KAT-TUN 9th Single — ONE DROP 2009.02.11 Release!!

2 01 2009

2009.02.11 Release

■初回限定盤 CD+DVD:JACA-5128~5129
¥1,680(tax in)
■通常盤/初回プレス仕様 CD:JACA-5130
¥1,200(tax in)
■通常盤 CD:JACA-5131
¥1,000(tax in)
初回限定盤収録楽曲 [Limited Edition contents]


 作曲:t-oga / M.U.R.

02 D-T-S

「ONE DROP」 ビデオ・クリップ+メイキング [Video clip + Making]
通常盤/初回プレス仕様収録楽曲 [Normal Edition/First Press contents]


 作曲:t-oga / M.U.R.

02 D-T-S

03 タイトル未定 [Title Undecided Yet]
通常盤収録楽曲 [Normal Edition contents]


 作曲:t-oga / M.U.R.

02 D-T-S

03 ONE DROP(オリジナル・カラオケ) [Original Karaoke]

04 D-T-S(オリジナル・カラオケ) [Original Karaoke]

I’m guessing that the song that has no title yet is gonna be the theme song of RESCUE~

“ONE DROP” will be the theme song of Kame’s new dorama, Kami no Shizuku!!

“D-T-S” will be the new CM song for Lotte!!

By the way, “JOKER” is Koki~ ^_^

Quick!! Pre-order them now!! I’ve already pre-ordered Jacket A! XD I’ve also ordered KAT-TUN’s live tour DVD! Hehe~~~~ *pocket has a big hole now T_T*

Jacket A [Limited Edition]: YesAsia.com
Jacket B [Normal Edition/First Press]: YesAsia.com
Jacket C [Normal Edition]: YesAsia.com


Johnny’s Countdown 2008 — 2009

31 12 2008

Wow!! It’s great!!


It’s my first time watching the Countdown, I’m so excited!!

Kept wanting to catch a glimpse of Ryo, haha!! Yappari, too many people to look at!! Wahaha~~


KAT-TUN in Jan 2009

26 12 2008

Wow, wow, wow~! KAT-TUN is sure very busy~ They will be releasing a new single on the 11th of February 2009!!

This new single is called “ONE DROP” and it is going to be the theme song for the new drama called “神の雫 Kami no Shizuku” starring Kame!! The drama will air on the 13th of Jan, Tuesday at 10pm JST @ NTV!!

Another new drama called, “RESCUE~特別高度救助隊”, will be starring Nakamaru and Massu!! It will start on the 24th Jan, Saturday at 7pm JST @ TBS!! The theme song will be sung by KAT-TUN as well!! Woah~! But can’t they just let NEWS take care of that since they already have one?! T_T

Anyway, there will be lots of KAT-TUN next year! Woohoo! ♥

White X’mas — KAT-TUN

3 12 2008

It’s released today!!!!!!!!!

A very nice song~! It has a tinge of sadness, yet, it’s talking about moving on~

I’ve romanised and translated the lyrics into English and Chinese! So if you wanna post them elsewhere, please ask ok? Thankz!! ♥

KAT-TUN – White X’mas

Gin iro kirameku machi
Ame ga yuki ni kawatta
Yume iro mabushii mirai mite ta
Ano hi no X’mas

Anata wo mite waratta
Seinaru yoru ni
Namida ga afureta ne
Eien ni suki na no ni naze?

Ima yuki ga maichiru
Kono sora no tooi mukou ni wa
Atarashii dareka ga matsu
Kesenu omoi daki nagara

Ano koro warai atta
Nani mo kowaku nakatta

Anata no yasashi sa wo kizu tsuketa
Ano hi no X’mas

Yume to ka kibou sagashite
Samayou dake

Miagata sora taka sugite tsukamenai yo
Todoku no ni naze?

Ima yuki ga maichiru
Ano koro no mayowanu kimochi wa
Atarashii asu e tsuzuku
Nido to modoranai Story

Arukidaseba tomadou kedo
Te de toketa yuki no hanabira wa
Mata itsuka meguri atte
Kokoro tashikameru darou

KAT-TUN – White X’mas
English Translation
Translated by Haru

In the silver shining city
The rain turned into snow
Like the colour of dreams, I saw a bright future
On that X’mas day

Looking at you, I smiled
On that holy night
Tears are overflowing, aren’t they
Though I’ll love you forever, why?

