Through the years, I’ve seen many many many Jdorama~ Here’s a page of my comments and opinions~ Liking or hating a drama, to each his own~ ^_^

I think I’ll be adding pictures for each drama later and depends on whether I can find them.. Some are really super old..

O, there might be spoilers ahead~


101st Proposal 101回目のプロポーズ
12 Epi | Fuji | 1991

I remember watching this when I was very young, lol.. Coz I remember the theme song, “Say Yes” by Chag and Aska~ Very nice song!! And well, since it made it all the way to my country’s TV station, it must mean the drama is good~ I remember that it was very popular and we would watch it together, lol..

1 Pound Gospel 1ポンドの福音
9 Epi | NTV | 2008

Kamenashi Kazuya acts as Hatanaka Kousaku, a boxer who has trouble controlling his gluttony and so he has to go on a mad diet before his matches. One day, he was jogging, because of the mad diet, and he fainted in a park and was saved by a nun called Sister Angela, played by Kuroki Meisa. I like this drama, it’s so cute and funny~ Hatanaka’s persistence may be annoying to some, but isn’t it touching to have someone love another person so relentlessly?


Abarenbo Mama 暴れん坊ママ
10 Epi | Fuji | 2007
Anego アネゴ
10 Epi | 1 SP | NTV | 2005

Great drama!! XD I like it~ I’m not that old but I can relate because I fear I would become like that — an OL who work and work and don’t have the chance to get married.. T_T Anego is a woman in her thirties and a nice big sister to her colleagues. She always try her best to help them solve their problems. A couple of newcomers entered her department, one of them is Kurosawa Akihiko, played by Akanishi Jin. He respected her for her kind heart and the willingness to help those around her. The thought “bubbles” that they have are pretty cute~! You can see what they really think and those are things that cannot be said out loud, haha, so fun!! XD

Attention Please
11 Epi | 2 SP | Fuji | 2006

Honestly, I watched this because Ryo is in it~ And so, because of watching this drama, my sisters and I “fell in love” with Ueto Aya~ She’s so cute~!! She’s a lively Flight-Attendant-wannabe called Misaki Youko, who grew up in an all-boys environment, such irony! XD One day, she bumped into Nakahara Shota, played by Nishikido Ryo, in the train station and lost her ticket in the process. So she accused him of stealing her ticket~ But Shota is a cool guy who thinks that this girl is crazy and annoying. A very funny drama~~ O, also, because of this drama, we love Aibu Saki as well~ She’s pretty and cute~!


Beach Boys
12 Epi | 1 SP | Fuji | 1997

Watched this on TV super long ago, lol~ Sorimachi Takashi + Takeuchi Yutaka + Hirosue Ryoko = mega huge hit at the time~ Very cheerful drama, I remember~ One of the must-watch classics~

Byakkotai 白虎隊
2 Epi | TV Asahi | 2007

Very nice history drama of Aizu and their samurai spirit. Made me cry lots and lots.. Yamashita Tomohisa [Sakai Shintarou/Mineji] and Tanaka Koki [Shinoda Yusuke/Gisaburo] act as descendants and also members of the young men team of warriors, Byakkotai, in 1868. What made me cry so much is their thinking.. 1. Dying honourably by stabbing yourself in the stomach, or cutting your artery at the neck, or having someone else on your side chop off your head after you died under enemy fire. 2. “To die honourably” and not “to win the war and come back alive”.. Why why why! When so many people died, I cried uncontrollably.. Especially when the boys died and their mothers.. some cried, some died, some sang.. It’s really heartbreaking.. T_T All the actors and actresses act so well, very good acting, very touching.. The drama portrayed quite realistically how cruel politics, power struggles and wars are.. You’d recognise Yakushimaru Hiroko [Aya’s mother in 1LOT] as Sakai’s mother, Sakai Shige. And 2 other Johnny’s boys, Fujigaya Taisuke [Itou Matahachi] and Higashiyama Noriyuki [Matsudaira Katamori]. This is the first time I watched a drama with as many as 4 Johnny’s boys in it. XD


