トマQ volume 03

31 07 2008

★トマQ:volume 03


What is the thing that Ikuta Toma usually has prepared in the car that transports him from one shooting location to the other?

★ A. Umaibou
★ B. Breath mints
★ C. Nutrition drink

Umaibou, can be vaguely translated as Good/Delicious Stick, it’s a tidbit name and it tastes similar to crispy eggroll. Can be seen in Toma’s old drama, Akibahara@DEEP.

Ok, I guess.. B~ He definitely needs that, lol.. T_T

My sisters guessed B as well, haha~~

TomaQ volume. 02’s answer

As 10 days have gone.
That’s why I’m releasing the correct answer.

The correct answer is…


No, it’s B…

No no, it’s C…


Why is there combo sports shoes? Explaining this question will take up a lot a lot of time…

In any case, it’s a combo. (laughs)

O yeah, it’s actually the pair that Oono-kun wore in Tokyo Friend Park.

◆Voting Results

★ A. Cap/hat:26%

★ B. T-shirt:41%

★ C. Sneakers:33%

Ah~~~~~ We all guessed wrongly~!! XD

Let’s hope we get it right for volume 03!! XD

Toma is soooooo cute~~ ♥


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

31 07 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor         

Just watched it!! It’s so good!! My 2nd movie after watching The Dark Knight yesterday! XD Crazy much? Haha~~

Not a moment of boredom in this movie! Action-packed and full of funny lines for you to laugh at!!

But don’t expect great fight scenes because the fights were cut up way too much, lotsa cuts, fanciful shots.. Too much guns.. And the fights are short.. Might as well don’t see. -_-”

The best part should be the first chase sequence, very very funny and exciting!!

It feels like the movie is too short to contain everything that’s beautiful.. Sad.. T_T

I want Rachel Weisz.. T_T Well, Maria Bello is okay, but.. I want Rachel Weisz.. T_T

The VFX is breathtaking!! Very very well-done!! A lot a lot of VFX was used on Jet Li alone, lol~ Really very well-done~ I love the mud, I love the crust, I love the blood-fire, I love the Undead, WOOHOO!!

If not for the English subtitles, I wouldn’t have understood what Jet and Michelle and Anthony and “Alex” said -_-” XD Isabella’s chinese is okay and let’s just forget the fact that “Alex” spoke chinese~ Haha~!!

Overall, one of this year’s must-watch movies! Go watch it today!! 😉

My must-watch list:

07 Aug 08 = Pathology [Peter from Heroes! OMG, such a sick film that I absolutely will love, lol..]
14 Aug 08 = My Girlfriend is a Cyborg [Have been waiting for this~]
28 Aug 08 = WALL-E [Waiting for this ever since the day I know it last year]
28 Aug 08 = Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Need to explain?!]
04 Sep 08 = Hana Yori Dango FINAL [Wait and wait and wait and FINALLY!! OMG!!]
04 Sep 08 = The Shinjuku Incident [It looks cool~ Jackie Chan and lots more interesting people!]
01 Oct 08 = Eagle Eye [Saw the trailer and totally succeeded in making me wanna watch it~]
20 Nov 08 = Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [This is.. I have to watch it.]
11 Dec 08 = Game [It sounds very interesting~]
25 Dec 08 = Twilight [I can’t resist sexy blood-suckers called Vampires~ 😉 ♥]
14 Mar 09 = Dragonball [Wanna see how bad it’s gonna be, lol~ Okay, wanna see how they’re gonna pull it off~ But MAIN REASON is: James Marsters, coz I love Spike!!]

Cartoon KAT-TUN 30.07.08 Epi 69

30 07 2008

***Spoilers for those who didn’t catch it on TV just now***

Woohoo!! Anime and Manga!! DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

It’s also Koki’s favourite yo!! Yay! ^_^v

But on the other hand, Jin only knows One Piece and Turbo Rangers!! T_T But at least he knows that Sephiroth is from Final Fantasy, LOL~!!

But he looks great as him! Wahahaha~~~ The guest is a cute anime-manga-fan girl, Nakagawa Shoko, and she totally damage 9999 when Sephiroth-Jin recited his power, LOL~!! Me? Damage 999, hahahahaha!! XD

Guess what Koki cosplay as? Dragonball’s Krillin!! Wahaha, so cute~!

Shoko cosplay as the famous Suzumiya Haruhi~ She’s such a big fan~~~~~~~~~!! O.O

Within Nakano Broadway, there’s this place which is an absolute-must-go place for us fans!! Otaku’s HEAVEN!! It has everything we dream of having!! 200 000 manga!! This paradise is called Mandarake~ It’s got.. 4 or more levels!! HUGE HEAVEN!! XD

And to be a shopkeeper in the cosplay shop, you have to have 4 cosplay costumes and absolutely love cosplay-ing and also sing the theme songs!! And also increase your collection every month by at least 1!! OMG!! Tough job ne! XD

Watch this space coz I’ll post the screenshots soon! Haha~~ XD

EDIT 31.07.08:

Here it is~!

Next episode looks good~! Puffy and Kame will gather in Jin’s room, hoho~~~ And they’re laughing at Nakamaru, haha~

Protected: [一颗渺小的希望之火][Chapter 12]

30 07 2008

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince NEWS

29 07 2008

I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will most probably open here on my best friend’s birthday, 20th November!! OMG!!

To be honest, I don’t really remember the details in the 6th book, I have super bad memory, haha.. But the major parts are still clear in my head~ I think I’ll go and read the 6th book again, lol..

In the first video, Tom Felton said that he didn’t see any major cuts after reading both the book and the script, so that’s great news!!

I look forward to Ron being the Keeper! His audition part was not in the 5th film, I was so sad.. Quidditch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game~!

The relationship between Ron and Hermione will be very obvious in this because they’ve grown up to the point that they know how to be jealous, lol~! I look forward to seeing that parts where I’ll yell, “IDIOT RON!!” Hahahahaha~~

I don’t remember Cho in the 6th book.. Was she trying to get Harry back? I forgot.. T_T

O, and the climax and unbelievable turn at the end, omg!! I wanna see how it’s gonna play out in the big screen!! CAN’T WAIT!! XD

Sigh, I’m really late in these things.. I haven’t even finish the 7th book even though I got it on the day it was released!! *hits self against the wall* The 7th movie will be split into 2 movies, omg, can’t wait! They better not leave anything out since it’s gonna take 2 films to complete!! XD

November, quick come!! XD

Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 24.7.08

28 07 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
22.7.08 1310h

Doumo Nishikido desu.
Konshuu mo ganbarou.

Hi, this is Nishikido.
Work hard this week too.

People know it’s you when they click you in their mobile phone -_-”


Super duper Ryo-style entry.. T_T

When you have nothing to write and it’s already that time of the week, you have to have something out, you do that.


Reading Kame’s entries are much more enjoyable~ That crazy guy uses lots of emoticons, really really a lot. LOL~ But is he still writing?

I’ll also be editing the 3 Tomagoto that I have posted~ Will be adding romaji to TomaQ o! ^_^

Please, Ryo, write more 3 days later.. LOL~

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28 07 2008

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