i-weekly no.569 25 Sep 2008

22 09 2008

^_^ Yay~ I found YamaP ‘s interview in the local weekly magazine!! Page 64, in the movies section~

He’s so cute~

Poor thing~ Sick but determined to finish the shoot in the rain~ ♥♥ Everyone loves a hardworking man~ Hehe~

No wonder he blog-ed about practising English in his recent Jwebs~ He was influenced to wanna study English!! I knew that when I saw the movie, lol~

Take a look at the reporter’s name~ She misspelled YamaP’s first name: “Tomoshita” -_-” That’s like, super wrong. Reporter-san, his name is Yamashita Tomohisa. Please check before submitting and printing, this is not the first time you spelled something wrong already.

I’d love for YamaP to come here! Bring along your mates, ok! LOL~ ♥ Seriously, if they come for a concert and the tickets cost $200, I’ll go~ ^_^v


流星の絆 Relationship Chart!

19 09 2008

Ryuusei no Kizuna relationship chart is revealed!!

Taken from Weekly The Television magazine of this week, 20 Sep to 26 Sep~!

Irresponsible translation of the bunch of text at the lower left corner:

The arrangement of Higashino Keigo’s big mystery hit and scriptwriter Kudo Kankuro!
Ninomiya Kazunari’s starring drama that portrays the bond between the siblings.

When Koichi was in Elementary Grade 6, Taisuke in Elementary Grade 4 and Shizuna in Elementary Grade 1, they went out of their house to watch shooting stars. But their parents were brutally murdered in the house and therefore they had to be sent to the orphanage. 14 years later, Shizuna (Toda) wants to get back the money that was cheated from her, combining Koichi’s (Ninomiya) brains, Taisuke’s (Nishikido) acting skills and Shizuna’s beauty, the 3 siblings started to work as swindlers. On the other hand, the cop, Kashiwabara (Miura), handling the incident 14 years ago, wants to keep on investigating before the valid time is up (Episode 1).

Every Friday 10pm to 10:54pm
※10/17 Friday 10pm to 11:09pm●
Original author=Higashino Keigo/Script=Kudo Kankuro/Starring=Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo, Toda Erika, Kaname Jun, Omi Toshinori, Shitara Osamu, Ryou, Terajima Susumu, Emoto Akira, Miura Tomokazu and others.

Let me roughly and irresponsibly translate the relationship chart:

Erika is youngest sister, Ariake Shizuna, 21. Their mother’s child, she and the two brothers have no blood relation. She is strong, under her brothers’ protection against the world.

Red arrow from Erika to Nino: Thank you, big bro
Red arrow from Nino to Erika: Shii, we will protect you

Nino is big brother, Ariake Koichi, 26. He is clever and thinks deep, his scam plans are seamless. His determination of finding the murderer is strong.

Red arrow from Nino to Ryo: Work hard and properly
Red arrow from Ryo to Nino: Big bro is dark~

Ryo is second brother, Ariake Taisuke, 25. Living life on the edge. Move without a plan, the exact opposite of his brother Koichi. On the night of the incident 14 years ago, he witnessed a suspicious person.

Green arrow from Nino to their parents on the left: We will definitely catch the murderer

Terajima Susumu is their father, Ariake Yukihiro. Had a western restaurant, he was killed 14 years ago.

Ryou is their mother, Ariake Touko. Remarried Yukihiro while bringing Shizuna along. Killed along with Yukihiro.

The Ariake Family

Hayashi Rice is the star dish of their western restaurant “ARIAKE”. After the incident, the shop closed because no relatives wish to take over.

Black arrow from Kaname to Nino: Wish to eat Hayashi Rice

Emoto Akira is Togami Masayuki, 60, head of western chain restaurant “Togami Tei”. The chain grew from a small western restaurant in Yokohama.

Kaname Jun is Togami Yukinari, 30. [Sorry, don’t understand..]

Western Chain Restaurant “Togami Tei”

At the same time that the owner of “ARIAKE” died, they started selling Hayashi Rice.

Green arrow from Omi Toshinori to Nino: This shop is under your care
Green arrow from Nino to Omi: Understood

Omi Toshinori is Curry House owner, Hayashi George. Koichi works in it. The special “Hayashi Rice” is out of this world?!

Green arrow from Miura Tomokazu to Nino: You’ve grown big
Green arrow from Nino to Miura: Long time no see

Miura Tomokazu is Kashiwabara Yasutaka, 55, a veteran cop around the Ariake’s family area. The Ariake murder case was handled by him, since then till now for 14 years he continues to look after Koichi and his siblings and investigate the murder case.

Green arrow from Shitara Osamu to Miura: [Too small, cannot see]
Green arrow from Miura to Shitara: Well yeah

Shitara Osamu is Hagimura Shinji, a fellow cop, Kashiwabara’s junior. 14 years ago, he sweared, together with Koichi and his siblings, to bring the murderer to justice.

I can’t wait for it to air!! OMG!!

The theme song hasn’t been decided yet? Maybe it will be sung by Arashi, most probably, right? LOL~ But I wish that in the end, it’s NEWS that will be singing the theme song!!

The only thing I want to change: Ryo’s hairstyle.

T_T Why, why, why, why?! Why must he have this kind of hairstyle?! Did he choose it himself? Argh………

Well, I shall just try to overlook his hair, lol~

My translation are not 100% correct, I just wanted to TRY to translate, and they are not totally wrong either, lol..

Let us anticipate this drama for the rest of the 28 days!! ♥

DUET 08 September Issue

10 08 2008

DUET magazine is another magazine that I like besides WinkUP~!

Ryo is sooooo cute~~ ♥ XD

To ensure quality, this is almost 1MB~ Wahaha.. Well, enjoy~! ^_^

P.S.: I made a new blog banner!! Look up, look up! Nice nice? XD

WinkUP 08 September Issue

8 08 2008

Yay, another translation~!

Ryo did not reply to Jin’s message last month! [The one where Jin called him a skinny monkey, haha!]

I wonder if YamaP replied? XD I’ll go search for it~

I forgot to put up the first pic on the 16th of July! Really absent-minded T_T O, and the “so take care” is gibberish, because I don’t understand what he said [“hitotsu nishi bore”], lol.. XD

WinkUP 08 August Issue

WinkUP 08 September Issue

Here’s YamaP’s answer to Jin’s Aug message! I’ll try my best to find its scan!!

To Akanishi Jin:

I don’t want to be told that by you.

If you were to join the Olympics, which event would you like to challenge?

Sprinting. I don’t have much confidence though, so if I really have to join, I want to join an event which will end fast without hassle.

Myojo 08 September Issue

7 08 2008

Actually, I got these quite long ago, about 2 weeks, haha~ XD

Ryo is sooo cute~~ Anyway, I’m not so sure about the first piece’s translation, it didn’t make much sense to me, haha.. XD

Wink Up August 08 — NEWS Poco a Poco

15 07 2008

I’m late, but that’s coz I like to take my time, lol~ XD

There are more for me to translate, but lessee if I have the mood~


Well, it’s too big, so click it to read the cut-off side~ XD

Popolo August 08 – “Unusual NEWS” Extended Version

5 07 2008

Same magazine!! XD In this interview, all members have a column, but of course, I only translated Ryo’s part~~ XD

Anyway, even though this is only remotely related, Ryo did blog on the 26th.. T_T But I think it’s so little that nobody was willing to translate it.. T_T Because, you know, everyone was so sick of Last Friends already.. =X Gomen ne, Ryo..

Anyway, enjoy~! ♥