Johnny’s Countdown 2008 — 2009

31 12 2008

Wow!! It’s great!!


It’s my first time watching the Countdown, I’m so excited!!

Kept wanting to catch a glimpse of Ryo, haha!! Yappari, too many people to look at!! Wahaha~~



無責任ヒーロー Released Today!!

29 10 2008

Yay, omedetou Kanjani8!! ♥

I have to wait for >21 days before I can get it!! x.X

Mattemasu!! XD

Some Videos~!

25 10 2008

無責任ヒーロー — 関ジャニ∞
Musekinin Hero — Kanjani∞

A hilarious PV, again~!! OMG~!! They are just so crazy and high~! XD ♥

Yesterday’s Asazuba aired the preview of ARASHI’s newest song “Beautiful days” PV! It is the theme song of Ryuusei no Kizuna! Nice song, it will be released on the 5th of November~ They also reinforced the high viewership ratings for the first episode! 21.2%~!! XD

Newest OXY tv commercial by Jin and Koki!!

OMG~!! Jin is super super super CUTE!! KYA~! *Pssst* Koki is cute too~! ♥

関ジャニ∞ 9th Single — 無責任ヒーロー 2008.10.29 Release!!

13 10 2008

無責任ヒーロー [Musekinin Hiirou][Irresponsible Hero]
2008.10.29 Release

今回の「無責任ヒーロー」は、関ジャニ∞らしい “なんとかなるさ” 的な人生応援ソングで、これからの季節、ぜひカラオケで盛り上がってほしい楽曲!
初回盤A、Bにはそれぞれ、今夏に行われた全国ツアー「関ジャニ∞ CONCERT TOUR 2008 夏だ!ツアーだ!!ワッハッハー!!!」の、8月30日の長野公演の中から、バンド曲である「BJ」「fuka-fuka Love the Earth」、そして関ジャニ∞が3組に分かれたユニット曲「desire」「torn」「ホシイモノハ。」の映像を収録。ツアーに参加できた方も、参加できなかった方も必見です!


This time’s 「Musekinin Hiirou」 is a song with Kanjani∞’s style of “it will be done, eventually”, the season from now on, please sing this song in karaoke!
The Limited Editions A and B included the footages from the 30.8.2008 Nagano stop of the 「Kanjani∞ CONCERT TOUR 2008 It’s Summer!It’s Tour!!Wahhahhaa!!!」 featuring the band numbers 「BJ」「fuka-fuka Love the Earth」 and also the songs by the 3 different units from within Kanjani∞ 「desire」「torn」「Hoshii Mono wa。」. Whether you have attended the tour or not, it’s a must-watch!

「Musekinin Hiirou」 is also the theme song of 「Egawa × Horio no SUPER Urugusu」, an NTV drama starting from the 4th of October 2008.

■初回限定盤A:TECI-807 [Limited Edition A]
¥ 1,500(tax in) [~SGD$21.84]
・特典:Live DVD [Special: Live DVD]


01 無責任ヒーロー

02 ケムリ [Kemuri]

03 ∞ o’clock 08

[特典:Live DVD]
01 fuka-fuka Love the Earth

02 BJ
 ※今夏ツアー最終公演・長野でのライブ映像 [LIVE from the last stop of the Summer Tour, Nagano]
 (2008年8月30日 長野ビッグハット) [30.8.2008 Nagano Big Hat]

■初回限定盤B:TECI-808 [Limited Edition B]
¥ 1,500(tax in) [~SGD$21.84]
・特典:Live DVD [Special: Live DVD]


01 無責任ヒーロー

02 fuka-fuka Love the Earth

[特典:Live DVD]
01 desire(渋谷すばる/安田章大) [Shibutani Subaru/Yasuda Shota]
 作詞:渋谷すばる [Lyricist: Shibutani Subaru]
 作曲:安田章大 [Composer: Yasuda Shota]

02 torn(錦戸亮/大倉忠義) [Nishikido Ryo/Ookura Tadayoshi]

03 ホシイモノハ。(村上信五/横山裕/丸山隆平) [Hoshii Mono wa.][Murakami Shingo/Yokoyama Yu/Maruyama Ryuuhei]
 作詞:丸山隆平 [Lyricist: Maruyama Ryuuhei]
 (2008年8月30日 長野ビッグハット) [30.8.2008 Nagano Big Hat]

■通常盤:TECI-809 [Normal Edition]
¥ 1,000(tax in) [~SGD$14.56]


01 無責任ヒーロー

02 道標 [Michishirube]

03 無責任ヒーロー(オリジナルカラオケ) [Original Karaoke]

— Pre-order the Limited Edition A single!

— Pre-order the Limited Edition B single!

— Pre-order the Normal Edition!

Touch!eco 2008 Ashita no Tameni.. 55 no Chousen? Special

8 06 2008

Touch!eco 2008 明日のために。。。55の挑戦?スペシャル

It’s really touching to see the effort Japanese put into “saving the Earth”.

I woke up at about 10am, so I didn’t manage to watch from the beginning of this show. It started from 7am Singapore time, which is 8am in Japan time. It lasted 13 hours, very tiring for all the hosts and artistes!

