Covers of 「color」 — NEWS!

24 10 2008

Limited Edition

Normal Edition


Album details
●6曲目「MOLA」山下ソロ [Yamashita solo]
●7曲目「ケセナイ」手越メイン [Tegoshi main]
●8曲目「ordinary」锦戸ソロ [Nishikido solo]
●9曲目「みんながいる世界をひとつにもっとGive & Takeしましょう」増田メイン [Masuda main]
●10曲目「ムラリスト」加藤&小山 [Kato and Koyama]

Wow~!! We have more information on the newest NEWS album~!

It’s great to see that P and Ryo are gonna have solo songs again! But I hope that, in the future, the other members would get their own solo songs recorded in an album too~! ^_^

Remember that this album will be released on the 19th of November~!!

Be sure to buy it!!

– Pre-order the Limited Edition!

– Pre-order the Normal Edition!




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