NEWS’ New Year Greetings 2009 — Nishikido Ryo

3 01 2009

Nishikido Ryo 錦戸 亮

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.

Nishikido Ryo desu.

2009 nen, GURUUPU toshite mo isshokenmei yatte ikitai desu shi,
kojin toshite mo… kyonen wa Ninomiya-kun to isshoni dete, DORAMA mo sugoku tanoshikute.

Mata ippai yaritai na to omoimashita! Dekiru mono nara ne.
Kotoshi CHARENJI shita koto wa, jibun sagashi desu ne.

Kaigai ikitai na! RIZOUTO tte iu yori, Eigoken no iron na machi ni ikitai desu!

Majide, yappari genjou wo dakai! Daha! Shite ikanai to ikenai no de!!

Ima no “Nishikido Ryo” wo, daha shite ikimasu!!

2009 nen mo ganbaritai to omoimasu

Ijou, Nishikido Ryo deshita.

Happy New Year.

I’m Nishikido Ryo.

In 2009, group-wise I will work very hard, individually too…Last year acted together with Ninomiya-kun, drama was very happy too.

I still want to act more! If that can be done.
Things I want to challenge this year, to find myself.

Really wish to go overseas! Instead of resorts, I’m more keen on going to the different streets of Eigoken!

Seriously, indeed the present must be opened! Break it! It has to be this way!

Break the present “Nishikido Ryo”!

I will work hard in 2009 too

That’s all, that was Nishikido Ryo.

Great entry, Ryo! I love this attitude! ♥

Yes! Break the present! Find yourself!

Don’t stop progressing! I hate to stay at one spot for too long, it’s just irritating to not progress!

I love his acting, I wish there will be more drama for him next year! Hopefully, a lead role finally~ ^_^

Go overseas? Come to my country then! We speak English here!! Hahaha~~~ Actually that “Eigoken” needs further confirmation, I’ll go find that out tomorrow, haha~

I love it when he uses exclamation marks, hehe~~ ♥

Please come here soon~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥




2 responses

23 01 2009

thanks for your translations 🙂

but can you show me how to find Ryo-chan’s website? I really want to know. onegaishimasu!

24 01 2009

no problem, u’re welcome! 😉

this is a question that a lot of fans will ask and unfortunately, none of these Johnny’s boys own any websites or blogs online. 😦

they blog by their phones and these blog entries are published in the Johnny-own domain called “Jweb” and these entries can only be viewed using mobile phones in Japan. fans subscribe to Jweb, i heard that the fees can run up quite high.. x.X

ja, gomennasai!

i translate the entries of Ryo, KAT-TUN and NEWSmile, so if u can, stick around the newer place at because i don’t update here anymore, i update at the blogspot~


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