Maou 3

18 07 2008

Maou 3 just finished airing~ OMG, such a nice drama~ XD Oono’s acting is really nice!! Very good! Of course, Toma is good too~ But Oono is so good at pulling the two-face stunt! I’m scared when I watch him and Toma talk! I feel that I’m watching this drama for Oono’s acting, lol~

Spoilers ahead~!

Coz I got a few questions after watching, lol..

So the guy sending The Empress card this time was not Naruse? It’s the bespectacled guy who was bullied by the 4 of them when they were in secondary school?

So Shiori was the one who reported the case all those years ago?

So Naoto followed his memory and ended up at the scene.. so that means that the killed little brother [Hideo] just happened to be there when the 4 of them were looking for the spec-nerd..

So who was the one who took Sora-chan to the church bazaar? The spec-nerd? Then who gave the teddy bear to Sora-chan? Naruse or the nerd? Why did Sora-chan lie? What did he say to make her lie?

Would Naruse really kill Shiori? Especially after knowing about her power?

So many questions, lol.. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

One week!! T_T



18 07 2008

I love this phone! I saw a thread in HWZ and I was so tempted to buy it!! But.. it’s $200 more than my current phone………………………….. I can’t use my money like that.. T_T

Today, I watched Cartoon KAT-TUN, the Sendai SP part 1 on 16 July.. and I saw this:

Super~~~~~~~~ excited!!!!!!!!! XD Same taste ne, hahaha~~~ XD

Anyway, Cartoon KAT-TUN is so much fun to watch~~~ They are so cute!! XD ♥

Why doesn’t NEWS have their own show like them?? T_T

Anyway, back to the phone~ XD

Size*Height x width x thickness*When closed.: 109 x 49 x 19.6 mm
Weight: approx. 133 g
Main display (size): approx. 3.0 inches
Camera (effective pixels): approx. 5,200,000 pixels
External memory: microSD (sold separately)
Manufacturer: 日本電気株式会社 (NEC)
Release date: June 18, 2008

My irresponsible translation:
» Exotic Violet

From deep purple to green, the gradient on the front panel, complementing the colour of the body, gives it the feeling of strong specialty, presenting a mysterious exotic image. Mesmerising and attractive specialty.

Key backlight is Yellow-Green.

Looks good ne? The only downside is that, it doesn’t have Bluetooth.. I THINK, coz this word didn’t appear on the pages, lol~ But it’s ok la, not that important, lol~~ XD

I soooooooooooooooo want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!