Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 29.5.08

29 05 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
27.5.08 2102h

XXX de dorama no satsu ei wo shite imasu
Fumikiri uchi ni tobi Xn Sousuke
Aa dou narun deshou..

Filming drama at XXX
Sousuke is dashing towards the crossroads
Ahh, what would become of it..

I really dunno how to read the 3 words.. T_T And there’s another X after “tobi”.. I dunno how to read 込ん!! Can’t even find it in the IME Pad too! According to it, 込 can only be used with “mi” or “mu”.. not “n”.. is it?

Just watched Last Friends 8 on Fuji channel.. Argh.. Like, is there a need for Sousuke’s character to be still alive?! T_T Just let him die because of saving the kid then ok liao ma!! T_T It’s painful to watch him act this role.. Not much scenes, and those few scenes always make him seem like an evil ghost.. T_T

But as long as he is happy filming it, then I’m ok too, of course, lol~ See, he still mentions Last Friends in his entry, so I must watch it~ ^_^

Whenever I see his photos, or his face pop up in my head, no matter what bad things happened a moment before, all will be fine and return to a peaceful state and I won’t be sad anymore~

He has such a great impact on me~ His smile can cure me~

I love you, Ryo. Truly, madly, deeply. ♥ XD


Ryo Fan Day – 526

26 05 2008

I cried when I was reading the E-book that 宝贝 made.

Today is a special day for us, Ryo fans. 526 = 我爱Ryo [I love Ryo]

宝贝’s photoshop and GFX skills is really good, the Ryo pictures look especially good after she worked her magic on them~

These accompanied all the love letters that the nice girls over at the Ryo bar wrote.. I read every single one of them, they are very well-written! I can feel what they’re feeling too, we all can, I guess~

Very nice e-book, I was so touched. I’m also the only one who submitted something in English, sigh.. My chinese is not good enough yet, I think.. Too “primary school” for them, they are so much better, lol..

My piece was on the 12th page, it was a very beautiful page, in blue, my favourite colour plus my favourite man on Earth. Thankz 宝贝!!

I love Ryo. ♥

The following is the screenshot of my page in the e-book:

This was what I submitted:

It hit me unprepared
I never expected to fall so hard
My love for you is burning hot red
It’s healing my broken heart

Why do you have such an impact on me?
Your deep eyes caught my soul unexpectedly
I fell into your eyes
Yet it is in loving you that I rise

For your sake
I can do anything
For your sake
I will do anything

Loving you is the reason my chest rises and falls
I no longer wander the length of the halls
Loving you is the reason I am still here
I no longer have anything to fear

This strong emotion I’m feeling
Even though you are a total stranger
This strong emotion that keeps me living
Even though we don’t know each other

For your sake
I can do everything
For your sake
I will do everything

Loving you is the reason my chest rises and falls
I no longer wander the length of the halls
Loving you is the reason I am still here
I no longer have anything to fear

You and I are too far apart
But we are looking at the same moon
I’m trying to touch your heart
And hope for the day when we will be in the same room

I have translated it into chinese myself but I didn’t submit this.. coz.. XD:









Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 22.5.08

25 05 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
20.5.08 1435h

Doumo konnichiwa.
Ryou-chan dayo.
Minasan ika ga osugoshi desuka?
Boku wa TSUAA no hou mo ichidanraku shite,
Ie de GITAA pakkarihi itemasu.
PASOCON bakkarii jittemasu.

Ijitte bakkari desu ♥

It’s Ryo-chan.
How’s everyone doing?
My tour* has ended,
So I’m at home, playing the guitar all the time.
Playing the PC all the time.

Playing all the time ♥

AH!! I can’t believe I missed this!! T_T Gomennasai!

*tour: he’s referring to the Kanjani8 concert tour~

He’s so free, lol.. It’s quite extreme a job, isn’t it? You can be super busy for one period, then you have nothing to do in the next period, lol~ But life like that is good, in my opinion, lol~ XD

Mata raishuu! Ja ne!

Last Friends OST!

23 05 2008

2008.6.11.ON SALE!

「Prisoner Of Love」(宇多田ヒカル)のPiano Ver.も収録!!!

“Last Friends” original soundtrack’s release date is confirmed!!
The music is composed by NTV’s “One Pound of Gospel” composer, Izutsu Akio. The piano version of Last Friends’ theme song, “Prisoner of Love” (by Utada Hikaru), is also within the original soundtrack!!!