10 Epi | Fuji | 2008
Code Blue
? Epi | Fuji | 2008

Currently watching this~ 3 episodes so far and so far so good~ YamaP acts as this arrogant and confident flight-doctor-in-training called Aizawa Kousaku who wants to become a famous doctor faster than anyone. Along with him are 3 more trainees, Shiraishi Megumi [Aragaki Yui], Hiyama Mihoko [Toda Erika] and Fuikawa Kazuo [Asari Yosuke]. Hope this drama will turn out better than its preceder on the Thurs10 *coughlastfriendscough* slot!


Detective Academy Q 探偵学園Q
11 Epi | 1 SP | NTV | 2006-2007

A.K.A. Tantei Gakuen Q~ You have to watch the SP before the drama, because that’s how they released it, lol.. The SP introduces you to the world of the detective school set up by the famous detective, Dan Morihiko. The school is called D.D.S., Dan Detective School. This day, a lot pf people have come to take the entrance test, they were given a crime scene photo taken by the victim and also a crime scene photo taken by the police, their job is to find out the criminal within the next few minutes and then follow the one they suspect. I’m a major fan of Kindaichi and DAQ, so I’ve already read their manga.. There are only a few differences in the SP, until they reach the part where they had to go on a certain transport.. That, was not in the manga.. Haha.. But anyway, the point is there, so, it’s ok~

I like the cast for the drama better because they “corrected” their choice, lol.. The Kazuma in the SP is.. Totally wrong, lol.. In the drama, the cast remains the same except for Kazuma, which is great!! Wakaba Katsumi really looks like Kazuma, haha~ Yamada Ryosuke is just fantastic to be Amakusa Ryuu!! OMG! He’s so cool!! Shida Mirai is cute and is naughtier than the original Megumi~ Kaname Jun as Kinta is just perfect! Haha~~ As for Q, Kamiki Ryunosuke did a nice job~! But he’s too tall, haha~

The drama has different cases from the manga, but the tricks behind them are pretty much the same, like in the first episode, the closed-room murder, how the key was in the room and not out of the room~ XD

Read the manga, watch the anime and the SP and the drama~ Please! ♥

Double Score
11 Epi | Fuji | 2002

I love this drama! I remember I’d rush to switch to the channel that airs this drama~ Coz I love Sorimachi so much, haha~ XD I like him ever since GTO, of course! Anyway, I like this drama because it’s so cool~ Sorimachi Takashi acts as Tachibana, an impulsive cop~ His new partner is Oshio Manabu, whose character’s name I forgot, lol~ Anyway, this new guy is a university grad and goes by the book~ Initially, he is against Tachibana’s way of catching the bad guys~ [I’m bad at writing review and stuff] Watch this drama because it’s good, lol~

Dragon Zakura ドラゴン桜
11 Epi | TBS | 2005

11 Epi | Fuji | 2005

Gachi Baka! ガチバカ!
10 Epi | TBS | 2006

More realistic than Gokusen. The teacher, Gondo Tetta [Takahashi Katsunori], doesn’t have wild dreams of having everyone graduating together, he just wants them to choose their future path carefully, properly and then to walk down it with no regrets. Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa are the main reason why I watched this drama, lol~ End up, I love it for its more realistic plot~

Ganbatte Ikimasshoi がんばっていきまっしょい
10 Epi | KTV | 2005

It was almost unbearable to watch one more minute of it if not for my Ryo.. I hate Suzuki Anne!! OMG!! Seriously, why did they have to get her to be the lead girl?! No more other girls?! Luckily, there were Ryo and Aibu Saki, phew~ XD This drama is about Shinomura Etsuko [Suzuki Anne] wanting to form a girls’ rowing club in her high school. Sekino Hiroyuki [Nishikido Ryo] is her childhood friend and is called “Buu” by her. Yano Rie [Aibu Saki] along with 3 other girls joined her rowing club and they became best friends, but in the process, lots happened because of the competitions and love problems. I think one of the hot topics at that time was the changing of actor for the role of Nakata Saburo, because of Uchi Hiroki’s underage drinking incident. Taguchi Junnosuke replaced him from episode 4 onwards. At first, I thought that Junno wasn’t as cool as Uchi, because Uchi was acting the “cool guy” in epi 1 and 2, lol~ But later on, Junno grows on you, lol, he’s so cute~ XD