Now, snow is floating down
In the distant of this night sky
Someone new is waiting
Embracing memories that can’t be erased

Laughing together at that time
Not scared of anything

Your gentleness was hurt
On that X’mas day

Searching for things like dreams and hopes
Just wandering about

Looking up at the night sky, it seems too high to catch
Yet, I can reach it, why?

Now, snow is floating down
The unwavering feelings from that time
Continue on to a new tomorrow
It’s a story that we can’t go back to

When I set off, I was feeling lost, but
The snowflakes melted on my hand
When we meet again sometime
Won’t our hearts confirm the feelings

KAT-TUN – White X’mas










Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 27.11.08

27 11 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
26.11.08 1925h

Kyou kara ryouri shimasu.
Mina mo jisui shi you ne

Starting to cook from today onwards.
Everyone cook for yourselves too

Yay, emoji again! XD

Wow, if I can taste his cooking, I’ll die happy XD If I can cook for him, I’ll die happy too XD

Anyway, I finally received my package of “color” and “Musekinin Hero” and the little Mario toy that YesAsia gave!! YAY!! It was delivered to my mailbox on the 24th or 25th but I only opened it on the 26th morning and only write about it today, lol! XD

But I’ve fallen more sick because I haven’t recovered.. Went to see doctor today and hence I’m on MC.. I hope I’ll be better tomorrow, coz I need to work! T_T

Watched one second of Janiben last night, caught a glimpse of Ryo, hee, so happy~ ♥

Ryuusei episode 7 tomorrow! I can’t wait!! XD

And I’m being incredibly slow.. KAT-TUN is gonna have a new single called “White X’mas”!! It will be released on the 3rd of December! It’s their second ballad single! It’s really quite ballad-y, lol.. It will only be available for a short while, from 3rd to 26th Dec only!! WHY?! It’s quite expensive too.. T_T

Also, it will be “released in Korea” on the 17th Dec.. Why this move? If Johnny wanted more money, he could have chosen a bigger market — Taiwan; let them debut in Taiwan with this ballad, they will sell over the heavens because of their current popularity among Chinese in Asia, Johnny will make a lot more money! Don’t understand what he’s thinking -_-” Grrrrr..

Anyway, here’s Music Station on the 21st November!

Some Videos~!

25 10 2008

無責任ヒーロー — 関ジャニ∞
Musekinin Hero — Kanjani∞

A hilarious PV, again~!! OMG~!! They are just so crazy and high~! XD ♥

Yesterday’s Asazuba aired the preview of ARASHI’s newest song “Beautiful days” PV! It is the theme song of Ryuusei no Kizuna! Nice song, it will be released on the 5th of November~ They also reinforced the high viewership ratings for the first episode! 21.2%~!! XD

Newest OXY tv commercial by Jin and Koki!!

OMG~!! Jin is super super super CUTE!! KYA~! *Pssst* Koki is cute too~! ♥

山下智久の日记 2003-2004 Incomplete

11 08 2008

12 March 2003

Good evening!

Last night after Music Station, when I was watching Kinpachi-sensei, Jin called!

『Come to Shibuya to pick me up!』

Such an annoying phonecall.

Even though it’s annoying, I obediently went to pick him up (laughs)

Then, on the way to Jin’s house, we passed by a convenience store, so I bought oden,

Jin was asleep so I didn’t wake him up!

Yeah~ Till now, it’s all normal stuff.

But after reaching Jin’s house, I wanted to change into pajamas before eating, but there was no towel! (laughs)

Yeah~ I think someone has already found out!

The towel became Jin’s offering…

If I don’t change into a pajamas…(cries)

This is the poor towel’s story!

PS to Jin’s mother, father and younger brother!

Corvina and cod fish’s insides and 4 bowls of rice, really delicious yo! (laughs)

The thing that surprised me was the first-class Kyarubi

Next time, it’s my turn to treat you all ne!