1. イーチ・リビング(ラストフレンズメインテーマ)~~Each Living (Last Friends main theme)
2. グッド・フェローズ(タケルのテーマ)~~Good Ferouzu/Farrows (Takeru’s theme)
3. エターナル・コース(モトクロスのテーマ)~~Eternal Kousu (Motorcross theme)
4. マインド・ベンダー(宗佑のテーマ)~~Mind Bender (Sousuke’s theme)
5. スパイラル・ハート(瑠可のテーマ)~~Spiral Heart (Ruka’s theme)
6. オン・オフ(レースのテーマ)~~On Off (Reesu’s/Race theme)
7. ディア・フレンズ(友情のテーマ)~~Dear Friends (Friendship theme)
8. インナー・サークル(苦悩のテーマ)~~Inner Saakuru (Troubled theme)
9. レイジー・デイズ(日常のテーマ)~~Reijii/Lazy Days (Daily theme)
10. リトル・シャイン(小さな微笑みのテーマ)~~Little Shine (Little Smile’s theme)
11. ブラインド・リマインダー(誰にも言えない悩みのテーマ)~~Blind Reminder (Theme for “A secret that cannot be revealed to anyone”)
12. スナップ・ショット(美知留のテーマ)~~Snap Shot (Michiru’s theme)
13. アイコール・ユアネーム(若者たちの仕事のテーマ)~~Aikouru Yuaneemu (Young people’s work theme)
14. メモリー・レイク(不安な気持ちのテーマ)~~Memory Lack/Lag (Uneasy feeling theme)
15. コールド・ブレイン(ドメスティックバイオレンスのテーマ)~~Kourudo Plain (Domestic violence theme)
16. フレンド・シップ(それぞれの愛の形)~~Friendship (Various love patterns)
17. ドロップ・モーション(シェアハウスのテーマ)~~Drop Motion (Sharehouse theme)
18. シークレット・ポエッツ(孤独のテーマ)~~Secret Poets (Lonely theme)
19. ブランニュー・シーズン(エリのテーマ)~~Brand New Season (Eri’s theme)
20. レッド・ストリングス(絆)~~Red Strings (Accompaniment)
21. Prisoner Of Love (Inst.Ver.)(主題歌ピアノストリングスver)~~Prisoner of Love (Instrumental Version)(Theme song Piano Red Strings Version)
品番:TOCT-26587  価格:2,500円 (税込)

※The distorted voices you hear in these music pieces were intentionally made by the producer.
Product number: TOCT-26587 Price: 2500Yen [~S$32.88]

<井筒昭雄プロフィール>~~<Izutsu Akio’s Profile>

井筒昭雄(Izutsu Akio)1977年生まれ
1999年に一人多重録音ソロユニット Fab Cushion(Vroom Soundsよりリリース)として音楽活動を開始。その後はCM、映画音楽、海外アーティストのリミックスなどをジャンルレスにてがけ、現在に至る。
オルタナティブなものからエレクトロ、HipHop、R&B、Reggae、ロックなどのサウンド・メロディー アプローチを得意とする。

Izutsu Akio born in 1977
In 1999, he started to single-handedly record a solo unit, Fab Cushion (released by Vroom Sounds). After that [and even till now], he started making music for commercials, movie soundtracks, overseas artistes’ remixes.
His music is unique in that, it’s playful and of a wide range of melody like truck making.
He is good in the sound and melody approach from Alternative, Electro, HipHop, R&B, Reggae, Rock.

I translated these! LOL~ Full of mistakes, I expect!! XD Anyway, the last 2 sentences in Izutsu’s profile really got me there.. Too difficult for a “vegetable bird” like me! T_T XD

Some song titles are also really weird for me, lol!

ANYWAY, the point is, LAST FRIENDS OST will be out soon!! OMG!! Can’t wait!! The piano version of Prisoner of Love is really really really nice!!

But look at the price, lol.. ExXxxXXXxxxxx……………. x.X

And it’s funny, what does it mean that the producer intentionally made the distorted voices? XD

O, and last night Last Friends episode 7 was ok.. OMG, cliffhanger right at the back.. Sousuke!!!!!!! Is he really gonna die the way we hoped he would? And poor Ruka.. Argh, give her up!! Is she really worth your effort?! LOL~ XD

Can’t wait for episode 8~ Its viewership will definitely rise again~!

Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 15.5.08

19 05 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
13.5.08 1836h

Minasan genki desu ka?
Boku wa genki desu.
Kyou wa ryouri wo shimashita

How is everyone?
I’m fine.
Today, I cooked
Made Garlic Rice and Baby Leaf Salad and Fried Soumen*

*An Okinawa local food.

I really dunno what is Baby Leaf, lol.. I saw some other English-translated versions of this particular entry and it’s “Lettuce”.. Hmm~~ And I’m also not very sure if it’s “soumen“.. Other translated versions said something about “cabbage” and “tofu”, lol~! Wiki didn’t mention the word “fried” though.. LOL~ But since it’s an Okinawa delicacy, maybe it’s unique like that~ ^_^

Anyway, special thankz to the girls who made the initial translation for Ryo’s entries~! ♥

I wish I can stop being a 2nd-hand translator, lol.. I wanna get the original entries.. T_T I wanna live in Japan!! Haha~~ XD

And something off-topic: I’ll be getting the new desktop tomorrow!! Can’t wait!! XD

Ryo’s Type

18 05 2008

Ta da~! Another mag translation, lol~ Even though today is the 2nd Cleaning-of-My-Room Day, I still need to use the computer, if not.. I’ll be a wandering ghost, lol~

Since Ryo’s Jweb entry for 15.5.08 hasn’t come out, lemme do some other simple and quick translation.. I dunno where this page comes from~ But, so what? LOL~

Protected: [报纸里的漫画][Chapter 3]

18 05 2008

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