Gokusen 1 ごくせん1
12 Epi | 1 SP | NTV | 2002

LOVE IT~ Nakama Yukie is soooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!! つづく

Gokusen 2 ごくせん2
10 Epi | 1 SP | NTV | 2005
Gokusen 3 ごくせん3
11 Epi | NTV | 2008
Golden Bowl
11 Epi | NTV | 2002

Watched this on TV some years ago~ It wasn’t bad but not fantastic, it was plain~ But there were the gorgeous Kaneshiro Takeshi to ogle at and the beautiful Kuroki Hitomi to look at~ LOL~ I don’t really remember the story.. I think it’s about having a bowling competition to save the bowling centre from being sold, or something like that~

Good Luck!!
10 Epi | TBS | 2003

Kimura Takuya acts as a pilot called Shinkai Hajime and Shibasaki Kou acts as a plane technician called Ogawa Ayumi. They were like fire and water at the beginning but later, they fell in love, but how? That’s for you to watch, lol~ Quite a nice and normal drama~

12 Epi | 1 SP | 1 Movie | Fuji | 1998

Best best best drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it soooo many years ago!! I’m a huge fan of the manga since very young! I also watched the anime in recent years~ In the drama, Sorimachi Takashi is GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka~ He always introduces himself like this: Onizuka Ekichi, 22 years old, single. Hahaha~~~ He was a bad boy in a motorcycle gang, but he dreams of becoming a teacher XD His motive was bad at first, but later, his kind heart shines through as he helps his students in times of trouble and they gradually accept him as their teacher~ This bunch of students hated teachers because there was once when they were betrayed by a teacher. Matsushima Nanako acts as the English teacher called Fuyutsuki Azusa, a young Oguri Shun acts as a weak bullied boy called Yoshikawa Noboru and Fujiki Naohito acts as GTO’s best friend since the motorcycle gang era called Saejima Ryuji~

A really really really good drama that everyone has to watch at least once in their lifetime~
夜露死苦 [“Yoroshiku” written in motorcycle gang language XD] ♥


Hana Yori Dango 1 花より男子1
9 Epi | TBS | 2005
Hana Yori Dango 2 花より男子2
11 Epi | 1 Movie | TBS | 2007

Hana Yori Dango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ROFL* Absolutely funny drama~ I’ve watched the anime when I was 11 years old or so, really love it and would rush home to watch it.. 5pm slot, I think, channel 8, in mandarin dub, lol~ Then came the Taiwanese idol drama version, which we didn’t like.. Really hate the F4 in that version, they just.. suck, bad. I think it’s because they all had long hair and are ugly and behave like girls, URGH, disgusting!! I still hate them very much, hahaha!!

ANYWAY, this is about the much much x10000 better Japanese live-action drama~ Matsumoto Jun acts as Doumyoji Tsukasa, the super spoilt brat with super strength and ego, lol~ Even though MatsuJun is not as tall as Doumyoji, his “aura” is tall~ It makes me feel that he really is suitable for acting out this role~ Makino Tsukushi was played by Inoue Mao, a very cute girl~ Makino’s family is super poor but she is attending this super rich school that all other rich kids are attending. Doumyoji Tsukasa has 1 older sister called Tsubaki, played by the beautiful Matsushima Nanako, and 3 other good buddies and they are Hanazawa Rui [Oguri Shun], Nishikado Soujiro [Matsuda Shota] and Mimasaka Akira [Abe Tsuyoshi]~ Rumour has it that MatsuJun refused to accept the role of Doumyoji if they don’t put Oguri in the show as well~ They are very good friends~ And yay for this action because HanaDan pushed their careers sky high!! The drama was so immensely popular! Now, Oguri Shun is one of the hottest male actor in Japan!

