KAT-TUN MANUAL — Kamenashi Kazuya — 3.12.08

2 01 2009


kazuya kamenashi MANUAL33

Doumo, gobusata desu

IyaaKyou wa tenki ga yoi

Tokorode…..Minasan kyou
wa nan no hi deshouka

single hatsubai hi dayo

Chanto katte kureta hito wa seikai(laughs)

Tte koto de mada, kiitenai hito wa zehi tomo te ni irete kunsai

A Kondo no DORAMA you de kami kitta

Motto gensakuppoku mijikaku chapotsu ni shiyou kanaato omotte tanda kedo. Kono mae PURODYUUSAA-san to kantoku-san to sanin de biyoushitsu itteKonna kanji ni narimashitaIkaga

Tte na kanji de. Mada, satsuei toka zenzen shitenai no de nantomo ienain daga….tanoshiminishite te kudasaiIma made, WAIN toka kyouminakatta hito. WAIN no miekata kanji kata ga sukoshi demo kawatte kurekara ureshiidesu

Osake nomenai hito mo, WAIN igai ni mo kekkou iroiro tsumatterun de tanoshimi yoroshiku

Ato wa,

Kyou wa ROKUUN de KARENDAA no satsuei shitete KAREE kutta
  IjouGenba no kazuya deshita

Koushin, okuremashite……………………gomenchaaaai


Hello, long time no see

AhToday’s weather is good
It’s the best

Oh yeah…..Everyone, today
Is what day

It’s our single’s release day

People who bought it did the right thing(laughs)

So that’s to say, for people who haven’t heard, please buy it soon

Ah For my next drama, I had my hair cut

“Should we cut it short and dye it brown like the original manga?”I thought. Before that, Mr Producer and Mr Director and I, the three of us went to the salon and then it became what it is nowis it ok

Yeah, that’s it. Still, filming and stuff completely haven’t started so I can’t say anything….so please look forward to itTill now, people who have no interest in wine and stuff. If you can change your views and feelings a bit, I’ll be happydesu

People who don’t drink alcohol, too, there are also a lot of things other than wine waiting for you, so look forward to it, please


Today, the 6 of us went for the Calendar shooting and we ate curry
  That’s allfrom kazuya at the scene

Update, was late……………………sorryyyyyyyyy

— “Bubbuu”: Kame was imitating the sound that comes on when you answered wrongly on variety shows.
— “single” and “kazuya” were written in English.
— “ROKUUN” means the 6 of them in KAT-TUN.

Some stuff about Kame I found while I was digging online:

— KAT-TUN’S MANUAL was announced on 1 June 2005
— Kame’s first post was on 4 June 2005 but that’s only with his name
— He really wrote his first post on 7 June 2005
— He got his driver’s license on 8 July 2005

O yeah, this is my first post of Kame’s Jweb~!!

Kame is the top emoji user! He can even fill up his post with only emoji and only one or two words!! Hahaha~~

It’s tiring to put up his post but it’s worth it because he’s KAME!! XD

I love his new hair! It suits him, looks very nice on him!! ♥ I’m definitely looking forward to his drama, Kami no Shizuku!!

OMG, the Calendar!! I’ve never bought any of their calendars before but I really want to! Especially NEWS and KAT-TUN’s!! But I’m really really broke after buying KAT-TUN’s DVD and ONE DROP!!


KAT-TUN 9th Single — ONE DROP 2009.02.11 Release!!

2 01 2009

2009.02.11 Release

■初回限定盤 CD+DVD:JACA-5128~5129
¥1,680(tax in)
■通常盤/初回プレス仕様 CD:JACA-5130
¥1,200(tax in)
■通常盤 CD:JACA-5131
¥1,000(tax in)
初回限定盤収録楽曲 [Limited Edition contents]


 作曲:t-oga / M.U.R.

02 D-T-S

「ONE DROP」 ビデオ・クリップ+メイキング [Video clip + Making]
通常盤/初回プレス仕様収録楽曲 [Normal Edition/First Press contents]


 作曲:t-oga / M.U.R.

