Cartoon KAT-TUN 03.12.08 Epi 87

3 12 2008

This format is quite often seen ne? Someone comes then they will like, have a few very weird and funny interviewees, haha~

So it’s a Nonko’s omiai?! Guys come in wanting to be Nonko’s boyfriend, haha XD But Nonko is quite old XD

That Itou guy, from the Manga episode, is very funny! XD

OMG, White X’mas was broadcasted at the end!! I love that song!!

Was I slow or did Nakamura just cut his hair so short recently?!

The key of this song is not as high as their other songs, coz I can see Nakamura struggling with the low parts in his part during Music Station~

Let’s watch the PV!! ♥


Cartoon KAT-TUN 22.10.08 Epi 81

23 10 2008

It was delayed today, I thought it was not going to air after waiting way past its broadcasting time~ LOL~ It finally started at about 30 minutes after its normal timing.]

Wahaha, so funny~ The guest, Shimizu Michiko, is hilarious~!! She’s so damn good at imitating people’s voices!! Even “Tomodachi”s voice~!! o.O!

Kame is good at imitating too~! Of course~! XD ♥

Cartoon KAT-TUN 15.10.08 Epi 80

15 10 2008

Before the show started, I saw Jin and Koki’s new OXY commercial~!! JIN IS SUPER CUTE!! OMG!! ♥.♥

It’s about manga love this week~~ Their love for manga is extreme! But they really have great understanding of the manga they like~

Then they played a game, much similar to the balloon game~ But when the game is over, they just cut it to the Library of Junno.. -_-”

Dunno when Koki’s forfeit would air~~ I wanna see!! XD

Cartoon KAT-TUN 08.10.08 Epi 79

8 10 2008

Nice epi where everyone is present, haha~

They called some services coz the theme is special delivery, or something like that, haha..

So a quiz provider came and they were being quizzed~

Among the 20 questions, I only understood one: “1m is equal to how many cm?” Haha~~ XD Some are about Japanese history and others are topics alien to me, haha..

I wonder what the batsu game will be! It will be aired next epi, I think~!

Cartoon KAT-TUN 01.10.08 Epi 78

1 10 2008

Nice episode!! LOL~

But I didn’t cry, hee..

At the balloon’s part, it’s hilarious, haha! XD

Jin’s so cute~~~~~~~~~~~! ♥

Cartoon KAT-TUN 27.08.08 Epi 73

27 08 2008

I almost forgot to watch it! I forgot about it for two weeks T_T LOL..

I managed to catch Jin’s hilarious performance, lol~~~ XD

Who’s the guest? He’s so funny!! Omg~ XD The one-man skit later is super funny too, wahaha~ The way he used the cigarette box as his walkie-talkie, OMG, really like the real thing! HAHA XD

OMG, next week’s guest is Will Smith?! KyaAAAaaa~~!! XD

And.. Jodie Foster..?! Jin is gonna interview her in ENGLISH!! XD I really really wanna hear him speak in English, since I’ve heard his LOVEJUICE and saw his answer, to a fan’s question, in English in a magazine [I think it’s MYOJO]~~~ Can’t wait!!

Cartoon KAT-TUN 06.08.08 Epi 70

6 08 2008

Jin. Is. Evil.


Poor Nakamaru.. Is he one of the most bullied members of the group? Even though he’s the oldest? Haha~~

Junno is really being very Junno, lol~ What was he trying to do with the measuring tape?! *rofl* XD My sister and I was like, “Huh?”

Jin. Is. Really. Evil.


That soda-making machine looks very interesting!! LOL~

I miss Kame’s interviews with the folks about “love”~ T_T

This episode feels like it’s too short~ And where’re Koki and Ueda?

I know that for Ueda’s part, he’s with a secondary school girl who’s gonna confess during the fireworks summer festival or something, wearing a yukata~ When would it air~? Looking forward to it~!

Jaa~ Koki wa..?

The preview of the next episode is about Nakamaru attempting the bungee again?! Uso deshou~? I hope he will jump though XD Get over your fear of height, you can do it~!! Ganbatte! *rofl* XD

EDIT 07.08.08