24 December 2003
vol. 150

Happy Christmas Eve, this is today’s 2nd post (laughs)

I, Yamashita Tomohisa’s 18th Christmas Eve plan is decided!

I’m going to eat with Jin-chan

Should be eating BBQ meat

We spent Christmas last year and the year before that together

The feeling is really bad!!

Yeah, that’s it, now I’m going to be a boy with his whole body covered in BBQ stink

27 December 2003

Last night, we saw snow

Come, raise your hand!

Yes! Yes! I saw it!

Also, you start singing SMAP’s song without thinking once you saw snow

Come~ Raise your hand!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! (laughs)

Also, why were Akanishi Jin and Nishikido Ryo the ones I saw snow with (laughs)

Because the three of us just happened to go out for a drive

And then it just happened to snow

This will definitely be a wonderful memory

After a long time can the 3 of us go out and play together like this

So I’m really happy

Next time if it snows again, definitely have to sing this song

10 April 2004

Hello everyone.

Endless work just come one after the other, there are some stuff hidden inside my heart for a long time not being able to say them out, thinking of NEWS’ members, Jin, mother, younger sister and the people who always take care of me, silently supporting me, tears really can’t be held back.

But in front of Koyama, Ryo, Tegoshi, Massu, Kusano, Shige and Uchi, I cannot let my tears drop!

Yesterday left a really good memory for me, thanks, NEWS’ everyone and Jin.

14 April 2004
vol. 255

Akanishi’s house is only 10 minutes away from my house by bicycle (laughs)

Too near!

Don’t know why, I’ve been with that fellow since Secondary 1, feels like we are at the stage that is already more than best friends

Don’t know why, I wish that we would continue to be good together

I absolutely do not want Jin to see this (laughs)

25 April 2004
vol. 266

Change topic

Best friend Jin is going to Osaka to perform in a theatrical production, so we can’t meet for a month! And so, we also cannot play together.

Don’t answer me: So? Ok! (laughs)

2 May 2004
vol. 273

Good night, red wine

Speaking of red wine reminds me of red!

Speaking of red reminds me of Akanishi!

Speaking of Akanishi reminds me that he’s still in Osaka now!

Speaking of Osaka reminds me of Hanshin

4 June 2004
vol. 306

Konbachiwaa , today’s weather is also very good

Very hot, very hotIt’s summer already!

Ate curry today!

As expected, mother’s cooking is the best

To be able to watch Doraemonwhile eating is really a kind of happiness, isn’t it! (laughs)

Then, continue the happy feeling like this,

I’m now out on a drive together with best friend Jin!

Two of us singing together(laughs).

It’s an English song, even though I don’t know the title nor the lyrics, I kept singing along!Passionately singing,

But it’s probably just go one round and then go home…(laughs)

But it’s ok(laughs), this is how we roll

So, see you next time yo

5 June 2004
vol. 307

Everyone~ Have you been eating BBQ chicken?

I don’t eat that(laughs)

Se~~~~ Somehow, today, too, I ended up with Jin

Initially planned to just go one round around my house area, but I carelessly went one round around Kanto!

(Laughs), I said that as a joke, last night, I received reception to stay for a night

Then, Jin’s father launched a one-man fashion show since morning!

Because I was super sleepy, so I didn’t seriously watch!

(Laughs), really let Jin’s father down

4 July 2004

Yesterday, threw a birthday party for Jin and Jimmy

My best friend is already 20 years old (laughs)

Really fast na

First meeting was Secondary 2

Two of us went to catch bugs frequently (laughs)

Also, played Pokémon games together, and frequently rented scary movies, that’s why we were frightened half-dead in broad daylight (laughs)

Two days after I changed to a new perfume, he also changed to the same perfume

In short, the various sorts of happy times spent with him flew by especially fast

8 August 2004

Just went to the first showing

Large scale fight scene at 11am

Now, the 2nd show has ended

Already 6+

Aa~ To be able to end peacefully on the first day is really great

Muscles are “bunbun”

I acted in a fight scene

But really couldn’t pull off being enemies with best friend Jin (laughs)

When looking at each other hostilely, I had the urge of laughing out loud~ (laughs!)

