KAT-TUN’s New Year Greetings 2009 — Kamenashi Kazuya

3 01 2009

Kamenashi Kazuya 龜梨和也

One year passed too fast, it’s already 2009
This year’s beginning could also begin with a drama! Like this, I’m also super looking forward to it
Also, there probably wouldn’t be much growth…but I wish to show I’ve grown, “if I can use this chance to make everyone become interested in wine I’ll be very happy”I thought
Hope that this year I can become an active person for the sake of productive activitiesEveryoneDo support me

Yay! Kame’s greetings for the new year!! I can’t find the other member’s posts though T_T

Kame’s so cute~~ I can’t wait to watch his new drama! Kami no Shizuku is a really popular manga!! I hope someday, I can buy the whole set of the manga, hoho~ Well, that’s when I have the room to put them! XD

Kame ganbatte!! ♥


KAT-TUN MANUAL — Kamenashi Kazuya — 3.12.08

2 01 2009


kazuya kamenashi MANUAL33

Doumo, gobusata desu

IyaaKyou wa tenki ga yoi

Tokorode…..Minasan kyou
wa nan no hi deshouka

single hatsubai hi dayo

Chanto katte kureta hito wa seikai(laughs)

Tte koto de mada, kiitenai hito wa zehi tomo te ni irete kunsai

A Kondo no DORAMA you de kami kitta

Motto gensakuppoku mijikaku chapotsu ni shiyou kanaato omotte tanda kedo. Kono mae PURODYUUSAA-san to kantoku-san to sanin de biyoushitsu itteKonna kanji ni narimashitaIkaga

Tte na kanji de. Mada, satsuei toka zenzen shitenai no de nantomo ienain daga….tanoshiminishite te kudasaiIma made, WAIN toka kyouminakatta hito. WAIN no miekata kanji kata ga sukoshi demo kawatte kurekara ureshiidesu

Osake nomenai hito mo, WAIN igai ni mo kekkou iroiro tsumatterun de tanoshimi yoroshiku

Ato wa,

Kyou wa ROKUUN de KARENDAA no satsuei shitete KAREE kutta
  IjouGenba no kazuya deshita

Koushin, okuremashite……………………gomenchaaaai


Hello, long time no see

AhToday’s weather is good
It’s the best

Oh yeah…..Everyone, today
Is what day

It’s our single’s release day

People who bought it did the right thing(laughs)

So that’s to say, for people who haven’t heard, please buy it soon

Ah For my next drama, I had my hair cut

“Should we cut it short and dye it brown like the original manga?”I thought. Before that, Mr Producer and Mr Director and I, the three of us went to the salon and then it became what it is nowis it ok

Yeah, that’s it. Still, filming and stuff completely haven’t started so I can’t say anything….so please look forward to itTill now, people who have no interest in wine and stuff. If you can change your views and feelings a bit, I’ll be happydesu

People who don’t drink alcohol, too, there are also a lot of things other than wine waiting for you, so look forward to it, please


Today, the 6 of us went for the Calendar shooting and we ate curry
  That’s allfrom kazuya at the scene

Update, was late……………………sorryyyyyyyyy

— “Bubbuu”: Kame was imitating the sound that comes on when you answered wrongly on variety shows.
— “single” and “kazuya” were written in English.
— “ROKUUN” means the 6 of them in KAT-TUN.

Some stuff about Kame I found while I was digging online:

— KAT-TUN’S MANUAL was announced on 1 June 2005
— Kame’s first post was on 4 June 2005 but that’s only with his name
— He really wrote his first post on 7 June 2005
— He got his driver’s license on 8 July 2005

O yeah, this is my first post of Kame’s Jweb~!!

Kame is the top emoji user! He can even fill up his post with only emoji and only one or two words!! Hahaha~~

It’s tiring to put up his post but it’s worth it because he’s KAME!! XD

I love his new hair! It suits him, looks very nice on him!! ♥ I’m definitely looking forward to his drama, Kami no Shizuku!!

OMG, the Calendar!! I’ve never bought any of their calendars before but I really want to! Especially NEWS and KAT-TUN’s!! But I’m really really broke after buying KAT-TUN’s DVD and ONE DROP!!