4 01 2009

Well, it’s time to move house!!

Time to move back to my original house: Blogger~!

It’s been cool, using WordPress, but indeed, Blogger is more of my thing~ It lets me customise more things and! Very importantly, I can post audio for you to listen to!!

So yeah, new year, new start!

See you at!! 😉



No Updates?

26 12 2008

Boxing Day~!

Well, that means that it’s one day after Christmas and that it’s one day after Thursday!!

And still, no new entry from Ryo!

Did he forget to update yesterday because he’s partying too hard??



Hope he updates soon and say something about this.. BWAHAHA~ XD

Shit, I missed the Music Station today.. T_T!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

25 12 2008

Merry Christmas!!

and a

Happy New Year!!

Hope you are having fun right now!

Hope Ryo is having fun! ^_^♥

November Twentieth

20 11 2008

O, what a wonderful day!

This is a popular date~ A lot of people has this as their birthdate~ That includes, my bestest friend, my tv idol, my ex-classmate and others~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s also World’s Children’s Day~! [Did I spell that right? XD]

It’s also one day after the released of NEWS’ album, color!! I wonder how’s the sale like! But I’m too lazy to go check it out, haha~ XD The fastest I can get the Musekinin Hero and color is on the 23rd but it’s a Sunday and I don’t think postmen work on that day, right? T_T I can’t wait to get them!!

Today is also the last day of my 3-month probation!! Yay, 12 more months to freedom!! XD Must keep encouraging myself, lol..

Thankz for reading this totally meaningless entry!!

Ja, oyasuminasai!

I Bought Them!!

14 10 2008

Yes, I clicked on the links and bought NEWS’ color [Limited Edition] and Kanjani8’s single B~ I also got a free toy from the, haha, cool~ XD

So it’s another long wait before I can get my hands on them~ T_T

My piggy bank has just become a lot lighter.. T_T

But it’s all worth it for my Ryo. ♥


1 10 2008


For those people who use TVU player, I’m sure you have noticed that our sole reason for keeping it in our computers have gone. No more Japanese channels = Uninstall TVU.

I demand the channels back before 17th of October!! If there’s only one, TBS will be the top priority.

If in the process, they add TV Tokyo and NHK, that will be great!! LOL~

TV Tokyo: Japan Hour
NHK: Johnny’s shows
NTV: Cartoon KAT-TUN
TV Asahi: Music Station
Fuji: New Domoto Kyodai, F1 19 Oct!


If they don’t do something about it, they will lose a lot of users, that’s for sure.


28 09 2008

Wow, wow, wow!!

Right from the first day, I could already feel the excitement course through me! Why? Because I HEARD them wheels while I was working!! OMG!! I wanna see!!!!!!

My working location is at the end of Liang Seah Street and with only Shaw Towers blocking us, the sound of the race cars was very clear and loud!! And unfortunately, we’re near but not that near! If only our school is in Suntec’s offices, haha!!

It’s such an honour to host the first ever night race in the F1 history!!

And also Asia’s first F1 street race!!

Singapore’s fabulous night scene as the backdrop to the race is just so picturesquely beautiful! ♥

The race was very exciting! So many incidents happened! I found the MAS one really amusing, lol~~ He took off before they released the hose! XD

Another one is the Kingfisher car, lol~ I think MAS affected him, that’s why he crashed, lol~ XD

I really like this race! This is the first time I seriously watch the race, lol~ In the past, I have never taken races seriously, haha~ XD

Next stop will be in Japan!! October 12 on Fuji channel, hoho, yay! One more that I can watch~!!

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