02 D-T-S

03 タイトル未定 [Title Undecided Yet]
通常盤収録楽曲 [Normal Edition contents]


 作曲:t-oga / M.U.R.

02 D-T-S

03 ONE DROP(オリジナル・カラオケ) [Original Karaoke]

04 D-T-S(オリジナル・カラオケ) [Original Karaoke]

I’m guessing that the song that has no title yet is gonna be the theme song of RESCUE~

“ONE DROP” will be the theme song of Kame’s new dorama, Kami no Shizuku!!

“D-T-S” will be the new CM song for Lotte!!

By the way, “JOKER” is Koki~ ^_^

Quick!! Pre-order them now!! I’ve already pre-ordered Jacket A! XD I’ve also ordered KAT-TUN’s live tour DVD! Hehe~~~~ *pocket has a big hole now T_T*

Jacket A [Limited Edition]: YesAsia.com
Jacket B [Normal Edition/First Press]: YesAsia.com
Jacket C [Normal Edition]: YesAsia.com

トマゴト vol.202 31.12.08

2 01 2009

12月31日★volume 202

This year’s last update!

Hello everyone, 2008 is ending soon.
Thanks for everyone’s support.

Wearing bermuda is “Honey and Clover”~
Being noisy and crazy in “Hana-Kimi SP”~
Face off with Oono in “Maou”~
……Ah, Maou DVD will be out on 9th January, please [buy].
Yarou-kun’s natural explosive, dancing and singing in “GREASE”…

A lot a lot.

Thank you very much.

2009’s first hit…
VOICE~~~Inochi Naki Mono no Koe~~!

For the sake of acting in the very meaningful…very great drama, I’m working hard everyday.
Can definitely feel some things.
Please look forward to it.

Let’s change the topic…

Went to NEWS concert yesterday. With Matsumoto Jun.
I showed my face for a while during MC.
Sang a bit (Just like what Matsumoto said, sang in the encore all of a sudden)
Anyway, it’s Yamashita’s part in “weeeek”.

Decided with Matsumoto, to bring along the lyrics booklet in the NEWS album onto the stage,
But we’ve forgotten where we put it before we went up…

So the lyrics could only be sang so not clearly…

So I’m going up yo, YEAH!
Could only say it seriously now (laughs)
Yamashita, sorry! (laughs)

Ah~~Nothing’s changed, the Ikuta Toma that can’t do it during important situations.


I thought of something seriously today…
It’s been a long time since we stood together on stage…

Yamashita also said that a long time ago…
If we can stand on the stage together then it’ll be great.
…Indeed, that fella, to me, is a special existence.
Reaffirmed this fact today.

2008’s last update of Tomagoto, I’ve written some maverick stuff.

Please take care of me in 2009 too.

To be honest, surroundings changed along with the years, I’ve also changed a lot inevitably, and also endured a lot of things.

I will be realistic, have faith, work hard to progress.

So, I’ll see you in the next year.

Ikuta Toma

Toma’s last Jweb post of 2008!!

I can’t read the “Yarou”, so I just put the nearest pronunciation I know.. Sorry!

Yay! Toma will star in VOICE along with Eita and Ishihara Satomi!! There are so many Winter 2009 dramas to watch!! Namely, VOICE, RESCUE and Kami no Shizuku! Others look really interesting too! Like, Love Shuffle, Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009, Zenigeba and Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi!

Wow, Toma went to NEWS concert! This post was the one that was mentioned in P’s post, hoho~~ XD I’ve never seriously heard Toma sing before!! Looks like I’ll have to buy this DVD when it comes out too, haha..

Speaking of which, the DVD of KAT-TUN’s live tour 2008 has already been released!! OMG!! I didn’t know!! I’m always so slow, gomen ne!! T_T I wanna buy the limited edition.. T_T

Ok, let me go and find Ryo’s post, if he has updated~~~

山下智久の日记 vol. 1954 1.1.09

1 01 2009

山下智久の日记 vol. 1954

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m Yamashita Tomohisa, one of the four men of the Cow year (laughs).

In the first dream of this year, I dreamt that I was having concert in Tokyo Dome!