The drama has lotsa changes but the original author approved the changes~ The whole drama is grand and elegant in terms of the places, the clothes and the food and events, etc~ Very nice to watch! I think the only bad point is that the soundtrack sounds too alike to Harry Potter.. XD

On 28 June 2008, Hana Yori Dango F was opened in Japan cinemas~ It’s the finale to the drama and it’s about the wedding~ I saw the trailer and it looks so good! They went to Hong Kong and Las Vegas to shoot the movie!! I wanna watch it!!!!!!!

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 花ざかりの君たちへ
12 Epi | Fuji | 2007

After being entertained by the Taiwanese idol drama version, we were even more entertained by the Japanese live-action version which is 100 times more exaggerated than the former! Oguri Shun acts as Sano Izumi, an injured ex-high jumper high schooler. Horikita Maki acts as Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl living in America who is in love with Sano and daringly impost as a boy to get transferred into the same all-boys school as Sano. She’s really cute as a tomboy!! Ikuta Toma acts as Nakatsu Shuuichi, the sporty and crazy friend of Sano. This was the first time I saw Toma and instantly fell in love! HAHA I’m such a carrot~ XD Watch this drama is you want to see lots of good-looking guys~! Coz this school only admits good-looking boys!! Notable eye candies are Sano and Nakatsu, Nanba Minami [Mizushima Hiro], the 2nd Dorm Leader, Tennoji Megumi [Ishigaki Yuma], the 1st Dorm Leader, Kayashima Taiki [Yamamoto Yusuke], the ghost detector and Kagurazaka Makoto [Shirota Yu], Sano’s rival~

Hataraki Man 働きマン
11 Epi | NTV | 2007
11 Epi | 1 SP | 1 Movie | Fuji | 2001
Hitotsu Yane no Shita 1 ひとつ屋根の下1
12 Epi | 1 SP | Fuji | 1993
Hitotsu Yane no Shita 2 ひとつ屋根の下2
12 Epi | Fuji | 1997

A.K.A. Under One Roof. We love this drama! I remember watching it on tv very very long ago~ It was in mandarin dub.. So I only remember the names in chinese, like 小哥,小雪,大哥。。It’s a touching drama about a family of siblings without parents.. There were big brother, second brother, youngest brother, young sister and 小雪~ I forgot what’s 小雪 relationship to them and why she’s living together with them.. Eguchi Yosuke acts as the big brother, I remember he had long hair and always wears a yellow cap, back facing front, lol~ It’s a really popular drama at that time, coz almost everyone watched it~ You should too~ ^_~

Hokaben ホカベン
10 Epi | NTV | 2008
Honey & Clover ハチミツとクローバー
11 Epi | Fuji | 2008

A funny, but plain drama~ I watched the anime before and I quite like it, because of the art~ As for the drama, 1. I watched the anime before, so, naturally, I’d wanna watch the live-action as well, 2. there’s Toma. XD Ikuta Toma acts as Takemoto Yuuta, a guy who doesn’t have any idea what he wanna do in the future and guts. Narumi Riko acts as Hanamoto Hagumi, a very shy and short 19-year-old girl from the countryside who is very good at painting. Mukai Osamu acts as Mayama Takumi, a year senior to Takemoto-kun in architecture who is working for Harada Design. Harada Natsuki acts as Yamada Ayumi, daughter of the owner of a shop in the neighbourhood who is well-loved there for her beauty, guts and strength~ She’s good in pottery and bitterly in love with Mayama.. who is in love with Harada Design’s owner.. The only disappointment in the cast is Narimiya Hiroki who acts as Morita Shinobu. Why I don’t like him, because he is Nobu in NANA movies. XD And he doesn’t suit Morita-san, this character. T_T Morita-san is a crazy guy who is obsessed with anything cute but will never ever say “I like you” and stuff like that! And the whole “Does Morita like Hagu, or not?” was not present in the drama for the audience to guess [like in the anime].. It was just a straight-forward love triangle of Take-Hagu-Morita……………. T_T The drama also scored really low on viewership numbers.. Sad..