Want to say that I’m really happy being in SUMMARY!

Feel that to able to be in NEWS is really great!

KAT-TUN is also super handsome!

In short, starting from tomorrow, too, I will work hard using my body and soul!!

5 September 2004

Hasn’t been updating for one week. Because we went to Hawaii~

On the day of setting off, I wanted to write an entry, but later, the higher-ups said I can’t. (laughs)

But Hawaii is really great!

Every morning, upon waking up, we would go to the sea to surf and swim, then eat some hotdogs to fill our stomachs before going off to swim again.

By the way, NEWS’ members, Jin, Kame and Kusano, everyone became really tanned, feels like they were toasted~

9 September 2004

Hello everyone~

Yesterday, I ate with Jin yo~

We even ordered tuna and avocado set, it’s really something.

No matter what, from the two gluttons’ banzai faces reactions, this meal should not be too bad.

But two of us really became the focal point, we became a bit embarrassed by being looked at by the surrounding customers.

After that, we boarded the white car home~

Consequently, didn’t I have Dragon Ball’s DVD? The two high people, with Son Goku, began to find Dragon Balls together till morning 5+am……(laughs)

10 September 2004

Hello everyone~

Today, drove Akanishi to a place near his working area. On the way back, I saw donuts selling at only 150Yen each, so I lavishly bought about 10.

11 September 2004

Roasted sweet potato~~

Really wish to eat that~~~

Yeah, this’ the feeling, still carefully pretending that Akanishi-kun is not beside me~

Recently, really has the feeling of maintaining the situation of half roommates! I’m really letting Akanishi’s fans down na~

21 September 2004

Yesterday, even though it was only 5 minutes, I still met up with Jin! (laughs)

How high is the frequency of our meet-ups??

Because of the many days of being together, it’s become a habit! Really feels like having a brother!

But if you really have to ask who’s the older brother,

It’s indeed the hamburger during Mid-Autumn Festival afterall! (laughs)

9 December 2004
vol. 490

Even though I’m on the move now, just passed by Shangara Ramen shop!!!

About 2 years ago I guess, Jin and I frequently eat in Shangara na!


I think the remaining 4 days were spent lingering in the Gyuudon shop na! (laughs)

That time, my catchphrase was: Please give me Tsuyudaku with egg!! (laughs)

Because of the fact that I would say it four times a week na! (laughs)

16 December 2004
vol. 497

Now, Jin is beside me!

He is drinking vitamin medicine in one shot because he is having flu!

Yeah-Even though I don’t even know if there are things that I want to do in one shot,

But drinking vitamin medicine in one shot is something I’m seeing for the first time! (laughs)

Today is Jin’s Christmas Drama last broadcasting day na (laughs)

If everyone didn’t check, then come and take on the torture of drinking vitamin medicine in one shot (laughs)

The end~~ XD Feels too little.. His entries are so lively always, and always have food in them, lol~ XD

SO CUTE! Always writing about his dear Jin, YamaP really loves him a lot ne! LOL~ I wonder if Jin writes about P like that too? Did he start writing Jweb as early as P? P is really consistent.. Everyday one post, only rare times did he skip a day~ These entries were written when he was 18~19.. Happy working life while I was having happy school life even though we’re the same age, lol.. This year, P went to KAT-TUN’s LIVE just the other day~ They made him go on the stage and sing with them, awwww~!! ♥ The relationship between YamaP and Jin is the envious of many, I guess!!

I mean, being best friends and being so close all the time even till now, 10 years later!!

Even me and my best friend [of 16 years till now] drifted apart because of the cruel reality~! We were together all the time in primary school yo~! Now, she’s a teacher and I’m a designer, totally different areas of work!! So collaborating the way they^ are doing is almost impossible.. T_T

Anyway, saw this somewhere and felt like translating it~ ^_^ It’s really sweet ne, lol~

Nothing can be better than the gift called “best friend”~ Really~

Treasure all your friends yo!! ♥

It’s 2:10am, so, over and out, ja mata ne! OYASUMINASAI!