Room of King -Finale-

29 11 2008

I’ve never watched this before even though there is Mizushima Hiro.. It’s because Suzuki Anne is in there too!! x.X No matter how long, how many angles you look at her, no matter what hairstyle, So why do they still use her?! o.O

Anyway, this show’s viewership rating is very very low but not as low as the Zou show [poor Asami and Oguri T_T].. Room of King is as bad as Oh! My Girl!! though.. Poor Hiro.. Poor Hayami.. Both who appeared alongside in Zettai Kareshi~ T_T

Anyway, I totally don’t understand the show, and there are too many scenes with Suzuki Anne’s face in them, so I decided to close the TV and watch Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no Youni « waaay better~ XD

I hope that Hiro and Hayami will get better leading roles in the future!! Ganbare!!




One response

30 11 2008

Hi(: I just happened to come to you blog cause of hiro mizushima><
I started watching Room of King yesterday and couldn’t finish it either! I agree with you so much on the Suzuki Anne thing:P Also, sore wa totsuzen arashi no youni is good I liked it!!<3

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