WinkUP 08 September Issue

8 08 2008

Yay, another translation~!

Ryo did not reply to Jin’s message last month! [The one where Jin called him a skinny monkey, haha!]

I wonder if YamaP replied? XD I’ll go search for it~

I forgot to put up the first pic on the 16th of July! Really absent-minded T_T O, and the “so take care” is gibberish, because I don’t understand what he said [“hitotsu nishi bore”], lol.. XD

WinkUP 08 August Issue

WinkUP 08 September Issue

Here’s YamaP’s answer to Jin’s Aug message! I’ll try my best to find its scan!!

To Akanishi Jin:

I don’t want to be told that by you.

If you were to join the Olympics, which event would you like to challenge?

Sprinting. I don’t have much confidence though, so if I really have to join, I want to join an event which will end fast without hassle.



18 07 2008

I love this phone! I saw a thread in HWZ and I was so tempted to buy it!! But.. it’s $200 more than my current phone………………………….. I can’t use my money like that.. T_T

Today, I watched Cartoon KAT-TUN, the Sendai SP part 1 on 16 July.. and I saw this:

Super~~~~~~~~ excited!!!!!!!!! XD Same taste ne, hahaha~~~ XD

Anyway, Cartoon KAT-TUN is so much fun to watch~~~ They are so cute!! XD ♥

Why doesn’t NEWS have their own show like them?? T_T

Anyway, back to the phone~ XD

Size*Height x width x thickness*When closed.: 109 x 49 x 19.6 mm
Weight: approx. 133 g
Main display (size): approx. 3.0 inches
Camera (effective pixels): approx. 5,200,000 pixels
External memory: microSD (sold separately)
Manufacturer: 日本電気株式会社 (NEC)
Release date: June 18, 2008

My irresponsible translation:
» Exotic Violet

From deep purple to green, the gradient on the front panel, complementing the colour of the body, gives it the feeling of strong specialty, presenting a mysterious exotic image. Mesmerising and attractive specialty.

Key backlight is Yellow-Green.

Looks good ne? The only downside is that, it doesn’t have Bluetooth.. I THINK, coz this word didn’t appear on the pages, lol~ But it’s ok la, not that important, lol~~ XD

I soooooooooooooooo want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Jin!!

4 07 2008

Otanjoubi omedetou!! ♥

It’s hard not to like Jin. Sexy, good-looking, talented, great voice, omigosh~! XD Fallen head over heels over him, lol~

So he’s no longer 23.. T_T/^_^? Haha~

Sharing Jin’s birthday 2 years later, Massu was born.. so..

Otanjoubi omedetou, too!!

Cute, cute, cute, nothing else to describe him, lol.. Ok, strong and great appetite~ XD He is also another one with a nice voice, he sings really well~ ♥

Johnny’s Boys Singing in English~

9 05 2008

Number one goes to Akanishi Jin! After staying in America for half a year, his pronunciation is really good as compared to others! I’ve never heard him speak English before he went to the US, so I can’t say the word “improve”, lol.. But he still has room for improvement for speaking and writing the lyrics~ Ganbatte, sexy! XD

Akanishi Jin – Lovejuice
Lyrics by Akanishi Jin

Sexy man has to sing sexy song, right? XD Its beat and music is really nice, I like! And shit.. I can actually feel his sexiness! Shit.. (T_T) (o.O) (XD) (x.X)

Number two goes to Tegomass! Well, 2nd is Tego, 3rd is Massu.. XD I noticed Tego’s good English in “why”, he is the only one who pronounces his consonants properly!! Good job, cutie!!

Tegomass – Miso Soup
The song they first released in Sweden!

This song is so sweet! Perfect for students studying abroad to give to their mothers on the coming Mothers’ Day!! ♥~

This has nothing to do with English, but I just love this song so much so much.. 9th song off the album, Pacific, Ai Nante by Ryo, Tego and Shige. Such a touching and nice song. They sang it with emotions that I can feel through their voices, I love that!! The person who made this video also did a nice job with the video by cutting footages of the three of them from other videos and arranged them according to their parts in the song~ ^_^ *applause* Sadly, this song has no PV of its own.. T_T

Wahaha, I did the test again! Take it here to test which one is your utmost Johnny’s boy! Click the top option for “both also like”, the bottom is for “both also don’t like”, click either names if you like him better. I find that pressing only the one you like better will garner a more accurate result~ XD

Like mine, super accurate!! XD

Names labeled “28” in my list are those that I’ve never clicked~ Sorry Shige, lol.. While the others with no Romaji names.. well.. I don’t know how to pronounce them and didn’t bother to find out, haha~

1. Ryo – Need I explain more? XD
2. YamaP – Extreme cute-ness!!!!!!!!
3. Jin – Smexy~
4. Tego – Cutie pie!
5. Massu – Ryo’s target of poison tongue, lol~
6. Kame – Another smexy one~
7. Takki – Long time love XD
8. Nino – Cute!
9. Ken – Another long time love XD
10. Kimura – Love his acting!
11. Nagase – Man!
12. Koyama – Not bad, quite cute~
13. Yoko – Funny guy!
14. Junichi – Long time love 3 XD
15. Morita – Long time love 4 XD I’m such a “flower heart carrot” ROFL
16. Maru – Funny and super onz!
17. Tacchon – Cute and quiet guy who’s my age!
18. Yasuda – Funny guy too!
19. Suba – Like his singing!
20. Hina – Easily-excitable host who likes to hit people’s head, lol!
21. Ryosuke – Cool guy in Detective Academy Q ne? Future bright ah~~
22. Koki – Got character! I like! Respect!
23. Junnosuke – He’s damn funny in Yukan Club~
24. MatsuJun – I hate his hair in Hana Yori Dango! XD But well~
25. Koichi – Always look so good ne~
26. Tsuyoshi – Love the Kindaichi Hajime forever!
27. Tsubasa – Love his dancing!
28. Ueda – Don’t like him……….. XD
28. Nakamaru – Don’t really remember his face.. XD
28. Shige – Sorry ne XD Coz.. .. .. .. .. .. Dunno.. LOL..
28. Sakurai – Don’t really remember his face too, but he’s one of the smartest Johnny’s boys!
28. Ohno – His name is funny, gomen! Even though he looks ok, I just.. never feel like clicking him, lol~

That’s all~ Thankz for reading!! ♥~