流星の絆 Episode 10! — Finally!

24 12 2008

I’ve finally finished this series!!

OMG, the ending is so.. I dunno! It’s so sad that the culprit turned out to be him!! It feels as if being betrayed by him!!

Sad, angry, bewildered, confused feelings at the same time! Couldn’t even feel happy that the truth was finally out..

The ending is a happy ending though, very cute~ ^_^

Ryo will always smile his wide smile, lol.. He is so suitable to play this role, haha! XD

Nino is a very good actor too, all his expressions and feelings can be seen, can be felt, sugoi!

Erika is not bad too, but she still has more to learn ne! Ganbatte! I like her~

Happy and sad that Ryuusei no Kizuna has ended, it’s a great show, not one moment was boring!

This is one of the must-watch dramas, you must watch it yo!

The DVD will come out on the 15th of April in 2009!! It will surely be very expensive..

This final episode’s viewership ratings hit 22.6%!! Very high!!

Episode 01: 21.2
Episode 02: 17.3
Episode 03: 15.0
Episode 04: 15.6
Episode 05: 15.1
Episode 06: 14.8
Episode 07: 14.5
Episode 08: 11.5
Episode 09: 15.4
Episode 10: 22.6

2008年视聴率ベスト10 [2008 Viewership Ratings Best 10]
22.59|NTV|土|21|*4月期|ごくせん [Gokusen 3]
18.58|Fuji|月|21|*1月期|蔷薇のない花屋 [Bara no nai Hanaya]
17.73|Fuji|木|22|*4月期|ラストフレンズ [Last Friends]
16.59|TBS|金|22|10月期|流星の绊 [Ryuusei no Kizuna]

15.65|Fuji|木|22|*7月期|コードブルー [Code Blue]
15.65|Fuji|木|22|10月期|风のガーデン [Kaze no Garden]
15.52|NTV|水|22|*1月期|斉藤さん [Saitou-san]
14.79|Fuji|月|21|*7月期|太陽と海の教室 [Taiyou to Umi no Kyoshitsu]

Yay!! Ryo’s dramas are in the ranking!! ♥ So proud of him~~


流星の絆 Episode 9! — Synopsis

12 12 2008

静奈 (戸田恵梨香) の後を追った 功一 (二宮和也) と 泰輔 (錦戸亮) は、行成 (要潤) が間もなく開店させる 「とがみ亭麻布店」 の近くにたどり着く。するとそこに行成が現れ、静奈に 「アリアケ」 のレシピノートを差し出す。静奈が戸神家の書庫に隠してきたはずのレシピノートだ。功一の作戦は失敗に終わった……?

功一は、最後の手段として 柏原 (三浦友和) に自分たちのこれまでを包み隠さず話し、助けを求めることにする。両親を殺した犯人を捕まえるための、必死の告白だ。時効が成立してしまうことを考えたら、迷っている時間はない。

全てを聞いた柏原は、功一たちに犯人逮捕につながるあるヒントを出し 「手段を選んでいる場合じゃない」 と助言する。

ある日、行成は静奈に 「兄に会ってほしい」 と言われ、待ち合わせの場所へと向かう。するとそこには、顔なじみの功一の姿が……。行成はその状況をなかなか飲み込めないが、全てを打ち明けられ茫然自失に。しかし、父・戸神政行 (柄本明) の無実を信じる行成は、別の作戦で再チャレンジしようと功一ら兄妹に持ちかける。その思いを受け止めた功一は、行成と協力して、最後の作戦を練る。
果たしてその内容とは…… !?

Chasing after Shizuna [Toda Erika], Kouichi [Ninomiya Kazunari] and Taisuke [Nishikido Ryo] reach the vicinity of Yukinari’s [Kaname Jun] yet-to-be-opened “Togami-tei Azabu Ten”. Suddenly, Yukinari appears in front of Shizuna and takes out the ARIAKE recipe book. It’s the one that Shizuna had hidden in the Togami study room. Did Kouichi’s battle strategy failed totally..?

In the end, Kouichi has no choice but to get help from the police, he decides to tell Kashiwabara [Miura Tomokazu] about what they have been doing all this time. For the sake of capturing the murderer of their parents, they have prepared to make the last bet. With the thought of the approaching statute of limitations, there is no time to waver.

Kashiwabara, now armed with understanding all about the situation, gives Kouichi and gang a hint, “If you want to catch the murderer, think not about the method”.

One day, Yukinari says to Shizuna that he wishes to see her brother. He goes to the arranged place where he sees Kouichi.. Yukinari has some trouble accepting all these sudden happenings, after understanding everything, he feels lost. But, believing that his own father, Togami Masayuki [Emoto Akira] is being maligned, Yukinari tells Kouichi to set another plan to prove it. Agreeing with Yukinari, Kouichi along with Yukinari’s help, starts to plan the final battle strategy.

Then, this final battle strategy is……?!

OMG!! Looks so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad, I won’t be able to watch it tonight.. T_T

Dear reader, must watch yo! v^_~v

流星の絆 Episode 8!

5 12 2008

I only watched a few seconds, haha.. I saw Hayashi Rice! Kashi said it was good!

Argh, because this is at 9pm, I can’t watch it! Because there is something good on tv at this time every weeknight! XD

But I still activate the computer tv though, haha..

流星の絆 Episode 7!

28 11 2008

I only caught a bit of it.. T_T The TV player decided to f*up again. So I went to watch TV instead, a good new drama is showing, lol..

