Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 28.8.08

30 08 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
27.8.08 2324h

Nishikido desu. Kumamoto ga buji owarimashita.
Nokosu sho ato Nagano dake.


I’m Nishikido. [The concert] in Kumamoto ended smoothly.
The only place left is Nagano.

I’ll work hard

x.X I’m late, lol.. I’m too busy drawing on my wacom.. for work, ok.. XD

Anyway, glad that K8’s only left with Nagano~! Get tonnes of rest after that, Ryo~!! ♥

Isshoni ganbarimasho~! ^_^ ♥


Cartoon KAT-TUN 27.08.08 Epi 73

27 08 2008

I almost forgot to watch it! I forgot about it for two weeks T_T LOL..

I managed to catch Jin’s hilarious performance, lol~~~ XD

Who’s the guest? He’s so funny!! Omg~ XD The one-man skit later is super funny too, wahaha~ The way he used the cigarette box as his walkie-talkie, OMG, really like the real thing! HAHA XD

OMG, next week’s guest is Will Smith?! KyaAAAaaa~~!! XD

And.. Jodie Foster..?! Jin is gonna interview her in ENGLISH!! XD I really really wanna hear him speak in English, since I’ve heard his LOVEJUICE and saw his answer, to a fan’s question, in English in a magazine [I think it’s MYOJO]~~~ Can’t wait!!

Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 21.8.08

22 08 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
18.8.08 1737h

Ima kara wadai no ano ANIME wo mi ni ikimasu.

Ashita wa DOOMU desu.



Now I’m going to watch that popular anime.

Tomorrow, it’s [Tokyo] Dome.

Work hard

I will

Tomorrow Dome? When would the Kanjani8 concert tour end?

Hope Ryo can get some rest as soon as possible~~ ^_^

P.S.: 話題 = wadai?

NEWS 10th Single!!

21 08 2008

ニューシングル「Happy Birthday」 2008.10.1 RELEASE!!
New Single 「Happy Birthday」 1st October 2008 RELEASE!!

「Happy Birthday」はSEAMOの楽曲提供による21世紀のバースデーソング!

「Happy Birthday」 is a song by SEAMO for the 21st century birthday song!
Catchy sound in the gentle melody, lyrics that touch the heart, combine NEWS cheerful singing. Your loved ones will surely want to hear it on their birthdays!
NEWS will be singing this song as KOSE’s 「HAPPY BATH DAY」 TVCM song


■First Press Limited Edition
CD (3 songs + 1 original karaoke song)

☆CD contents☆
M1:Happy Birthday
M2: Ganganganbatte
M4:Happy Birthday(オリジナル・カラオケ)
M4: Happy Birthday (Original・Karaoke)

②「GAME of LOVE」収録(通常盤未収録曲)
③「Happy Birthday(オリジナル・カラオケ)」

●First Press contents
① 3 faces 6 pages jacket [I’m really not sure about this]
② 「GAME of LOVE」 (Not included in the Normal Edition)
③ 「Happy Birthday (Original・Karaoke)」 (Not included in the Normal Edition)


■Normal Edition
CD (3 songs)

M1:Happy Birthday
M3:Push On!

②「Push On!」収録(初回盤未収録曲)

●Normal Edition
① 3 faces 6 pages jacket [I’m really not sure about this]
② 「Push On!」 (Not included in the Limited Edition)

OMG~!! They’re really recording and shooting it now!! YAY!! And it’s one of my best friend’s birthday!!

By SEAMO eh? It will surely be a very nice song!! I can’t wait to hear it!! OMG!!

Again, I provided my own version of translation, lol.. Just make do with it since I can’t find any translations and I’m trying to improve my Japanese everyday!! Forgive me!

The 2nd song’s name is so cute~ Ganganganbatte, lol~~ Must work hard 3 more times than usual ne! XD

AH~!! On the 19th, I received the NEWS pacific DVD in my mailbox~!! FINALLY!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG~!! XD So super super super happy!!

Here’s my small collection, lol~~ All are Limited Edition and haven’t been opened yet except for Never Ending Wonderful Story~ XD

Besides the DVD, I bought Myojo’s Sept issue recently XD $13+ T_T Next week, I have to buy DUET and WinkUP, omg, I’m gonna be so so so broke!! T_T

But, it’s worth it, because I love them~

57th The Television Drama Academy Awards + 12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

21 08 2008


作品赏(1ラストフレンズ 2CHANGE 3Around40)
読者票1ラストフレンズ 2CHANGE 3ごくせん
记者票1ラストフレンズ 2Around40 3CHANGE
审査员1ラストフレンズ 2CHANGE 3キミ犯人じゃないよね?

