Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 27.11.08

27 11 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
26.11.08 1925h

Kyou kara ryouri shimasu.
Mina mo jisui shi you ne

Starting to cook from today onwards.
Everyone cook for yourselves too

Yay, emoji again! 😄

Wow, if I can taste his cooking, I’ll die happy 😄 If I can cook for him, I’ll die happy too 😄

Anyway, I finally received my package of “color” and “Musekinin Hero” and the little Mario toy that YesAsia gave!! YAY!! It was delivered to my mailbox on the 24th or 25th but I only opened it on the 26th morning and only write about it today, lol! 😄

But I’ve fallen more sick because I haven’t recovered.. Went to see doctor today and hence I’m on MC.. I hope I’ll be better tomorrow, coz I need to work! T_T

Watched one second of Janiben last night, caught a glimpse of Ryo, hee, so happy~ ♥

Ryuusei episode 7 tomorrow! I can’t wait!! 😄

And I’m being incredibly slow.. KAT-TUN is gonna have a new single called “White X’mas”!! It will be released on the 3rd of December! It’s their second ballad single! It’s really quite ballad-y, lol.. It will only be available for a short while, from 3rd to 26th Dec only!! WHY?! It’s quite expensive too.. T_T

Also, it will be “released in Korea” on the 17th Dec.. Why this move? If Johnny wanted more money, he could have chosen a bigger market — Taiwan; let them debut in Taiwan with this ballad, they will sell over the heavens because of their current popularity among Chinese in Asia, Johnny will make a lot more money! Don’t understand what he’s thinking -_-” Grrrrr..

Anyway, here’s Music Station on the 21st November!

関ジャニ∞のジャニ勉 22.10.08

23 10 2008

Hmmm, I only managed to tune into this at 12am.. Because of the delay.. T_T

And.. Just in time to catch their usual announcement for Musekinin Hero.. T_T

関ジャニ∞のジャニ勉 15.10.08

15 10 2008

Two funny guys are the guests~ They’re a comedy duo called TKO, I think~ Really not sure, haha..

Everyone is present except Tacchon.. T_T Where is he?

But more importantly, Ryo is there! ♥v♥

Even though he doesn’t talk at all for 99% of the times, haha~ ~_~ His limited expressions include “Blank” and “Laugh Out Loud”, haha~~! 😄

The curry ramen near the end of the show looks really delicious!! OMG!! I wanna eat~!! 😄 It costs 850yen and that’s about SGD$12.31.. So ex~!! 😄

At the end of the show, they remind everyone of their 9th single, Musekinin Hero, releasing on the 9th of October~ Hoho~ BOUGHT~! So happy to be supporting them by buying their CDs~~! ^_^

It’s a very cute song yo~! ♥

関ジャニ∞のジャニ勉 8.10.08

9 10 2008

Kanjani∞ no Janiben!

This is the first time I managed to watch Kansai TV [KTV]!! So happy!!

After Cartoon KAT-TUN, I clicked on KTV and wow, it’s Janiben, I didn’t know!!

OMG, RYO is present!! ♥!! Super happy!!

It’s an interesting part I caught, this actor or whoever, performed some magic tricks~ I can’t figure out the first one, I don’t understand the 2nd’s explanation and I caught the trick for the 3rd one right from the start, haha~~

Ryo is super cute~~~~~ ♥ He dressed kinda student-like, grey is the theme colour, haha.. KAWAIISUGI!! 😄

Hope that next week, KTV will be on again~! ^_^