an 18-year-old high schooler in Yukan Club~ Haha~~~

Same for Jin~ He was a working adult in Anego but a high schooler in Yukan Club~ Hoho~~

But that’s what acting is all about, right? ^_^

Overall, you don’t need to watch Yukan Club if you don’t want to~ It’s a drama that gives you this sort of feelings~ LOL~ But yeah, it’s full of Jin-goodness, watch it if you hate him! HAHA *evil laugh*