山下智久の日记 vol. 1955 2.1.09

3 01 2009

山下智久の日记 vol. 1955

The three days in Tokyo Dome has ended peacefully!

From the Dome stage looking at the audience below with their lightsticks was super pretty.

And the first dream of the new year was even about me having concert in the Dome!

To me, that is already a scenery that left a deep impression in me ^^

This year’s goal is to study English even harder~

Let’s work hard me!

Yay, work hard ne, P~~

Compared to Japanese, English is a very much simpler language to learn T_T

Let’s work hard together!!


山下智久の日记 vol. 1954 1.1.09

1 01 2009

山下智久の日记 vol. 1954

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m Yamashita Tomohisa, one of the four men of the Cow year (laughs).

In the first dream of this year, I dreamt that I was having concert in Tokyo Dome!

This dream should be a very good sign
Today, I will also work my hardest, for the sake of fulfilling my next dream, I will continue to power up

Thank you! (laughs)

“power up” and “Thank you!” were written in English.

Yay! I finally ended my wait! YamaP’s first post of 2009 is here!!

And yay for having 5 cows in Johnny’s! [I’m Cow too XD]

Hasegawa Jun

Yay!! Nice arrangement, haha XD

Ok, on to Ryo.. Eh?! No updates available anywhere! T_T

I’ll continue to look for it tomorrow then..

Good night!! ^_~

NEWS’ New Year Greetings 2009 — Yamashita Tomohisa

1 01 2009

Yamashita Tomohisa 山下智久

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

2009 nen, NEWS toshite wa…Mata kotoshi mo SHINGURU wo ippai dashitai desu ne
Ongakusei wo tsuyometeikitai

Kojin teki ni wa saikin wa yougaku ni hamatte iru, iroiro benkyoushite ikitai desu.

PURAIBEETO dewa ryokou shitai desu ne. Kaigai demo kokunai demo!
Daigaku wo sotsugyou shite, sono bun no jikan ga dekita bun, iron na koto ni don don chousen shite ikitai natte (^O^)
DANSU RESSUN mo motto shite kitai!

Sonna 2009 nen wo hitokoto de arawasu to…”Ashita yarou wa bakayarou da!”
Sono ikioi de nani demo mukatte ikimasu!

Happy New Year!

In the year 2009, for NEWS…hope to release a lot of singles again
Hope to keep on improving ourselves in terms of music

I myself have been indulging in foreign music, hope to learn a lot.

Hope to go on a vacation in private. No matter if it’s overseas or within the country!
I’ve also graduated from university, I hope that in the time that has become free, I can challenge more and more different types of things (^O^)
I also hope to attend more dance lessons!

If I have to use one sentence to express my hopes for 2009… “Leaving things to do to tomorrow is an idiot!”
No matter what it is, I will face it with this kind of attitude!

Then I’m an idiot, haha.. I am so lazy, haha!

This isn’t P’s Jweb, it’s from a special column or something for NEWS to post their New Year Greetings~

I’ll try to find Ryo’s!! Hopefully, I can find others’ posts too! ^_^ Ah, I wonder if KAT-TUN has one too..? XD

山下智久の日记 vol. 1953 31.12.08

1 01 2009

山下智久の日记 vol. 1953

Thanks to everyone in the year 2008

Hmm~ Today morning around 8:30am, Toma sent a mail to me.

Saying that he wants to write about yesterday’s concert, so he sends me a mail before doing that.

He also wrote, “I feel disgusted”, it is indeed disgusting (laughs)

But, I feel warm and at peace since early morning.

Even though I don’t know when, don’t know what kind of presentation
But if we can sing together, I’m sure we will be very happy!

So then, today, too, we’re going to party in Tokyo Dome!!

After that, I want to eat new year soba.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, P!!

This is his last post of 2008! Let’s wait for his post of today, his first post of 2009! That reminds me, Ryo’s entry will be posted today too!! Yay!! First post of 2009 right on the first day!

Ah, I wonder if anyone will post Toma’s post? His Jweb is especially hard to find.. T_T

O yeah, I saw the Johnny’s Countdown last night, right? But I saw no sign of Toma.. T_T

And Hasegawa Jun was born in 1985 too, right? But he wasn’t there with P, Koki, Junno and Tacchon.. A lot of forum-goers said that Toma and Kazama were present last year!

When Uchi came out with a song, I was surprised! Haha~ It’s great that he could perform, it’s great news for Uchi fans~ Well, but let me say this, I’m not an Uchi fan, I dunno why, but that’s just how it is, but please don’t be offended by me! Haha~

Ok, I’ll be back with Ryo and P’s posts later tonight! [Hopefully!]

