Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 6.11.08

6 11 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
5.11.08 1855h

Kon ya wa Nishiki desu.
Saikin wa meppou DORAMA no satsuei desu
24 sai mo ganbatterun de mina yoroshiku ne

Tonight is Nishiki.
Lately, it’s almost filled with drama filming
24 years old already, I’ll continue to work hard, please support me everyone.

Nishiki.. It’s his new nickname, courtesy of Nino~ That’s what I saw on the forum, haha.. Cute~

I also saw one of them said that he hurt his hand………. WHAT?! NANI NANI NANI NANI?!?! O.O?!

Is it true?!?!?!?!?! Is Ryo ok?!?!!??!? I hope he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heart breaks*

No emoji..? T_T I hope he is ok..

He didn’t talk about his birthday even though the Ryuusei staff celebrated for him…………… Is he really ok?!

Anyway, he wasn’t on Janiben last night.. I understand why.. because he’s filming and touring.. but Ookura wasn’t there as well, for the Xth time.. Where is he?

I also watched Ryuusei 3 last night~ Can’t wait for 4th! Shall see if there is anything wrong with him in the coming episodes!! I sure hope that hurt-his-hand thing is not true!!

By the way..

I really like Taisuke!! ♥


Ganbatte ne, Ryo!



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