20 10 2008

It’s a fun movie!

The weirdest movie I’ve ever seen! Haha~~


First segment is my favourite out of the three. But I don’t understand why must it be a chair?! LOL.. But I understand the link.. My friend and I initially thought it’s a dream, but it’s not! I admire her courage, seriously.. Running around like that.. O.O!! Also, Tsumabuki Satoshi has a cameo~ BTW, I really like the vfx, lol~ It’s very natural!!

Second segment is my least favourite one because it is simply way too weird, lol~ So why is he called Shit? Why are there only 3 who speaks that language? What is their relationship?! Does he possess Claire’s power?! XD Simply too weird.. I was laughing throughout, haha..

Third segment is placed second because, well, do I have a choice? LOL~ Anyway, quite a plain story.. But the actors in this segment are good~ Aoi Yu, Kagawa Teruyuki and Takenaka Naoto~!! I can’t imagine being a hikikomori.. Staying at home is too boring!! I like going out more than staying in the house.. And interaction with human beings is a must! So when he finally ventured out, he realised that everyone has become like him and that robots are the ones doing the delivery of pizza..!

Well, in total, it’s a really really weird movie, but in a good and refreshing kind of way~ LOL~ Really thinking out of the box! XD

Go and catch it in The Picture House in The Cathay before it closes!! ^_^




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