November Twentieth

20 11 2008

O, what a wonderful day!

This is a popular date~ A lot of people has this as their birthdate~ That includes, my bestest friend, my tv idol, my ex-classmate and others~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s also World’s Children’s Day~! [Did I spell that right? XD]

It’s also one day after the released of NEWS’ album, color!! I wonder how’s the sale like! But I’m too lazy to go check it out, haha~ XD The fastest I can get the Musekinin Hero and color is on the 23rd but it’s a Sunday and I don’t think postmen work on that day, right? T_T I can’t wait to get them!!

Today is also the last day of my 3-month probation!! Yay, 12 more months to freedom!! XD Must keep encouraging myself, lol..

Thankz for reading this totally meaningless entry!!

Ja, oyasuminasai!




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