ordinary — Ryo

17 11 2008

Wow, I found this piece of lyrics and decided to paste it here!! XD

“ordinary” is Ryo’s solo song in NEWS’ upcoming album “color”!!

The most important point is, he made the song! I love how talented he is~!! *screams like no tomorrow*♥

I tried to translate it! Forgive me if there is any mistake! XD

Listen to the very low sound quality LIVE version here!


作词·作曲·呗:锦戸亮 编曲:錦戸亮/林部直樹



今 景色が生まれ変わる



今 君に伝えにいこう

些细な仕草  照れ隠しの嘘
不意に流す涙 屈托ない笑み





Lyrics/Compose/Sing: Nishikido Ryo Arrangement: Nishikido Ryo/Hayashibe Naoki

The evening dyed the streets red
I can see it is as crowded as usual
Pedestrians rushing on the streets
I am only seeing you

「That night with the moonlight shining」
「Running on the streets without a destination」
「Taking a detour without noticing」
I am only seeing you

Mumbling words
Warmth from hands holding tight
Hugging subtly
Now, the scenery has changed

Adding colours to the boring today
Applying magic to the depressing tomorrow
Even the time that passed without noticing
Has changed important memories

The sky only slightly lit
In the line of the red lights
The love song that flows out of the radio
「I love you」
「I love you」

Like in that movie
Now, I’m telling you

The few expressions hiding the embarrassing lies
The unexpected tears, the carefree smile
If I can, I want to embrace them all
That’s why, stay with me

Adding colours to the boring today
Applying magic to the depressing yesterday
Even the time that passed without noticing
Has changed important memories

Using the ordinary words that hides nothing
Using the ordinary melody that is always heard
Using the familiar voice that hasn’t changed
To sing the love song that is only mine

If it can be conveyed, it will be only to you
If it can be responded, it will be only to you
If it can be conveyed, it will be only to you
If it can be responded, it will be only to you
If it can be conveyed
If it can be responded
If it can be conveyed
If it can be responded
If it can be conveyed

Ryuusei no Kizuna » Genba Report » 7th. Happy Birthday! » page 2

6 11 2008

 11月3日 (月) …… そしてこちらは、今年24歳になられた錦戸亮さんのバースデイです。この日は、第6話の撮影中だったので、何のシーンの撮影中かはお伝えすることができないのですが、共演の設楽統さん、三浦友和さんたちから温かい拍手とケーキ、花束、そしてプレゼントが贈られました。24というロウソクがとても可愛らしいケーキに、錦戸さんも感激!

 また、この日錦戸さんにはスタッフさんたちからスウェーデンのヘッドフォン が贈られたのですが、実はプレゼントの選出には色々な苦悩があったみたいで……。ホッソーのぶっちぎりスタッフ日記 でもお馴染みの、ホッソー AP 補さんが選んだプレゼントだったのですが、最初は『流星の絆』にちなんだ、★マークのグッズにしようかと悩んでいたみたいで……。web staff もさまざまな候補写真を拝見させてもらいましたが、贈り物、本当に難しいですよね。

 そんなこんなで、今回のレポートは、ドラマ撮影現場のサプライズイベントをご紹介しました! そして今週の金曜日は、いよいよ第4話の放送です! 詐欺のターゲットとなってしまった、戸神行成さんの運命やいかに !? お楽しみに!

 November 3rd (Monday) …… Continuing on this side, the party of Nishikido Ryo-san who’s turning 24 years old. On this day, it’s the filming of the 6th episode. Even though it couldn’t be expressed while filming, the co-actors Shitara Osamu and Miura Tomokazu gave passionate applause, cake, flowers and presents. And the 24 years old candle on the cake was very cute, Nishikido-san was very happy!

Later in the day, Nishikido-san also received a pair of Sweden headphones from the staff who had a hard time deciding what to buy……Written in the last part of the blog of the staff responsible for Genba Report, the present was bought by a familiar AP. Initially, couldn’t decide whether want to be related to 『Ryuusei no Kizuna』 ★ mark stuff……web staff also researched a lot of contingency photos, presents this kind of thing, is really difficult. [totally singlish for just now the later part, sorry, again, haha XD]

This and that, this time’s report was about the surprises at the filming location! And this Friday, it’s time for the broadcasting of the 4th episode! Turning into the scam mode, what is the fate of Togami Yukinari!? Look forward to it!