This dream should be a very good sign
Today, I will also work my hardest, for the sake of fulfilling my next dream, I will continue to power up

Thank you! (laughs)

“power up” and “Thank you!” were written in English.

Yay! I finally ended my wait! YamaP’s first post of 2009 is here!!

And yay for having 5 cows in Johnny’s! [I’m Cow too XD]

Hasegawa Jun

Yay!! Nice arrangement, haha XD

Ok, on to Ryo.. Eh?! No updates available anywhere! T_T

I’ll continue to look for it tomorrow then..

Good night!! ^_~

NEWS’ New Year Greetings 2009 — Yamashita Tomohisa

1 01 2009

Yamashita Tomohisa 山下智久

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

2009 nen, NEWS toshite wa…Mata kotoshi mo SHINGURU wo ippai dashitai desu ne
Ongakusei wo tsuyometeikitai

Kojin teki ni wa saikin wa yougaku ni hamatte iru, iroiro benkyoushite ikitai desu.

PURAIBEETO dewa ryokou shitai desu ne. Kaigai demo kokunai demo!
Daigaku wo sotsugyou shite, sono bun no jikan ga dekita bun, iron na koto ni don don chousen shite ikitai natte (^O^)
DANSU RESSUN mo motto shite kitai!

Sonna 2009 nen wo hitokoto de arawasu to…”Ashita yarou wa bakayarou da!”
Sono ikioi de nani demo mukatte ikimasu!

Happy New Year!

In the year 2009, for NEWS…hope to release a lot of singles again
Hope to keep on improving ourselves in terms of music

I myself have been indulging in foreign music, hope to learn a lot.

Hope to go on a vacation in private. No matter if it’s overseas or within the country!
I’ve also graduated from university, I hope that in the time that has become free, I can challenge more and more different types of things (^O^)
I also hope to attend more dance lessons!

If I have to use one sentence to express my hopes for 2009… “Leaving things to do to tomorrow is an idiot!”
No matter what it is, I will face it with this kind of attitude!

Then I’m an idiot, haha.. I am so lazy, haha!

This isn’t P’s Jweb, it’s from a special column or something for NEWS to post their New Year Greetings~

I’ll try to find Ryo’s!! Hopefully, I can find others’ posts too! ^_^ Ah, I wonder if KAT-TUN has one too..? XD

山下智久の日记 vol. 1953 31.12.08

1 01 2009

山下智久の日记 vol. 1953

Thanks to everyone in the year 2008

Hmm~ Today morning around 8:30am, Toma sent a mail to me.

Saying that he wants to write about yesterday’s concert, so he sends me a mail before doing that.

He also wrote, “I feel disgusted”, it is indeed disgusting (laughs)

But, I feel warm and at peace since early morning.

Even though I don’t know when, don’t know what kind of presentation
But if we can sing together, I’m sure we will be very happy!

So then, today, too, we’re going to party in Tokyo Dome!!

After that, I want to eat new year soba.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, P!!

This is his last post of 2008! Let’s wait for his post of today, his first post of 2009! That reminds me, Ryo’s entry will be posted today too!! Yay!! First post of 2009 right on the first day!

Ah, I wonder if anyone will post Toma’s post? His Jweb is especially hard to find.. T_T

O yeah, I saw the Johnny’s Countdown last night, right? But I saw no sign of Toma.. T_T

And Hasegawa Jun was born in 1985 too, right? But he wasn’t there with P, Koki, Junno and Tacchon.. A lot of forum-goers said that Toma and Kazama were present last year!

When Uchi came out with a song, I was surprised! Haha~ It’s great that he could perform, it’s great news for Uchi fans~ Well, but let me say this, I’m not an Uchi fan, I dunno why, but that’s just how it is, but please don’t be offended by me! Haha~

Ok, I’ll be back with Ryo and P’s posts later tonight! [Hopefully!]

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Johnny’s Countdown 2008 — 2009

31 12 2008

Wow!! It’s great!!


It’s my first time watching the Countdown, I’m so excited!!

Kept wanting to catch a glimpse of Ryo, haha!! Yappari, too many people to look at!! Wahaha~~