トマゴト vol.202 31.12.08

2 01 2009

12月31日★volume 202

This year’s last update!

Hello everyone, 2008 is ending soon.
Thanks for everyone’s support.

Wearing bermuda is “Honey and Clover”~
Being noisy and crazy in “Hana-Kimi SP”~
Face off with Oono in “Maou”~
……Ah, Maou DVD will be out on 9th January, please [buy].
Yarou-kun’s natural explosive, dancing and singing in “GREASE”…

A lot a lot.

Thank you very much.

2009’s first hit…
VOICE~~~Inochi Naki Mono no Koe~~!

For the sake of acting in the very meaningful…very great drama, I’m working hard everyday.
Can definitely feel some things.
Please look forward to it.

Let’s change the topic…

Went to NEWS concert yesterday. With Matsumoto Jun.
I showed my face for a while during MC.
Sang a bit (Just like what Matsumoto said, sang in the encore all of a sudden)
Anyway, it’s Yamashita’s part in “weeeek”.

Decided with Matsumoto, to bring along the lyrics booklet in the NEWS album onto the stage,
But we’ve forgotten where we put it before we went up…

So the lyrics could only be sang so not clearly…

So I’m going up yo, YEAH!
Could only say it seriously now (laughs)
Yamashita, sorry! (laughs)

Ah~~Nothing’s changed, the Ikuta Toma that can’t do it during important situations.


I thought of something seriously today…
It’s been a long time since we stood together on stage…

Yamashita also said that a long time ago…
If we can stand on the stage together then it’ll be great.
…Indeed, that fella, to me, is a special existence.
Reaffirmed this fact today.

2008’s last update of Tomagoto, I’ve written some maverick stuff.

Please take care of me in 2009 too.

To be honest, surroundings changed along with the years, I’ve also changed a lot inevitably, and also endured a lot of things.

I will be realistic, have faith, work hard to progress.

So, I’ll see you in the next year.

Ikuta Toma

Toma’s last Jweb post of 2008!!

I can’t read the “Yarou”, so I just put the nearest pronunciation I know.. Sorry!

Yay! Toma will star in VOICE along with Eita and Ishihara Satomi!! There are so many Winter 2009 dramas to watch!! Namely, VOICE, RESCUE and Kami no Shizuku! Others look really interesting too! Like, Love Shuffle, Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009, Zenigeba and Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi!

Wow, Toma went to NEWS concert! This post was the one that was mentioned in P’s post, hoho~~ XD I’ve never seriously heard Toma sing before!! Looks like I’ll have to buy this DVD when it comes out too, haha..

Speaking of which, the DVD of KAT-TUN’s live tour 2008 has already been released!! OMG!! I didn’t know!! I’m always so slow, gomen ne!! T_T I wanna buy the limited edition.. T_T

Ok, let me go and find Ryo’s post, if he has updated~~~


トマゴト vol.159 29.8.08

16 09 2008

8月29日★volume 159

It’s finally settled.

Hana Kimi SP’s air date~!

12th of October!!

There aren’t many days left.

Please anticipate it.

It was fun filming this time too.

O yes- o yes-
Today there’s Maou.

Finally it reached the last part.

Please watch the tragic destiny of the 2 of them.

Recently, the me who only cares about advertising in the Goto…

Sorry ne


Yes yes yes!! 12th of Oct!! It’s been a long wait!! LOL~~

I want more of Nakatsu and Ashiya~!! XD ♥

Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

トマQ volume 04 + トマQ volume 05

16 09 2008

★トマQ:volume 04


When I was undecided about what to eat in the studios’ canteen, which menu would such an indecisive me decide on with hesitation?

★ A. Curry rice

★ B. Raw tuna slices rice

★ C. Soup noodles

I read this when it was out but I didn’t have time to translate it, hee.. That time, I guessed A. Curry rice, lol~

Since a girl called mi-chan commented, I shall continue to translate TomaQ, lol~ ^_^ Btw, thankz~ ^_^

TomaQ volume. 03’s answer

Releasing the correct answer!

The correct answer is?

It is?


It can’t be?

C nutrition drink

Yes, that’s the one.
The one introduced in hanamaru.
Often, I drink that in the morning to get energised.

Please look forward to the next one.

★トマQ:volume 05


Recently, there’s something that I really really want, what is it?

★ A. Jersey

★ B. Tumbler

★ C. Speaker

Ok, I’m gonna guess.. C. Speaker~

Ah, volume 03’s answer was C nutrition drink.. I guessed wrong again, lol..

TomaQ volume. 04’s answer

The correct answer is raw tuna slices rice.

Released it so fast!

Usually, I’ll put natto on the raw tuna slices rice.
Didn’t expect that among everyone’s answers, curry rice was so popular (laughs)
But I like curry rice very much too…

Sigh, really

Caused everyone to guess wrongly

LOL, Toma is so cute~~~ ♥

Well, let’s see if I can find his TomaQ06 and we’ll see if our guesses are correct, or not, lol~ ^_~

トマQ volume 03

31 07 2008

★トマQ:volume 03


What is the thing that Ikuta Toma usually has prepared in the car that transports him from one shooting location to the other?

★ A. Umaibou
★ B. Breath mints
★ C. Nutrition drink

Umaibou, can be vaguely translated as Good/Delicious Stick, it’s a tidbit name and it tastes similar to crispy eggroll. Can be seen in Toma’s old drama, Akibahara@DEEP.

