18 07 2008

I love this phone! I saw a thread in HWZ and I was so tempted to buy it!! But.. it’s $200 more than my current phone………………………….. I can’t use my money like that.. T_T

Today, I watched Cartoon KAT-TUN, the Sendai SP part 1 on 16 July.. and I saw this:

Super~~~~~~~~ excited!!!!!!!!! XD Same taste ne, hahaha~~~ XD

Anyway, Cartoon KAT-TUN is so much fun to watch~~~ They are so cute!! XD ♥

Why doesn’t NEWS have their own show like them?? T_T

Anyway, back to the phone~ XD

Size*Height x width x thickness*When closed.: 109 x 49 x 19.6 mm
Weight: approx. 133 g
Main display (size): approx. 3.0 inches
Camera (effective pixels): approx. 5,200,000 pixels
External memory: microSD (sold separately)
Manufacturer: 日本電気株式会社 (NEC)
Release date: June 18, 2008

My irresponsible translation:
» Exotic Violet

From deep purple to green, the gradient on the front panel, complementing the colour of the body, gives it the feeling of strong specialty, presenting a mysterious exotic image. Mesmerising and attractive specialty.

Key backlight is Yellow-Green.

Looks good ne? The only downside is that, it doesn’t have Bluetooth.. I THINK, coz this word didn’t appear on the pages, lol~ But it’s ok la, not that important, lol~~ XD

I soooooooooooooooo want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!