Best Drama (1. Last Friends 2. CHANGE 3. Around40)
Readers’ vote 1. Last Friends 2. CHANGE 3. Gokusen
Reporters’ vote 1. Last Friends 2. Around40 3. CHANGE
Judges’ vote 1. Last Friends 2. CHANGE 3. Kimi Hannin Janaiyone?

主演男优赏(1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3溝端淳平)
読者票1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3草彅剛
记者票1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3堺正章
审査员1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3溝端淳平

Best Male Lead (1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Mizobata Junpei)
Readers’ vote 1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
Reporters’ vote 1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Sakai Masaaki
Judges’ vote 1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Mizobata Junpei

主演女优赏(1仲间由纪恵 2天海祐希 3长泽まさみ)
読者票1仲间由纪恵 2长泽まさみ 3天海祐希
记者票1天海祐希 2石原さとみ 3长泽まさみ
审査员1仲间由纪恵 2蒼井優 3天海祐希

Best Female Lead (1. Nakama Yukie 2. Amami Yuki 3. Nagasawa Masami)
Readers’ vote 1. Nakama Yukie 2. Nagasawa Masami 3. Amami Yuki
Reporters’ vote 1. Amami Yuki 2. Ishihara Satomi 3. Nagasawa Masami
Judges’ vote 1. Nakama Yukie 2. Aoi Yu 3. Amami Yuki

助演男优赏(1锦戸亮 2瑛太 3阿部寛)
読者票1锦戸亮 2瑛太 3阿部寛
记者票1锦戸亮 2瑛太 3寺尾聰
审査员1锦戸亮 2寺尾聰 3阿部寛

Best Supporting Male (1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Eita 3. Abe Hiroshi)
Readers’ vote 1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Eita 3. Abe Hiroshi
Reporters’ vote 1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Eita 3. Terao Akira
Judges’ vote 1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Terao Akira 3. Abe Hiroshi

助演女优赏(1上野树里 2深津絵里 3相武纱季)
1上野树里 2深津絵里 3相武纱季 で同じ

Best Supporting Female (1. Ueno Juri 2. Fukatsu Eri 3. Aibu Saki)
Readers’ vote & Reporters’ vote & Judges’ vote are all the same
1. Ueno Juri 2. Fukatsu Eri 3. Aibu Saki

ドラマソング赏 宇多田ヒカル(ラストフレンズ)
脚本赏 浅野妙子(ラストフレンズ)
监督赏 加藤裕将、西坂瑞城、远藤光贵(ラストフレンズ)

Best Dorama Song Award Utada Hikaru (Last Friends)
Best Script Award Asano Taeko
Best Director Award Kato Hiromasa (加藤裕将) (ep1-3,8,11), Nishisaka Mizuki (西坂瑞城) (ep4-5,9-10), Endo Mitsutaka (遠藤光貴) (ep6-7,SP)

OMG~~ Ryo’s wish is answered!! He can proudly say that it was because of Last Friends that he became what he is today!! XD

Ryo got something for his performance as a DV guy, I’m so so so so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 awards for LAST FRIENDS!! Best Drama, Best Supporting Male and Female, Best Theme Song, Best Script, Best Director, OMG!! IS that ridiculous or not? LOL~~

To me, the only awards that are deserving are: Best Supporting Male and Female and Best Theme Song~ XD

Why Best Supporting Male and Female and Best Theme Song?

Ryo gave fantastic performance as the dark, suspicious, jealous, possessive DV guy, his presence on the screen always gave us the chills! Sousuke’s regret, arrogance, cunning-ness, persistance, etc, were all portrayed so so well!!

Eita was good as the gentle, sex-phobia guy best friend of Ruka. He didn’t have much chance to show more, though..

Juri was very convincing as a tomboy motorcross racer, she was very successful in creating this character! Her gender-identity-induced confusion was portrayed very well, just a pity because there was not much chance to show her full potential!

Prisoner of Love was written for Last Friends by Utada Hikaru, she wrote it after understanding the story and the resulted music really suits the drama like a very well-fitted dress!! Once you hear it, you know it’s Last Friends, and the lyrics is as if it’s talking about the drama!

