トマゴト vol.159 29.8.08

16 09 2008

8月29日★volume 159

It’s finally settled.

Hana Kimi SP’s air date~!

12th of October!!

There aren’t many days left.

Please anticipate it.

It was fun filming this time too.

O yes- o yes-
Today there’s Maou.

Finally it reached the last part.

Please watch the tragic destiny of the 2 of them.

Recently, the me who only cares about advertising in the Goto…

Sorry ne


Yes yes yes!! 12th of Oct!! It’s been a long wait!! LOL~~

I want more of Nakatsu and Ashiya~!! XD ♥

Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


truth PV Preview!!

2 08 2008

This is part of a program called Nijichao and it aired on Friday~

OMG, can’t wait to see the truth PV!!


Maou 5

1 08 2008

At about 9:20pm, my youngest sister said that today is Maou 5.. I was like, “YA HOR!!” Haha.. I totally forgot.. >.<

And luckily, Maou airs at 9:30pm today!! Woohoo!! XD

But I haven’t had the chance to completely understand episode 4 yet!! Straightaway jump into 5th episode already.. -_-”


Woah, really, the case from 11 years ago was not what it seemed like in the previous episodes!! Only Naoto and Hideo know exactly what happened.. But why did Hideo do that?! Why?!

And Naruse’s real identity was also solved! He began his revenge plan from 10 years ago! That’s what I think.. He took over Naruse Ryo’s identity and announced himself, Manaka Tomoo, dead!

These two points above, both have illogical places..

Hideo’s action would not cause a straight stab, wouldn’t the wound description be like “sliced” or something?! o.O

Even if he said, “Tomoo is dead”, wouldn’t the DNA be different?? They just accept it?! And the new Ryo just suddenly was accepted by everyone?! -_-” Illogical!!

Was it an accident or was it an accident caused by Tomoo??

Didn’t Naruse Ryo have any relatives besides his older sister? His sister is a blind, so her hearing must be superb, I think she knows that this Ryo is not her Ryo..

Anyway, I didn’t think of the possibility of “anagram”.. I did think of reading Amano Makoto backwards though, haha..

And how did the ojisan know?! How come he knew where to investigate?? What triggered him to go look in the construction site?

While standing on the lawyer’s side, I was thinking, “How you gonna kill her if you like her?? She’s an important ally of the police!! She will bring about the fall in your plan!” LOL~ Contradicting stuff like that happened to me when read/watching Death Note, haha~~

So Shiori told Naoto that she was the one who first found Hideo dead. But didn’t she recognise that this man in front of her is the one she saw in her vision?? People won’t change so much from 15 years old to 20+years old!! -_-” So illogical right…….

And the cards!! How come in the next episode, the lawyer gets one too?! Is that to say that all cards from then to now were all sent from a not-Tomoo person?! Yamano?? Or was it different every time?? x.X

Did Serizawa senior hire an assassin to assassinate the ojisan?! The presence of the ojisan presents a threat to everyone, haha..

It’s getting more and more exciting as things unfold, ne!! XD

Can’t wait for the 6th episode!! ♥

Maou 4

25 07 2008

Nice episode~! Now we understood more things~ I have a spoiler tag system in my Nandakore blog, but this WordPress doesn’t allow customisation, so.. no spoiler tags.. Gomen ne~


— The Empress card was sent by Yamano.. I was slow in discovering that because I didn’t understand the dialogues in epi 3, haha..

— So the stupid kid went along with Yamano to lie to the police.. -_-”

— The new old man.. he knew about the case 11 years ago and has a grudge against Eisaku, Naoto’s dad.. Who is he? Why’s he snapping those photos? Is he from a newspaper publisher? What’s he’s grudge? And what does he know about Naruse? He looks like he knows his real identity!

— Was he also the one to snap photos of Kasai and Mari? So he sent the photo to Kasai? What was the conversation [I heard “photos”] between Naoto’s brother and Kasai about?

— Naruse Ryo’s real name is Tomoo [that’s what I guessed from looking at “友雄”] but he took on a new identity and entered the Naruse family, so he has a blind sister to take care of.. Because she is blind, I dunno if Tomoo impersonated Naruse Ryo or was Tomoo actually adopted into the Naruse family..

— Why did Naruse send Naoto the photos? To scare him?

— Did the old man has some secret of Naruse? Coz he seemed to be threatening Naruse over the phone..

— So we now know that there are 3 people with a grudge against Serizawa, both its senior and junior..

Don’t understand 80% of the dialogues.. Many details were lost, lol.. Sad.. I must motto motto ganbare on my Japanese!!


Can’t wait for Maou 5!! ♥

Maou Theme Song — ARASHI – truth

25 07 2008

ARASHI — truth
作詞・作曲:HYDRANT 編曲:前口 渉

I take your life forever
You take my life forever

I take your life forever
You take my life




I take your life forever
You take my life






Yurari yureru hikari hitotsu
Itami iyasu kotonaku kieru
I take your life forever
You take my life forever

Hirari ochiru namida hitotsu
Omoi todoku kotonaku kieru
I take your life forever
You take my life

Tomaranai (Kobore ochita namida no ato)
Toki ni hisomu (Kobore souna namida no iro)
Ai wa kitto furisosogu ame no youni

Modorenai (Kobore ochita namida no ato)
Kioku meguru (Kobore souna namida no iro)
Subete ubawareta kono yo no hate ni