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

山下智久の日记 vol. 1923 & 1924 30.11.08 & 1.12.08

1 12 2008

山下智久の日记 vol. 1923


So cold.

If there is only one blanket, I can’t take it.
Even waking up in the morning has become increasingly difficult

Working in the morning is also a suffering!

From tomorrow onwards, I will also work hard this week.
I will also do my best!

The entire of today has been spent on promoting 『CODE BLUE New Year SP』.
A lot of promotion was done!

It will be aired on the 10th of January
Must watch yo!

Now, going to the basement shooting studio, so there won’t be any signal.

So, I’ll write tomorrow!

山下智久の日记 vol. 1924


Wore a new leather jacket today!

Even though I’m only wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt and a leather jacket
It’s very warm yo

Prepare to wear this leather jacket over and over for the whole year.

Going to eat with Toma today

Wow, I need to finish watching Code Blue before 10th! XD

I also find it difficult to wake up in the morning, haha XD It’s hard to be on time T_T

I wonder how his leather jacket look like.. Was it the one he shot in one of his entries?

He rarely mentions Toma, haha~ So happy to see his name here XD

It’s cold there while it’s still super hot here, sigh~ Take care ne, P~!! ♥

山下智久の日记 vol. 1920-1922 27.11.08-29.11.08

30 11 2008

山下智久の日记 vol. 1920

I’ll update tomorrow~
Because I haven’t finish writing the essay~~

山下智久の日记 vol. 1921


Today, I used the normal greeting, to greet everyone!

Yesterday morning I woke up, and looked into the mirror

This kind of man with a messy sleep face, why is he able to get support from everyone?

“Yamashita Tomohisa are you ok?”

I said that to myself loudly!

What do you think my good points are?

I hate hard work, always want to do happy things.
Seeing SEXY people, my heart will flutter, and will also think of some naughty things.
Also sudden bouts of loneliness, and, of course, jealousy.

There are also some people who thinks that I’m a goody-2-shoes, but all of you totally thought wrong.

I think I’m just a 23-year-old youth that you can see anywhere.

Only, I hate failure more than the surrounding people.

This has been so since young.

Only this.

Sometimes, just like today,
I will think about things out of nowhere!

Just what is my personality~
I will feel that I’m actually the person most difficult to understand!

Want to know more about myself
Want to do more things that I can do!

The me today
Thought about these.

Tomorrow, I will, again, write boring diary yo(laughs)

山下智久の日记 vol. 1922


Today, let me try to summarise!

Yesterday morning about 4am, my stomach was empty, too hungry, so I went to eat ramen!

Went with a certain friend who is trying to reject food

After eating, there wasn’t any intention to sleep anymore.

So, for the first time in a long while, I read manga.
I even read 4 volumes.

For someone who doesn’t really read manga, it feels like I read a lot

The manga that I read yesterday was unexpectedly interesting,
Today, I will continue to read it too (laughs)!

Haha, P is so cute~!! XD

Sometimes, I think about things out of nowhere too.. Like, why we walk upright?.. That kind of thing XD

I wonder what manga he read? And he doesn’t really read manga? How rare! XD All my friends read manga, including me! LOL~

I love his song, MOLA~ The music is great~ XD I hope that one day, he will write his diary in English, even if it’s only one entry, haha~

Ganbare, P!!

P.S.: Thankz to Tiff and mi-chan for leaving comments! I like reading comments people leave behind ^_^

山下智久の日记 vol. 1909 15.11.08

17 11 2008

山下智久の日记 vol. 1909


It’s Sapporo today!

It’s indeed very cold~

Guests from Hokkaido
Are full of energy

Due to the fact that the concert being held at the Ice Arena this time
There isn’t any warm air
It was really cold before starting the concert!

But after officially opening
It became warmer because the atmosphere is getting higher
Sweated a lot

Enjoyed the whole today, too!

Then ate with the members.
Ate a lot of delicious fishes.

I asked Ryo-chan, “Can eat fish?”
But he replied, “The rice here is especially good” (laughs)

It’s also party at Sapporo tomorrow
Please also dress up prettily and come!


Aa~I still have something to say
But I can’t remember!

I shall write tomorrow then ()

Tomorrow’s guests

Please smile more and just forget about vexing things!
Enjoy yourselves

LOL~ Ryo’s so cute~ XD

He hates eating fish, but I love eating fish x.X
He loves coffee, but I hate coffee X.x

Argh! How I wish I can attend their concert!! It almost came true for me but I am too poor!! T_T!!

I will work very hard so that I can go to their concert next year!! Yosh, ganbaruzou!!

Ryo and NEWS no minasan, mattekudasai, zettai iku kara!! ♥