Ichi Rittoru no Namida 1リットルの涙 [1 Litre of Tears]
11 Epi | 1 SP | Fuji | 2005

No one and I say NO ONE SHOULD MISS THIS DRAMA. Seriously, you can skip all other drama and just watch this. This is based on the true story of Kitou Aya, who was a young sufferer of a cruel incurable disease called “Spinocerebellar Degeneration” where the smaller brain will shrink over time. It controls your muscles, so as it shrinks, you can’t control your muscles and you know how muscles is super important in how your body works, don’t you? Gradually, Ikeuchi Aya [Sawajiri Erika][they changed the family name] will lose the power to control her muscles as she wishes and that means that there will come a day when she cannot walk and talk, etc, anymore.. T_T She is smart and kind and good at basketball and like any other girls, yearns to fall in love. She has a crush on her senior [Matsuyama Kenichi acts as Kawamoto Yuji] in basketball club since junior high school and when she passed the entrance test to go into the same high school as him, she was super happy. Kitou Aya’s mum asked the production team to add a perfect boyfriend for Aya because it was her wish to fall in love, so they added a character called Asou Haruto [Nishikido Ryo]. This was the first time I saw Ryo, but it didn’t leave any impression on me at all. Surprisingly. XD Coz throughout the whole drama, I only looked at Erika, she’s too beautiful~ Haha XD Narumi Riko acts as her younger sister, Ikeuchi Ako~ This was also the first time I saw her and I thought she will definitely make it in the entertainment scene~

I really cried a lot since episode 5.. even after the whole drama ended, I was still crying on my bed.. T_T Now thinking back to some classic dialogues, I’m crying again.. T_T Like, “Will I be able to get married?”, “Why did the illness choose me?”……….. T_T

Isshun no Kaze ni Nare 一瞬の風になれ
4 Epi | Fuji | 2008

Seriously, I watched this because Ryo is guest-starring in it. I don’t even like Uchi. -_-” LOL~ Well, they are brothers in the drama, Kamiya Kenichi [Nishikido Ryo] is a very talented and good soccer player and his younger brother, Kamiya Shinji [Uchi Hiroki] is a fast runner. Ichinose Ren [Hasegawa Jun] is Shinji’s best friend who is faster in running than him. This drama is about the days of Shinji and his friends in the track and field club in their high school. This drama is also the come-back drama of Uchi since the underage drinking incident, so Ryo went to help out since they’re best friends~


Jigoku Shoujo 地獄少女
12 Epi | NTV | 2006

Karei Naru Ichizoku 華麗なる一族
10 Epi | TBS | 2007
Kimi to Ita Mirai no Tame ni ~ I’ll Be Back 君といた未来のために ~ I’ll Be Back
10 Epi | NTV | 1999

A really really really good drama I watched on TV very very very long ago~ It’s very unique because no other drama is like this. Even till now. The impact it had on me was so great that I remember it even till now~ When I finally found out the title [I didn’t know the title when I was young XD], I was overjoyed! XD I wanna watch it again, but I can’t find it in the video shops.. T_T Help!!

