Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 13.11.08

13 11 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
13.11.08 0701h

Kesa ichi de satsuei shitekimashita.
Umibe de, asahi ga meccha kirei deshita.
Yoshi kore kara mo ganbarou

Already started shooting early in the morning today.
At the beach, the sun in the morning was especially beautiful.
Okay I have to work hard from now on, too

He wrote this entry so early in the morning!! THIS MORNING!! o.O Usually, he writes the day before or something, ne? Haha~

And so early, his work already finished, that means he either didn’t sleep or woke up super early to work.. Poor thing.. T_T!!

Just finished watching episode 4 of Ryuusei~! XD Now I understand it with the help of subtitles, lol~ Anyway, I’m sure everyone knows what will happen and what will ultimately foil their plan.. At least, I know.. You can get the clue from the cover of the novel, all the words on the cover, they’re in Japanese though, but I’m sure you can find its translation on the internet somewhere.

She will ···· ·· ···· with him.. Hmm, looks so much like Romeo and Juliet -_-” XD

Ahhh~~~ I can’t wait to watch episode 5 tomorrow night!! Yosh! It’s just the motivation I need to get through the 3 classes I’m gonna teach tomorrow! XD Not that I need it, but well~ Just the thought of seeing Ryo/Taisuke makes me wanna finish work fast, get home fast, eat dinner fast and slump in front of my computer fast! Haha! XD

By the way, Arashi’s Beautiful days is a very nice song~~ And its lyrics can be found in the December issue of MYOJO! Happy singing!!

Ganbatte ne, I love you, Ryo! ♥



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