Anyway, the millisecond [choppy sequence T_T] that I caught was about the old cop examining the gold watch and then him asking Kouichi whether he recognised it or not, then later Taisuke came into the restaurant too and he immediately said, “Dad’s watch!!”

Haha, so cute~~~ XD

OMG, how did the watch get into the hands of the cops? How did Kouichi manage that?! I wanna know!!

Let’s hope the TV is smooth next Friday!! [And Wednesday too! XD]

流星の絆 Episode 6!

21 11 2008

Miraculously, I was able to watch TBS!! I missed about 10 or 15 minutes but it’s ok!! ^_^

So who’s the real murderer!!??

Shii finally know the truth.. T_T

OMG!! How did the obachan know?! OMG OMG!! Taisuke baka!! XD

Why did you tell him all that, Shii?! Grrrr..

Everything’s going wrong, in this episode.. O no!! T_T

They’re making Togami more and more suspicious, so he is the real killer? Is Kyouichi making fake evidence?!

I can’t wait to watch episode 7!!

By the way, saw Kame, Ueda and Jin’s cube advertisement again, lol~~ SO CUTE!! “L”s chocolate advertisement makes me wanna eat it so much!!

I also saw NEWS color advertisement! So pretty!! I can’t wait for it to arrive!! XD

I ilke the new Fujitsu phone that KimuTaku is the spokesperson for!! OMG!! And the Professor Layton has so many famous people as seiyu!! OMG!! I wanna play it!!

流星の絆 Episode 4!

7 11 2008

Wow, the tv player didn’t f*** up today!! How rare!! I’m really grateful, lol..

Mika is such a funny character in the show!! Haha XD

Nino is so funny!! Big brother’s portrayal of the scam is hilarious! I like Shii’s reaction as well, haha! I love how they always say that their big brother is disgusting, hahahaha!! XD

So what’s the scam about this time? I don’t really understand XD I only understood two words — “Education” and “Perfect”, haha.. Coz they’re in English, haha! XD

Hmm, Taisuke is running in a.. .. .. .. .. *crows fly past* George is the one who leads him astray!! XD

Meanwhile, saw the new candy advertisement featuring Kame, Ueda and Jin!! OMG, so “cube”!! XD

And O.M.G. I’ve never seen such a Ryo, omg omg omg omg!! He’s FANTASTIC!! HAhahaha~~~ I really really laughed out loud!! XD OMG, he’s toooooo cute, way too cute~ I’m laughing at the memory now, haha! XD Ryo is really doing great! ♥

The most important point is at the last part when they saw their eternal enemy!! Kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for the next episode!! I want to see Taisuke~!! ♥

Ryuusei no Kizuna » Genba Report » 7th. Happy Birthday! » page 2

6 11 2008

 11月3日 (月) …… そしてこちらは、今年24歳になられた錦戸亮さんのバースデイです。この日は、第6話の撮影中だったので、何のシーンの撮影中かはお伝えすることができないのですが、共演の設楽統さん、三浦友和さんたちから温かい拍手とケーキ、花束、そしてプレゼントが贈られました。24というロウソクがとても可愛らしいケーキに、錦戸さんも感激!

 また、この日錦戸さんにはスタッフさんたちからスウェーデンのヘッドフォン が贈られたのですが、実はプレゼントの選出には色々な苦悩があったみたいで……。ホッソーのぶっちぎりスタッフ日記 でもお馴染みの、ホッソー AP 補さんが選んだプレゼントだったのですが、最初は『流星の絆』にちなんだ、★マークのグッズにしようかと悩んでいたみたいで……。web staff もさまざまな候補写真を拝見させてもらいましたが、贈り物、本当に難しいですよね。

 そんなこんなで、今回のレポートは、ドラマ撮影現場のサプライズイベントをご紹介しました! そして今週の金曜日は、いよいよ第4話の放送です! 詐欺のターゲットとなってしまった、戸神行成さんの運命やいかに !? お楽しみに!

 November 3rd (Monday) …… Continuing on this side, the party of Nishikido Ryo-san who’s turning 24 years old. On this day, it’s the filming of the 6th episode. Even though it couldn’t be expressed while filming, the co-actors Shitara Osamu and Miura Tomokazu gave passionate applause, cake, flowers and presents. And the 24 years old candle on the cake was very cute, Nishikido-san was very happy!

Later in the day, Nishikido-san also received a pair of Sweden headphones from the staff who had a hard time deciding what to buy……Written in the last part of the blog of the staff responsible for Genba Report, the present was bought by a familiar AP. Initially, couldn’t decide whether want to be related to 『Ryuusei no Kizuna』 ★ mark stuff……web staff also researched a lot of contingency photos, presents this kind of thing, is really difficult. [totally singlish for just now the later part, sorry, again, haha XD]

This and that, this time’s report was about the surprises at the filming location! And this Friday, it’s time for the broadcasting of the 4th episode! Turning into the scam mode, what is the fate of Togami Yukinari!? Look forward to it!

Taken from: Ryuusei no Kizuna » Genba Report » 7th. Happy Birthday! » page 2

Note: The first page of this report was about Togami senior’s actor’s birthday, so.. yeah. XD

Pictures: Click here

Disappointing pictures, haha.. XD Johnny’s copyright…………….. T_T

But, the cake really looks good, the 24 years old candle is really cute!! XD

Lucky Ryo ne! Hehe~~ ♥

Sweden headphones.. woah~ o.O

I’m sure Ryo was covering his face / scratching his face / etc while saying, “Hazukashii hazukashii~~~” over and over, haha.. XD

Forgive my lousy translation T_T Brain dead..