Ryuusei no Kizuna News + CM

23 09 2008

I cannot wait to see this!! OMG!! I love it when Ryo says, “Aniki” wahaha~~ ♥

And his character in this is totally different from his past roles! His past roles were usually moody or dark and he always didn’t have much lines.. But in this new drama, his character is brighter and seems to be the happy-go-lucky type!! OMG!! I can’t wait to see that!! Super super anticipating!! KYA!! ♥

News Background Song: ARASHI — Beautiful days

I don’t know if the background song in the news clip is the theme song or not.. But it most probably is.. Because everywhere and anywhere, they always say it’s a Nino-starring drama, always.. So.. Yeah.. T_T

But I know, for sure, that the Insert Song is Nakashima Mika — ORION

It’s quite nice!! I feel it suits the theme of the drama~ Yay~! Mika is so cool~~~ ♥

中島美嘉 — ORION



One response

5 10 2008

I can’t wait!
This dorama look like very good.
In addition, Ryo and Nino are a good incentive to see it.
thanks for the info

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