Taken from: Ryuusei no Kizuna » Genba Report » 7th. Happy Birthday! » page 2

Note: The first page of this report was about Togami senior’s actor’s birthday, so.. yeah. XD

Pictures: Click here

Disappointing pictures, haha.. XD Johnny’s copyright…………….. T_T

But, the cake really looks good, the 24 years old candle is really cute!! XD

Lucky Ryo ne! Hehe~~ ♥

Sweden headphones.. woah~ o.O

I’m sure Ryo was covering his face / scratching his face / etc while saying, “Hazukashii hazukashii~~~” over and over, haha.. XD

Forgive my lousy translation T_T Brain dead..



3 11 2008

It’s Ryo’s 24th birthday.
A day which will always make any fan of Ryo scream when it finally arrives.

To date, I’ve only been his fan for 8 months and 15 days, but I already love him more than I thought I would.

He gave me energy like no one else has ever given me.
He inspired me to excel in my new job because he is always doing his best.
He made me want, more than ever, to become the perfect woman.

Because of him, I’m living everyday cheerfully and happily, for the first time in about 2 or 3 years.
Because of him, I found that I look forward to the arrival of “tomorrow”.
Because of him, I realised that I can actually put effort into working very very hard.

His smile cures everything.
His shyness makes me wanna hit his head.
His singing resounds in my head. And my heart.

At this moment, I’ve decided to write something poetic, right here, right now:

However far you are
Please look at the star
Because I am looking at it
That will bring us closer, if only a bit

We are under the same sky
A breeze passes me by
Did it pass by you before it did me?
Or will it fly towards you across the sea?

Your name signifies bright
You give meaning to light
Life without you will be engulfed by darkness
The only thing left will be emptiness

Come to me when the time is ripe
We are the meant-to-be-together type
It’s an inescapable destiny
One that we will share for an eternity

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Tokyo Friend Park 2 6.10.08

6 10 2008

Ryuusei no Kizuna special!! It aired earlier than I expected!!

They played many many games and Ryo was so damn confident in himself, haha!! So cute~

Today, I realised he’s not god, haha.. Kidding! He’s still my god, haha~~

He’s lucky to win his own prize, lol~~ XD

Yeah, that’s all, I only have eyes for him, the other times when he’s not playing, I was sewing my bento pouch, haha!! XD

Ryo’s 11 Years in Johnny’s!

6 09 2008

Today, 11 years ago, Nishikido Ryo entered Johnny’s Entertainment and began his sparkling life as an idol.

Omedetou! I wish you more Elevens! Be as successful as you can, reach whatever goals you set for yourself! Finally, get a good wife to make your sparkling life complete and even more amazing~! ♥

I love you, Ryo~

57th The Television Drama Academy Awards + 12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

21 08 2008


作品赏(1ラストフレンズ 2CHANGE 3Around40)
読者票1ラストフレンズ 2CHANGE 3ごくせん
记者票1ラストフレンズ 2Around40 3CHANGE
审査员1ラストフレンズ 2CHANGE 3キミ犯人じゃないよね?

Best Drama (1. Last Friends 2. CHANGE 3. Around40)
Readers’ vote 1. Last Friends 2. CHANGE 3. Gokusen
Reporters’ vote 1. Last Friends 2. Around40 3. CHANGE
Judges’ vote 1. Last Friends 2. CHANGE 3. Kimi Hannin Janaiyone?

主演男优赏(1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3溝端淳平)
読者票1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3草彅剛
记者票1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3堺正章
审査员1木村拓哉 2速水もこみち 3溝端淳平

Best Male Lead (1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Mizobata Junpei)
Readers’ vote 1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
Reporters’ vote 1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Sakai Masaaki
Judges’ vote 1. Kimura Takuya 2. Hayami Mocomichi 3. Mizobata Junpei

主演女优赏(1仲间由纪恵 2天海祐希 3长泽まさみ)
読者票1仲间由纪恵 2长泽まさみ 3天海祐希
记者票1天海祐希 2石原さとみ 3长泽まさみ
审査员1仲间由纪恵 2蒼井優 3天海祐希