Anyway, Domoto Tsuyoshi acts as a college senior who died. But he woke up to his alarm clock and when he looked at his calender on the wall, he was shocked, plus he was dragged to high school by his childhood female friend. I remember what happened in the story but I only remember Tsuyoshi’s face.. DramaWiki listed Nakama Yukie, but really, no impression~ The whole drama has the mystery air of “why is this happening?”, I love it~ The end of the drama was very very touching~

I just know that I wanna watch this drama again.. T_T

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 1 金田一少年の事件簿1
8 Epi | NTV | 1995
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2 金田一少年の事件簿2
10 Epi | 1 SP | NTV | 1996

Kindaichi!!!!!!!!!!! Super fan of the manga!! Watched this very long ago on TV~ Domoto Tsuyoshi acts as Kindaichi Hajime, the grandson of famous detective Kindaichi Kosuke. He has an IQ of 180 but he is lousy in school exams. His childhood friend is Nanase Miyuki [Tomosaka Rie] who is a girl good in school work and the one who always help him and look after him. I don’t remember the drama in details, but it’s a nice drama because Domoto’s acting is good and resembles the Kindaichi I have in mind~ ^_^

There was a season 3 but I don’t remember watching it.. But my sisters do.. -_-” Er.. How come?! Hahaha~~ Anyway, in season 3, MatsuJun was the Kindaichi.. Hmm.. Weird..

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2005 金田一少年の事件簿 2005
1 Epi | NTV | 2005

If MatsuJun as Kindaichi is weird, this SP is weirder. Coz Kamenashi Kazuya is the Kindaichi this time round. And this SP is weird coz they shoot it as if this is the first case Kindaichi ever encountered. So it’s a start-from-the-beginning kind of SP.. which was in 2005………….. EH?! -_-” What the hell were they thinking?! Anyway, while Kame’s acting is good, audience already have Domoto/MatsuJun as Kindaichi in their heads, so it takes some time to get used to.. Ueno Juri acts as Nanase Miyuki~ Needs some time getting used to too, for me, coz I have the Domoto-Rie pairing imprinted in my head since so many years ago~ LOL~

Anyway, this case is about a vampire legend in the ruins of a village. I already read it before I watched this so I knew the tricks and who did it already, lol~ So, overall, they followed the manga quite closely, yay~ ^_^

Kurosagi クロサギ
11 Epi | 1 Movie | TBS | 2006

One of the best new drama~! All those drama that I said are good are quite old right? This one is quite new in contrast~! XD In this drama, Yamashita Tomohisa acts as Kurosaki, no given name was known to the audience. Kurosaki is a young guy who lost his family when he was 15 years old. In order to take revenge, he became Kurosagi, a black swindler, who works for an old guy who owns a restaurant. In this world, there are 3 types of swindlers, 1. Shirosagi, white swindlers who swindle your money using business, 2. Akasagi, red swindlers who swindle your money by playing with your feelings and 3. Kurosagi, the swindler who eats Shirosagi and Akasagi. Kurosaki owns a small building of small apartments for rent quite out of the way of the city, one day, a new tenant arrived, she is called Yoshikawa Tsurara [Horikita Maki], a university student studying law, trying to be a public prosecutor. Because of Yoshikawa, Kurosaki’s life begins to change.

I really like this drama~ It’s really fun to watch how people fall into his traps~! XD YamaP improved in his acting in this drama as he has to change his clothes, way of talking, behaviour in every episode while maintaining the same identity.

The movie sequel was opened in Japan cinemas on 8 March 2008, 5 days after my birthday.. I wanna watch it!! But my country usually DON’T bring in such good films.. T_T

Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 3 救命病棟24時3
11 Epi | Fuji | 2005

I only watched this in bits and pieces on TV.. It has Matsushima Nanako, Eguchi Yosuke and Oguri Shun~ This is a medical-human relationships drama~