Why not Best Drama, Best Script, Best Director?

High ratings doesn’t mean it’s a good drama, nor its script is good, nor its directors are good. But that’s just me.. I had too high an expectation before watching the drama, so I think that’s why my disappointment was great as well as it approached the ending part.. T_T

Let us take a look at another award~

12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

Spring 2008

Best Drama: CHANGE
Best Actor: Kimura Takuya / CHANGE
Best Actress: Amami Yuki / Around 40
Best Supporting Actor: Nishikido Ryo / Last Friends
Best Supporting Actress: Ueno Juri / Last Friends

Great results ne? LOL~~ XD

Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 14.8.08

18 08 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
11.8.08 1905h

Doumo. Kyou wa NEWS no shigoto wo shiteimasu.

Un. FURIItte muzukashii…

Sono uchi wakaru to omoimasu.

TSUAA mo nokori ato wazuka,

Ganbatte atsui natsu wo norigiri tai to omoimasu.

Hello. Today I’m working in NEWS.

Yeah. It’s difficult to be free…

I think you would understand that soon.

Tour, too, has a bit left,

I want to work hard to get over the hot summer, I guess.

Ryo’s entry for last week~!! ♥

NEWS is gonna have a new single, is that what they’ve been working on for the past 6 days? So that’s what we’re gonna know soon?

Plus the Kanjani8 tour.. Busy busy little bumble bee!

He must have been so busy to say he wanna be free.. Free of what, Ryo? Work? Poor Ryo, get some rest whenever you can!! Work in air-conditioned places to get over the heat, hehe.. XD

Love you, Ryo, isshoni ganbatte~! ♥

P.S.: I’m sad, I haven’t gotten the pacific LIVE DVD in my mailbox yet!!

山下智久の日记 vol. 1820 14.8.08

14 08 2008

山下智久の日记 vol. 1820

Today, I’m having lunch a bit late.

Alone Udon* and Tamagokakegohan。** Tabetemasu。***

Because of loneliness,
I’m even writing with a foreign accent

Now shooting the 8th episode!
With a 6-year-old girl!
Really very cute!
Kids are really cute (laughs)

Let’s change topic, Olympics is really amazing!

Competitors sacrificed so much in four years’ time just to get to this stage, thought of this without realising.

For the sake of becoming number one in the world, they keep working hard.

It’s really no pain, no gain, I guess.
Since elementary school, my plans have always been interrupted!

Friends invited me to go swimming many times in summer vacations
But I rejected all of them!
Then they never invite me anymore.

No words can describe the moody feeling.
That time, my heart was really sad.

Comparing to playing together with friends, I chose to work hard to fulfill my dream.

Really wish you all would slightly praise the me back then.
Speaking of which, the greatest happiness in elementary school times was eating ice**** with friends, going to swimming complexes to swim, wasn’t it.

But I always believe firmly that it was because of the hard work of that time that I can become who I am today.

From now on, if there are people who get their energy from me, OREganbarune。*****

Foreign accent natteshimaimashita。****** (laughs)

There were typed in English letters a.k.a. Romaji~

*[Udon = a kind of Japanese noodles, white and fat, yummy]
**[Tamagokakegohan = raw egg mixed with steaming rice]
***[Tabetemasu = Eating]
****[ice = ice cream]
*****[OREganbarune = I will work hard]
******[natteshimaimashita = Once more, it’s become]

Wow, very long entry~! Poor YamaP, eating lunch at 3+pm!! Even I ate lunch at 1:30pm despite being busy doing handicrafts.. Eat properly yo!

Ah, he likes kids too ne~ Jin too~ I’m sure Ryo too~ Me? I like kids, if they’re obedient [or not too hard to control], haha! XD

YamaP used romaji, I guess that’s one baby step towards typing in English, ne!! XD

And he finally talked about Olympics~ But did he watch the opening ceremony? If he did, is he allowed to say how great it is? LOL.. XD

Swimming, why must he mention swimming?! I’m deprived of time to go swimming!! T_T!!

He sacrificed his childhood for his dream and look at the success he’s having now~ He doesn’t consider himself famous though, he’s still humble~ OMG, where do you find such good guys nowadays?! XD He’s a workaholic though, haha..

Maa~ I know you’ll ganbatte, YamaP, but yeah, motto motto! Master the English language ASAP!! XD