KAT-TUN MANUAL — Akanishi Jin — 9.12.08

29 12 2008


jin akanishi MANUAL33

Long time no see, I’m Akanishi.

Well, it’s already midwinter. Soon, it’ll be Christmas , has everyone made preparations already?

I’ve already made a perfect plan, and I’m really looking forward to it

Everybody, too, must spend a wonderful Christmas with your family, lover and friends yo

I’m sorry, I’m going now, I still have things to do

So, please do take care Ciao!

Yay! My first post of Jin’s Jweb!! 😄

Aww, he’s so cute!! He loves using emoji ne! He loves Christmas and he loves family~ ♥ He should post totally in English some time, lol~ 😄

Jin updates monthly~ Ryo updates weekly~ P updates daily~
The 3 of them are funny if you look at it this way, lol~

It’ll be 2009 soon! Let’s look forward to a new and exciting year!! ^_~