color — first listen!

18 11 2008

I’ve just listened to the whole of the newest NEWS album, 「color」!!

02 STARDUST — My sister said this feels ARASHI-ish.. and I agree, haha~ Yay, Ryo sings first in this~ ♥ XD

04 SNOW EXPRESS — Old favourite of many fans but I never took much notice of it~ Ever since I know that this will be included, I listened to it to find out why it is such a hot request~ Conclusion: I like this song ♥

05 Forever — Kya~! “I will love you Forever”~~~! ♥ It’s a super x1000 nice song!!

06 MOLA [YamaP solo] — Sexy song, lol~ I love P’s first all-English song!! He did very well!!

07 ケセナイ [Kesenai][Tego main] — Only into the first bar and my sister decided that it’s her favourite song of the album, haha~ That’s how nice it is! Tego’s voice is so heavenly! With so much emotion too~!

08 ordinary [Ryo solo] — Ryo’s song~! ♥ Very poetic lyrics, I really like it! Imagery is strong in this, lol~ And it’s very Ryo~! Guitar and drums = Ryo style ♥

09 みんながいる世界をひとつに愛をもっとGive&Takeしましょう [Minna ga Iru Sekai o Hitotsu ni Ai o Motto Give & Take Shimashou][Massu main] — Very.. young song.. Massu should sing a song a bit slower than this one.. Coz this song is so fast, it doesn’t showcase how nice Massu can sing!! Wasted T_T I can’t really listen to the song to the finish.. T_T But the “Feel” is very Massu, haha, it’s cute~ ^_^v

10 ムラリスト [Murarisuto][Koyama & Shige] — A very happy song! Its melody makes you feel happy~ I feel that it has some Kanjani8-feel to it, haha.. Cheeky song!

12 Smile Maker — Very nice song! Encouraging lyrics~ The speed is very fast X.x But I like such challenging song! I’m sure that after listening to it more, I’ll follow it and then try to conquer it, haha..

14 FLY AGAIN — Cute song! “Hateshinai” is in the lyrics, lol.. If you’re only looking at the lyrics, you might start singing that SPEED song rebounding in your mind right about now, lol!

15 永遠色の恋 [Towa Iro no Koi] — Very sweet and soothing song~! This is a very NEWS song! ♥

Conclusion: My favourite favourite tracks [other than the singles] are 「ordinary」 and 「Forever」!! ♥



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