3 11 2008

It’s Ryo’s 24th birthday.
A day which will always make any fan of Ryo scream when it finally arrives.

To date, I’ve only been his fan for 8 months and 15 days, but I already love him more than I thought I would.

He gave me energy like no one else has ever given me.
He inspired me to excel in my new job because he is always doing his best.
He made me want, more than ever, to become the perfect woman.

Because of him, I’m living everyday cheerfully and happily, for the first time in about 2 or 3 years.
Because of him, I found that I look forward to the arrival of “tomorrow”.
Because of him, I realised that I can actually put effort into working very very hard.

His smile cures everything.
His shyness makes me wanna hit his head.
His singing resounds in my head. And my heart.

At this moment, I’ve decided to write something poetic, right here, right now:

However far you are
Please look at the star
Because I am looking at it
That will bring us closer, if only a bit

We are under the same sky
A breeze passes me by
Did it pass by you before it did me?
Or will it fly towards you across the sea?

Your name signifies bright
You give meaning to light
Life without you will be engulfed by darkness
The only thing left will be emptiness

Come to me when the time is ripe
We are the meant-to-be-together type
It’s an inescapable destiny
One that we will share for an eternity

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