Last Friends
11 Epi | 1 SP | Fuji | 2008

The drama which fell due to the too-heavy expectations from everyone. It started out really good, the first few episodes. Before it even started, everyone was having high hopes because of the themes of this drama. Lesbian, Domestic Violence, Sex Phobia, Loneliness and Gender Identity.. Sounds so cool, right?! The higher the expectations, the bigger the disappointment and the harder the fall. We, Ryo-fans, were waiting anxiously for the drama to start, even though our Ryo is acting as a despicable DV guy called Oikawa Sousuke. He works in the child welfare division, so on the outside he is very kind, but when he gets angry at/suspicious of his girlfriend, Aida Michiru [Nagasawa Masami], he hits and kicks her. Her actions always suggests that she is hiding something, so it’s hard to blame as well. That’s my [and a lot others’] opinion. Of course, hitting people is not right at all. In love with the weak Michiru is a boyish girl called Kishimoto Ruka [Ueno Juri] who is a pro motocross racer. Ueno’s short hair is really nice and looks very good on her! Better than her Nodame hair, haha! And in love with the boyish Ruka is a make-up artist called Mizushima Takeru [Eita] who is also a bartender and a sufferer of Sex Phobia. Living together in a share house with Ruka is a flight attendant called Takigawa Eri [Mizukawa Asami] who is constantly lonely. And in love with this woman is a weak guy called Ogura Tomohiko [Yamazaki Shigenori] who works in the airlines as well. Michiru’s problem is that she came from a broken family, her mother is a drunkard and her father is a drunkard who would hit her mother, so her mother took her and ran away to another place when she was 18. Now, she’s working in a salon as an assistant but she’s constantly bullied by her senior called Hiratsuka Reina [Nishihara Aki] who is also a victim.

The first few episodes were really good, they kept making us wanna watch the next episode. But later, like 7, or 8 onwards.. !@#!@#@$#%$%$~~ LOL.. It’s ridiculous to change the story for the sake of getting high viewership ratings!! They should have let Sousuke died! Like who wouldn’t when being hit like that?! He’s not superman! It was a really great chance to let the DV guy rest in peace, really, but no, the storywriter didn’t let him off and want him to continue to torture Michiru, for the sake of the viewership ratings. And what’s more, he in his limping state, can hit people somemore! OMG.. Then at end of the 10th episode, they let him die like that, making him like such a coward. ARGH!!

The ending was disappointing but it can never be as diappointing as the so-called SP, broadcasted just the following week of the last episode -_-”

Because of the high anticipation and expectations, I was really really x100 disappointed, really sad.. T_T

The theme song and soundtrack was great~! So, everytime Sousuke’s theme song came on before he does on the screen, it became a horror movie. -_-” LOL~ Utada Hikaru’s Prisoner of Love was written after understanding the story, so by that, it means that the focus of the drama should be the love between Ruka and Michiru right? But yeah, see how it went and crashed itself. People call it a train wreck of a drama.

The whole drama contains of characters with serious problems, it’s as if the whole society is sick.. -_-” To read the entire 1st episode, click here~

Long Vacation
11 Epi | Fuji | 1996
11 Epi | Fuji | 2008

I only watched epi 1, 2, 4 and 8~ Epi 1 had Eita. Epi 2 had Koyama Keiichiro acts as Tsunami Kota, a rookie cop.

Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko ロト6で3億2千万円当てた男
? Epi | Fuji | 2008
Love Generation
11 Epi | Fuji | 1997

Majo no Jouken 魔女の条件
11 Epi | TBS | 1999
Maou 魔王
? Epi | TBS | 2008
Meitantei Conan: Kudo Shinichi he no chosenjo 名探偵コナン- 工藤新一への挑戦状 [Detective Conan: Kudo Shinichi’s Written Challenge]
1 SP | YTV/NTV | 2006
Kudo Shinichi no Fukkatsu! Kuro no Soshiki to no Taiketsu 工藤新一の復活!~黒の組織との対決 [Kudo Shinichi Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization]
1 SP | YTV/NTV | 2007
My★Boss My★Hero
10 Epi | NTV | 2006

News no Onna ニュースの女
11 Epi | Fuji | 1998
Nobuta wo Produce 野ブタをプロデュース
10 Epi | NTV | 2005
Nodame Cantabile のだめカンタービル
11 Epi | Fuji | 2006

