Cartoon KAT-TUN 03.12.08 Epi 87

3 12 2008

This format is quite often seen ne? Someone comes then they will like, have a few very weird and funny interviewees, haha~

So it’s a Nonko’s omiai?! Guys come in wanting to be Nonko’s boyfriend, haha 😄 But Nonko is quite old 😄

That Itou guy, from the Manga episode, is very funny! 😄

OMG, White X’mas was broadcasted at the end!! I love that song!!

Was I slow or did Nakamura just cut his hair so short recently?!

The key of this song is not as high as their other songs, coz I can see Nakamura struggling with the low parts in his part during Music Station~

Let’s watch the PV!! ♥

Cartoon KAT-TUN 22.10.08 Epi 81

23 10 2008

It was delayed today, I thought it was not going to air after waiting way past its broadcasting time~ LOL~ It finally started at about 30 minutes after its normal timing.]

Wahaha, so funny~ The guest, Shimizu Michiko, is hilarious~!! She’s so damn good at imitating people’s voices!! Even “Tomodachi”s voice~!! o.O!

Kame is good at imitating too~! Of course~! 😄 ♥

Cartoon KAT-TUN 15.10.08 Epi 80

15 10 2008

Before the show started, I saw Jin and Koki’s new OXY commercial~!! JIN IS SUPER CUTE!! OMG!! ♥.♥

It’s about manga love this week~~ Their love for manga is extreme! But they really have great understanding of the manga they like~

Then they played a game, much similar to the balloon game~ But when the game is over, they just cut it to the Library of Junno.. -_-”

Dunno when Koki’s forfeit would air~~ I wanna see!! 😄

Cartoon KAT-TUN 08.10.08 Epi 79

8 10 2008

Nice epi where everyone is present, haha~

They called some services coz the theme is special delivery, or something like that, haha..

So a quiz provider came and they were being quizzed~

Among the 20 questions, I only understood one: “1m is equal to how many cm?” Haha~~ 😄 Some are about Japanese history and others are topics alien to me, haha..

I wonder what the batsu game will be! It will be aired next epi, I think~!

Cartoon KAT-TUN 01.10.08 Epi 78

1 10 2008

Nice episode!! LOL~

But I didn’t cry, hee..

At the balloon’s part, it’s hilarious, haha! 😄

Jin’s so cute~~~~~~~~~~~! ♥

Cartoon KAT-TUN 27.08.08 Epi 73

27 08 2008

I almost forgot to watch it! I forgot about it for two weeks T_T LOL..

I managed to catch Jin’s hilarious performance, lol~~~ 😄

Who’s the guest? He’s so funny!! Omg~ 😄 The one-man skit later is super funny too, wahaha~ The way he used the cigarette box as his walkie-talkie, OMG, really like the real thing! HAHA 😄

OMG, next week’s guest is Will Smith?! KyaAAAaaa~~!! 😄

And.. Jodie Foster..?! Jin is gonna interview her in ENGLISH!! 😄 I really really wanna hear him speak in English, since I’ve heard his LOVEJUICE and saw his answer, to a fan’s question, in English in a magazine [I think it’s MYOJO]~~~ Can’t wait!!

Cartoon KAT-TUN 06.08.08 Epi 70

6 08 2008

Jin. Is. Evil.


Poor Nakamaru.. Is he one of the most bullied members of the group? Even though he’s the oldest? Haha~~

Junno is really being very Junno, lol~ What was he trying to do with the measuring tape?! *rofl* 😄 My sister and I was like, “Huh?”

Jin. Is. Really. Evil.


That soda-making machine looks very interesting!! LOL~

I miss Kame’s interviews with the folks about “love”~ T_T

This episode feels like it’s too short~ And where’re Koki and Ueda?

I know that for Ueda’s part, he’s with a secondary school girl who’s gonna confess during the fireworks summer festival or something, wearing a yukata~ When would it air~? Looking forward to it~!

Jaa~ Koki wa..?

The preview of the next episode is about Nakamaru attempting the bungee again?! Uso deshou~? I hope he will jump though 😄 Get over your fear of height, you can do it~!! Ganbatte! *rofl* 😄

EDIT 07.08.08