Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot~

6 07 2008

Absolute Boyfriend ~Perfect Lover Robot~

Finished episodes 9, 10 and 11 in one shot last night.

Cried from episode 10.. Cry until nose block, ears block..

Even after the whole show ended, I kept crying..

It’s so sad! T_T


Logic and love do not go hand in hand..

You cannot start liking a person when you say, “Start.”

You also cannot stop liking a person when you say, “Stop.”

And when reality steps in, that’s what makes love suddenly a sad thing.

Shoo, reality! Go away!! Nobody needs you!!

If only reality would go away ne?

But noooooooo~~~~~~~ It stays, as firmly as.. reality.

I thought of everything, and to my disappointment, reality is the most firm thing that no one can take away, delete, destroy, make disappear, etc..

That’s reality.

So, yeah, it’s a very normal ending.. T_T

I like both Night and Soshi, and also Riiko~ She’s so cute! It’s because of her that I know of this drama, and the must-watch factor comes in when I saw the robot. OMG, super gorgeous! And he looks just like my classmate in poly! You should have seen him in the latest KFC ad on tv, the one who had his food eaten by another guy, lol~

Night was played by Hayami Mocomichi, who also played Tsuchiya in Gokusen 2~ Kya~! XD

Soshi was played by Mizushima Hiro, who was also in Gokusen 2! Plus, he’s Nanba-senpai in Hana-Kimi! Damn ikemen! XD

Riiko was played by Aibu Saki, who also played Wakamura Yayoi in Attention Please! She’s also born in 1985~ Ah, look at her, nice career! But me? Forget it.. T_T Same age, but totally different lives, she’s so blessed!! Totally envious~ x.X

Miki, who played Mikami in Attention Please, played the bartender, Fujiko~ Ah, so disappointed to see her smoking, haha.. Totally different from the Mikami in AP ne..

Abe Tsuyoshi, who played Akira in Hana-Dan, played the 2nd robot, Zero 2. Was a bit surprised when I saw the preview of episode 8 at the end of episode 7, haha~

I love the soundtrack as well!! Really really nice!! Especially the robotic number when something is happening to Night! The robotic sound effects are very funny as well~ Haha~~

The theme song was Ayaka’s Okaeri~ Sweet song! I really like it~~ I think that being able to hear “Okaeri” after reaching home is really important, the feeling of being welcomed home.. I wish I live in Japan.. Coz you don’t get “Welcome home!” or “欢迎回来!” over here, do you? T_T

I don’t think there will be a SP.. Coz well…….. you know? So yeah, meaningless ne? Unless it’s a waste-of-time-cut-footages-from-the-drama SP like *coughlastfriendscough*. XD But well, they’re from the same TV station, highly likely possible o! T_T

I really like this story, even though Kronos Heaven is toying with people’s feelings, lol.. But making great memories is part of having a great life, right? ^_^

According to Wiki, there are only 6 books! I’m going to buy all! XD Time to head down to CC liao~~

I’ve also finished One Pound of Gospel some time ago, but that will be another post for another time~

Ja mata ne~! ♥