GameSpot: Best of 2008 Platform Awards

27 12 2008
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PC –» Fallout 3
XBOX360 –» Grand Theft Auto IV
PS3 –» Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Wii –» No More Heroes
PSP –» Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7
DS –» The World Ends With You

For XBOX360, Burnout Paradise is one of the nominees and I’d have liked it to win but I haven’t played any of the other games before, haha~ I’m sure they’re very nice too~ But I like Burnout because it’s to HIT cars rather than AVOID cars and I LOVE THAT!! HAHA XD

For PSP, the nominations also included Patapon and N+, which I think are better than CCFF7, even though I haven’t played it before~ I only played Patapon and N+ once and they’re really very good in terms of gameplay! Creative, fun and exciting! How I wish I own a PSP so that I can play Patapon 1 & 2 and Loco Roco!! Luckily, N+ is available in DS!! XD

For DS, major yay for The World Ends With You!! OMG, I LOVE that game!! This is a RPG that I can actually continue to play! Most of the RPGs are boring for me because I’m impatient, haha~ But TWEWY is different! The story is interesting, the dialogues are funny and the gameplay is challenging!! What’s more, the characters design are nice and the soundtrack consists of great music!! A very very enjoyable game to play on the DS!!

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is nominated too and I’d have liked it to win too, but TWEWY is more exciting, lol~ Layton’s puzzles are very challenging and fun and I really love to solve them! The characters design are cute, the English dialogues are very British and the story is touching~ That’s what Japanese do best, to touch people’s hearts, be it dramas, movies, songs or even games~

Since there are winners, there will be “losers”~ Well, they didn’t “lose”, they’re just.. They fell short of expectations~ One major one that I can name is Star Wars: Force Unleashed. I anticipated its release with high hopes because I’m a Star Wars fan~ At first, it’s quite fun, but soon, I kinda got tired of it, haha.. My attention span needs to be improved~

Well, there are lots more games to look forward to in 2009!! Like the highly-anticipated Street Fighter 4!! Its graphics is SO NICE!! Sakura is gonna be in it too, I’m so so so happy!! And I heard that it’s going to be released in as many platforms as possible!! OMG!! I’m so gonna get the PC and DS versions!!