So the first outdoor challenge I managed to see was Maru’s. His was about solar power panel. Impressive, it can burn anything, lol~

The program had lots of challenges [hence the name] and one of them was planting 2000 small plants on this hill in 神奈川,泰野市。 [Kanagawa, Hadano] Sugoi~ The plant sensei is 80 years old but he really doesn’t look that old!

[Suba+Yasu] A substance in natto: Deserts can have greenery in the future~!

[Hina+Tacchon] A substance from orange skin: Styrofoam has been melted and become recycle-able!

[Yoko] Oil from cashew nuts: Reduce half the methane in a cow’s breath!

[Tacchon] On a bike, Tacchon collected 500 litres of used oil from several places in Japan!

A couple of hosts went to a kindergarten and tried to cleanse water. But in the end, the homemade method didn’t manage to produce drinkable water, because there are still a lot of organism in it. [I think~] Next, they made their own charcoal, their own stoves and then cooked a nice meal for the kids. They’re so kawaii when making all these~!!

Another team of hosts cleaned up Mount Fuji~ A lot of trash!!

Several interviews with actors and actresses revealed how they save the Earth at home. Like, if your lamp has 2 bulbs, remove one because one is enough. Unplug the plugs when the applications are not in use. Don’t chuck your leftover tea leaves, invent new dishes! Etc, etc~~~~

An actress climbed the Himalayans and visited the place. It is said that as time goes by, water accumulated and one day, some day, it will overflow and by 46minutes, everyone living on the mountain will probably die. As she talked about her experience, she cried. T_T Something has to be done to prevent that from happening!

A singer visited a place [I missed that part..] where the Japanese set up a fishing training school. The people there learn the Japanese language and how they fish for a living. She taught them how to sing a very nice song and she was also touched to the point of almost crying. They recorded them singing and played it during the LIVE performance when she sang it. It’s like a choir behind her, very nice song~~!

Two comedians [I think] were thrown in the forest for 3 days 2 nights. They lived in such a way that will greatly reduce the release of CO2 into the air. And they were very successful! I’m very impressed, lol~

Mino-san also went to visit a brewery. The extras [waste, no use to the brewery] from the brewing process were made into cement [plus sand of course] and then it is made into a sort of concrete container and then being left under the sea. Octopus eggs can be seen inside these containers. It seems that these are good for producing good quality octopus, lol~ The farmers made sashimi for Mino-san and he said it’s very sweet~

They also stored energy in batteries by running, cycling on the “exercise bicycle”, and winding a box by hand thingy [it’s like a jack-in-the-box, just, no “jack”, lol] They managed to charge 14 batteries [running and hand movement] and 2008wh by cycling! Sugoi~!!

The regular batteries in Kanjani8’s microphones were replaced by these “eco batteries” and the 7 lightbulbs on stage for each member were powered by the cycling folks! [HG was cycling too, lol~] That’s the “eco concert”~! Kanjani8 sang a new song for this event — “Fuka-fuka Love the Earth” which can be loosely translated into — “Deeply Loving the Earth” [That’s what I’m guessing anyway, lol..] It’s a very nice song and it’s LIVE! I love seeing them playing music instruments!

They also talked about the most important issue at the end of the program: Fuel. Firstly, people used whale oil to have oil lamp in the house, but because of the large amount of hunting, whales amount dwindled. Later, people discovered steam and hence steamboats [Titanic], steamcars were born, but it caused major pollution problems. Even later, fuel was discovered. And so we have what we have today.

That’s all I remember~~~ ^_^ Let’s be eco and save the Earth! ♥

Touch!eco 2008 Ashita no Tameni.. 55 no Chousen? Special

3 06 2008

Touch!eco 2008 Ashita no Tameni.. 55 no Chousen? Special
Touch!eco 2008 For the Sake of Tomorrow.. 55 Challenges? Special

According to some Ryo-fans who watched the show on 2nd June, Ryo wasn’t there, only the other 6 members of Kanjani8 were there.. T_T Where was he?! Due to having such a thing called “job”, I can’t watch it myself.. T_T DAMN!!

But luckily, their actual 13-hour hosting job starts on Sunday 8 June!!

From 8am to 9pm [Japan time][7am to 8pm Singapore time], they will be accepting “55 challenges for the sake of tomorrow”! It says that it’s LIVE as well?! Poor Kanjani8.. poor Ryo.. T_T

Remember to tune in to NTV on Sunday 8 June 7am ok!! ^_^ ♥

Eco Week Starts Today!!

2 06 2008

Yes! Finally! But poor Kanjani8! I heard of a something 13-hours…….?! T_T

They will be hosting [I dunno what yet] and all of these will be broadcasted on NTV from 2nd June to 8th June!

Here’s the scheduled program for today!

09:55~11:25 [Japan time][8:55 to 10:25am Singapore time]


MC)中山秀征・賀集利樹・宮崎宣子(日本テレビアナウンサー) コメンテーター)名越康文・スザンヌ・岡田圭右 DJ)TERU ゲスト)関ジャニ∞(横山・丸山・大倉) 出演者)博多華丸・大吉 レイザーラモンHG ザ・たっち     モエヤン ゴー☆ジャス 佐藤里香