Tatoe donna owari wo egaitemo
Kokoro wa nazomeite
Sore wa marude yami no youni semaru shinjitsu
Tatoe donna sekai wo egaitemo
Ashita wa mienakute
Sore wa marude yuri no youni kegare wo shiranai
Negai wa toumeina mama de

Shiroku somaru hana ni hitori
Nani mo kawaru kotonaku jikau
I take your life forever
You take my life

Todokanai (Kobore ochita namida no ato)
Koe ni nokoru (Kakushi kirenu futatsu no kao)
Ai wa sotto fuki nukeru kaze no youni

Owaranai (Kobore ochita namida no ato)
Yoru ni nemuru (Kakushi kirenu futatsu no kao)
Yume no kizu ato ni nokoshita itami

Tatoe wazukana hikari umare temo
Nageki wa kuri kaesu
Sore wa marude uso no youni kieru shinjitsu
Tatoe saigo no hane wo hirai temo
Sadame wa kaerarezu
Yuri no hana wa hakanage ni itami wa kienai
Yume nara aishita mama de

Tatoe sonna owari wo egaitemo
Kokoro wa nazomeite
Sore wa marude yami no youni semaru shinjitsu
Tatoe sonna sekai wo egaitemo
Ashita wa mienakute
Sore wa marude yuri no youni kegare wo shiranai
Negai wa toumeina mama de

English Translation [TV size]

One light sways slowly
Disappears without feeling pain
I take your life forever
You take my life forever

One tear falls numbly
Disappears without any emotions reached
I take your life forever
You take my life

It won’t stop (Traces of spilt tears)
At that moment, it hides (Colours of tears about to overflow)
Love is surely like incessant rain

They can’t go back (Traces of spilt tears)
Those memories, they come around (Colours of tears about to overflow)
At the extremity of this world that had everything snatched away

Is sadness
No matter what ending I draw
My heart remains wrapped in mystery
That’s a truth drawing near, like darkness
No matter what world I draw
Tomorrow is not visible
That’s like a lily not knowing impurity
A desire that remains transparent

Chinese Translation [TV size]

慢慢地 摇晃的 一盏灯
我夺走你的命 永远
你夺走我的命 永远

轻轻地 掉落的 一滴泪
我夺走你的命 永远




Chinese translation is done by me while referring to both the Japanese and English versions~ The English version is taken from the soft sub file, thank you suketeru! Sorry for taking without asking, but I didn’t claim that it’s mine~

The video is nice ne? It’s very nicely done and the footages chosen are very suitable to be put into the “self-made PV”!! Great job!! Otsukaresamadeshita!!

Piano version by a talented fan

Super nice!! Envious~!! ♥ Enjoy tanoshii!! XD *applause*

「truth / 風の向こうへ」
2008.8.20発売 ジェイストーム
23枚目のNew Single「truth/風の向こうへ」は4年ぶりとなる両A面シングル。「tru th」は大野 智・生田斗真ダブル主演のTBS系金曜ドラマ「魔王」の主題歌。迫り来る感情の爆発を 激しく、そして切なく綴った嵐の新境地ともいえる作品です。
「風の向こうへ」は櫻井 翔がメインキャスターを担当する日本テレビ系「北京」テーマソング。この夏の祭典を大 いに盛り上げるスケール感溢れるパワフルな作品に仕上がりました。

My irresponsible translation:
「truth / Kaze no Mukou e」
Will be released on 20 August 2008 by J-Storm
The 23rd single “truth/Kaze no Mukou e” is a single that has 2 A sides after 4 years. “truth” is the theme song of TBS’ Friday drama “Maou” whose leading actors are Oono Satoshi and Ikuta Toma. The explosive, agitated feelings and the fast words of the song is a new experience for ARASHI.
“Kaze no Mukou e” is the theme song for NTV’s “Beijing” whose main newscaster is Sakurai Sho. In this summer’s festival, a work overflowing with powerful feelings will be released.

I love this song!! This is the first song from Arashi that I like so much!! A long time ago, we were chasing Hana Yori Dango 1 and I didn’t even notice the theme song XD Then in Hana Yori Dango 2, I noticed it, but I only like it a little bit~ But now? “truth” so rocks!! OMG~! Maybe because it suits the drama so well~ The opening theme is very nicely done as well, artistic and intense, red and black, Dracula’s font and a bat~ LOL~ XD Plus tarot cards, woohoo! Mystical, mysterious and dark!! Even the lyrics is so sad as well~

Remember to watch Maou 4 tonight on TBS at 10pm Japan time [GMT+9]!! XD

*repeatedly sings the song*

Maou 3

18 07 2008

Maou 3 just finished airing~ OMG, such a nice drama~ XD Oono’s acting is really nice!! Very good! Of course, Toma is good too~ But Oono is so good at pulling the two-face stunt! I’m scared when I watch him and Toma talk! I feel that I’m watching this drama for Oono’s acting, lol~

Spoilers ahead~!

Coz I got a few questions after watching, lol..

So the guy sending The Empress card this time was not Naruse? It’s the bespectacled guy who was bullied by the 4 of them when they were in secondary school?

So Shiori was the one who reported the case all those years ago?

So Naoto followed his memory and ended up at the scene.. so that means that the killed little brother [Hideo] just happened to be there when the 4 of them were looking for the spec-nerd..

So who was the one who took Sora-chan to the church bazaar? The spec-nerd? Then who gave the teddy bear to Sora-chan? Naruse or the nerd? Why did Sora-chan lie? What did he say to make her lie?

Would Naruse really kill Shiori? Especially after knowing about her power?

So many questions, lol.. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

One week!! T_T