Osen おせん
10 Epi | NTV | 2008
Otousan おとうさん
11 Epi | TBS | 2002
Oyaji オヤジぃ
11 Epi | TBS | 2000

11 Epi | Fuji | 2004
Proposal Daisakusen プロポーズ大作戦
11 Epi | Fuji | 2007

Regatta レガッタ
9 Epi | TV Asahi | 2006
Ri Kouran 李香蘭
2 Epi | TV Tokyo | 2007
11 Epi | TBS | 2008
Ryuusei no Kizuna 流星の絆
? Epi | TBS | 2008

Starts October 2008, every Friday, 10pm, please remember to watch!! ♥


Sapuri サプリ
11 Epi | Fuji | 2006
Seigi no Mikata 正義の味方
? Epi | NTV | 2008
Shiroi Kyoto 白い巨塔
21 Epi | Fuji | 2003
Shomuni 庶務二課
[3 seasons] 35 Epi | 2 SP | Fuji | 1998/2000/2002

I don’t know which one I saw, lol.. Coz it was on TV, so it’s sorta like I-watch-when-I-remember, lol~

Stand UP!!
11 Epi | TBS | 2003

Taiyou no Uta タイヨウのうた
10 Epi | TBS | 2006
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi たったひとつの恋
10 Epi | NTV | 2006
Teresa Ten Monogatari テレサ・テン物語
1 Epi | TV Asahi | 2007
to Heart ~ Koishite Shinitai to Heart 恋して死にたい
12 Epi | TBS | 1999
Tokkyuu Tanaka 3 Gou 特急田中3号
12 Epi | TBS | 2007

I watched the first episode and I’m gonna try watching the 2nd episode.. Just to see what’s the point of it, besides my liking for Koki, lol..

Tanaka Koki acts as a pathetic guy named Tanaka Ichirou. He’s not good in school but good in bragging. He fails at picking up girls as well. And also, he has no friends at all, nobody listens to what he says.. The thought bubble in my head says, “So poor thing.. T_T” while watching.. Anyway, it’s great that Koki finally has the chance at being the lead actor, yay! I hope my Ryo can have a lead role soon too! XD I digress~ So who’s the female lead? Kuriyama Chiaki [Meguro Terumi]. I vaguely remember seeing her in Battle Royale 1 as the girl with the hardest heart, lol.. I think that’s her~ つづく

Tokyo Daikushu 東京大空襲
2 Epi | NTV | 2008
Tokyo Tower
11 Epi | 1 SP | Fuji | 2007

Cried when watching the first episode -_-“ つづく

Trick 3
10 Epi | 1 SP | TV Asahi | 2003

10 Epi | 1 SP | Fuji | 2006

Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai 笑える恋はしたくない
3 Epi | TBS | 2006
Water Boys 1
11 Epi | Fuji | 2003

X’mas Nante Daikirai X’mas なんて大嫌い
4 Epi | NTV | 2004

Yamada Taro Monogatari 山田太郎ものがたり
10 Epi | TBS | 2007
Yasuko to Kenji ヤスコとケンジ
? Epi | NTV | 2008
Yukan Club 有閑倶楽部
10 Epi | NTV | 2007

Zettai Kareshi 絶対彼氏
11 Epi | Fuji | 2008

Total drama watched as of now [20 July 2008]: 81


2 responses

4 02 2009

I’m wondering if you could tell me what happened at the end of “Kimi to Ita Mirai no Tame ni ” =( I’m going crazy because there’s no place I can watch it. T_T

5 02 2009

Hi! Firstly, thankz for leaving a message!

Ah, about revealing the end of a drama, mayb you can contact me at any networking sites like Friendster [using ruoyi85], Facebook [using HaruRuoyi] or iKnow.co.jp [using HaruLoku]~

Dun wanna spoil it for other people~ ^_^

I think some stores may sell the vcd? I dunno where though, haha.. If you’re in Singapore, mayb u can try the Poh Kim in Liang Court basement~

I’ll wait for ur message then~!

good night~!


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