Best Female Lead (1. Nakama Yukie 2. Amami Yuki 3. Nagasawa Masami)
Readers’ vote 1. Nakama Yukie 2. Nagasawa Masami 3. Amami Yuki
Reporters’ vote 1. Amami Yuki 2. Ishihara Satomi 3. Nagasawa Masami
Judges’ vote 1. Nakama Yukie 2. Aoi Yu 3. Amami Yuki

助演男优赏(1锦戸亮 2瑛太 3阿部寛)
読者票1锦戸亮 2瑛太 3阿部寛
记者票1锦戸亮 2瑛太 3寺尾聰
审査员1锦戸亮 2寺尾聰 3阿部寛

Best Supporting Male (1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Eita 3. Abe Hiroshi)
Readers’ vote 1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Eita 3. Abe Hiroshi
Reporters’ vote 1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Eita 3. Terao Akira
Judges’ vote 1. Nishikido Ryo 2. Terao Akira 3. Abe Hiroshi

助演女优赏(1上野树里 2深津絵里 3相武纱季)
1上野树里 2深津絵里 3相武纱季 で同じ

Best Supporting Female (1. Ueno Juri 2. Fukatsu Eri 3. Aibu Saki)
Readers’ vote & Reporters’ vote & Judges’ vote are all the same
1. Ueno Juri 2. Fukatsu Eri 3. Aibu Saki

ドラマソング赏 宇多田ヒカル(ラストフレンズ)
脚本赏 浅野妙子(ラストフレンズ)
监督赏 加藤裕将、西坂瑞城、远藤光贵(ラストフレンズ)

Best Dorama Song Award Utada Hikaru (Last Friends)
Best Script Award Asano Taeko
Best Director Award Kato Hiromasa (加藤裕将) (ep1-3,8,11), Nishisaka Mizuki (西坂瑞城) (ep4-5,9-10), Endo Mitsutaka (遠藤光貴) (ep6-7,SP)

OMG~~ Ryo’s wish is answered!! He can proudly say that it was because of Last Friends that he became what he is today!! XD

Ryo got something for his performance as a DV guy, I’m so so so so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 awards for LAST FRIENDS!! Best Drama, Best Supporting Male and Female, Best Theme Song, Best Script, Best Director, OMG!! IS that ridiculous or not? LOL~~

To me, the only awards that are deserving are: Best Supporting Male and Female and Best Theme Song~ XD

Why Best Supporting Male and Female and Best Theme Song?

Ryo gave fantastic performance as the dark, suspicious, jealous, possessive DV guy, his presence on the screen always gave us the chills! Sousuke’s regret, arrogance, cunning-ness, persistance, etc, were all portrayed so so well!!

Eita was good as the gentle, sex-phobia guy best friend of Ruka. He didn’t have much chance to show more, though..

Juri was very convincing as a tomboy motorcross racer, she was very successful in creating this character! Her gender-identity-induced confusion was portrayed very well, just a pity because there was not much chance to show her full potential!

Prisoner of Love was written for Last Friends by Utada Hikaru, she wrote it after understanding the story and the resulted music really suits the drama like a very well-fitted dress!! Once you hear it, you know it’s Last Friends, and the lyrics is as if it’s talking about the drama!

Why not Best Drama, Best Script, Best Director?

High ratings doesn’t mean it’s a good drama, nor its script is good, nor its directors are good. But that’s just me.. I had too high an expectation before watching the drama, so I think that’s why my disappointment was great as well as it approached the ending part.. T_T

Let us take a look at another award~

12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

Spring 2008

Best Drama: CHANGE
Best Actor: Kimura Takuya / CHANGE
Best Actress: Amami Yuki / Around 40
Best Supporting Actor: Nishikido Ryo / Last Friends
Best Supporting Actress: Ueno Juri / Last Friends

Great results ne? LOL~~ XD

DUET 08 September Issue

10 08 2008

DUET magazine is another magazine that I like besides WinkUP~!

Ryo is sooooo cute~~ ♥ XD

To ensure quality, this is almost 1MB~ Wahaha.. Well, enjoy~! ^_^

P.S.: I made a new blog banner!! Look up, look up! Nice nice? XD