NEWS’ New Song in Tokyo Dome!

3 01 2009

I just heard NEWS’ new song! They sang it on the first day of 2009 in Tokyo Dome during their concert!!

Nice song! It’s their usual style of having very challenging lyrics! XD I love them! ♥

The melody is very NEWS too, it’s a really nice song!! How I wish I can post it up here, but WordPress sucks in this area, ne? Haha~

But here’s the voices that appeared in order, my hearing isn’t very good though, haha~

Tego + Massu
All [Chorus]
Tego [or Massu?]
All [Chorus]
All [Bridge + Chorus]

“Just always stars~ Just always stars~ Just always stars” — That’s what I heard in the song.. I also heard something, in Japanese, like “If we’re looking at the same star now”

I wonder what its title is~? Click here to listen!

Next, a RUMOUR~

I was hanging around a forum and I saw this thread, when I go in I was like, “SERIOUS?!”

Coz I don’t believe it, or rather, I DON’T WANT to believe it..

They were saying that NEWS is going to release their new single in February with EIGHT MEMBERS!

What?! “Uchi and Kusano are coming back”, are they for real?! Would Johnny really allow for such things?!

I’m probably the only NEWS fan who is against this, haha.. I know them when they are a 6-member group, I don’t want to see that to be changed! I think that 6 is perfect! Not too many, not too few, just nice!

I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! I don’t want! T_T

Let’s hope that it remains as what it is — A RUMOUR




3 responses

6 01 2009

This makes the two of us now. I like the 6 members no more no less.. By the way, Im jenivie from Phil.

22 01 2009

Haa~ nooo~
I hope thats just a rumour… NEWS with 6 member is the best… Banzaii NEWS…

3 04 2010

haha. I do like hiroki. But i know him after he leaved News. So, for me, News as 6 members is perfect already.
no need to change it. Yeah. I hope it’s just a rumor. 🙂

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