HEY!HEY!HEY! 13.10.08

13 10 2008

I finally know who is Kimutaku’s wife, haha~ XD Yeah, I’m that slow~ She’s pretty, Kudo Shizuka~

Shokotan is soooooooo funny~ Her art is also weird, but I like~ Very unique~ She’s also in love with her idol, Matsuda Seiko~ I realised that Seiko-sama is the principal in Hana-Kimi!! ♥ She’s so pretty~~

Aqua Times is there too~! But I dunno if they sang, because I was feeling super sleepy, haha.. XD I like their songs~~~~~~!

They also have a psychology test~ A typical Japanese meal set with miso soup, rice, grill meat, salad and some yellow thing, haha.. Anyway, which one do you usually eat first?

I usually cut a bit of the meat with my chopsticks and then eat it with rice, lol.. So my choice should be the meat~

This test is about the type of members of the opposite sex you like~ As for the explanations, well, I don’t understand most of them, haha!! XD

Next week will have Aoyama Thelma~!! She’s a great singer~!



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