Ok, I guess.. B~ He definitely needs that, lol.. T_T

My sisters guessed B as well, haha~~

TomaQ volume. 02’s answer

As 10 days have gone.
That’s why I’m releasing the correct answer.

The correct answer is…


No, it’s B…

No no, it’s C…


Why is there combo sports shoes? Explaining this question will take up a lot a lot of time…

In any case, it’s a combo. (laughs)

O yeah, it’s actually the pair that Oono-kun wore in Tokyo Friend Park.

◆Voting Results

★ A. Cap/hat:26%

★ B. T-shirt:41%

★ C. Sneakers:33%

Ah~~~~~ We all guessed wrongly~!! XD

Let’s hope we get it right for volume 03!! XD

Toma is soooooo cute~~ ♥

トマゴト vol.146 26.7.08

26 07 2008

26日★volume 146

Seen Maou yet?

In next week’s episode 5,
the truth about the case 11 years ago will become clear.
What kind of feelings Naoto held for the past 11 years…

Please look forward to it.

By the way, today’s really hot.

Need to work hard today as well


Seen it, seen it, Toma!!

Very exciting, lol~ I like shows that make audience use their brains~ XD

It’s really hot nowadays.. T_T Take care and drink lots of water!! XD

Ganbatte ne, Toma! ♥

トマQ volume 01 + トマQ volume 02

22 07 2008

★トマQ:volume 01


『Maou』seisaku happyou no ato, MANEEJAA shi to hiru han wo tabemashita. KAREE dattan desu ga… Sate, nan KAREE deshou ka? Uwa dou demo ii na!



★ C. Yasai KAREE


After the press conference of 『Maou』, I went to have lunch with my manager. We ate curry… Now, what type of curry did I eat? Wa, any curry is fine!

★ A. Chicken curry

★ B. Beef curry

★ C. Vegetable curry

Cute cute Tomato! XD I guessed A~ My sister guessed A too~

The answer will be revealed with the release of the next TomaQ~

Every TomaQ will be released on the 9th, 19th and 29th of every month~

So here’s the next one~ ^_^

★トマQ:volume 02

Saikin watakushi Ikuta Toma wa Oono-kun to wo soroi no mono wo te ni hairemashita. Sate, sore wa nandeshou?

A. Boshi

Recently, I, Ikuta Toma, got something that can be paired with Oono-kun. Now, what is that?

A. Cap/hat

B. T-shirt

C. Sneakers

volume. 01 no seikai wo happyou chuu

★「トマQ」OOPUN hi: Maigetsu 9 no tsuku hi 21ji~!!
(Maigetsu 9hi, 19hi, 29hi)

◆Toupyou kekka



★ C. Yasai KAREE:20%

Seikai happyou

Seikai wa…

Masaka no…

Masaka no…

………… N!?

A no CHIKIN KAREE deshitaa~

Hanbun no pyou ga koko ni atsumatte masu ne…

Bare bare yanai kaai


Kabutto ru yanai kaai


Releasing the answer for TomaQ volume. 01

★「TomaQ」open days: Every month’s days with 9, 9pm~!!
(Every month 9th, 19th, 29th)

◆Voting Results

★ A. Chicken curry:50%

★ B. Beef curry:30%

★ C. Vegetable curry:20%

Releasing the correct answer

The correct answer is…




A, chicken curry~

More than half of the people chose A

I’m really easily seen through, am I not

Actually, my manager also ate chicken curry…

Ate the same thing, repeated each other, didn’t we


Wahaha~~~~ So cuuuuuuute~!! ♥

I guessed A, cap or hat.. My 2 sisters guessed B, T-shirt..

Haha, see who’s right when he reveals the answer!! XD

トマゴト vol.140 12.7.08

14 07 2008

12日★volume 140

Maou’s second episode
Have you seen it yet?

Next week’s episode will have even more exciting developments waiting for you.

Please look forward to it..

By the way, everyone.

Honey and Clover DVD is out yo.

I also just got hold of it.
But I already miss it very much.

The nerdy,
Not popular among girls,
Not outstanding,

Those who have not bought it, please support it.

So, so as not to lose to the high temperature, I’m going to work hard on filming now~


First time translating Toma’s Jweb~! ^_^ He’s so cute~ I like him ever since I saw him in Hana-Kimi as the super cute Nakatsu, haha~~~~ ♥

And yes, I’ve watched Maou’s 2nd epi!! Very nice! I love this kinda drama! Dark, creepy, mysterious, =LOVE~~

The dialogues are surprisingly easy to understand!

When I watched Code Blue 2nd epi live, I had no idea what’s going on at all! Haha~~ And even with chinese subs, I barely grasp those horrible medical terms! Under supreme stress when watching it, haha! I’m definitely watching the 2nd epi with eng subs again, if not, I’ll be really unsure whether I understood it, haha!

But when I watched Maou 2, I understood!! XD

Honey and Clover ne~ I love the anime~ I watched all of it, season 1 and 2, chapters L and F, lol.. The drama wasn’t bad but a lot of things were changed~ But I like the cast, they really suit the characters! Except Narimiya, lol..

I can’t wait for the 3rd episode of Maou!! Every Friday TBS channel, 9pm GMT+8, 10pm GMT+9~!

Everyone, please watch it ne! ♥