i-weekly no.569 25 Sep 2008

22 09 2008

^_^ Yay~ I found YamaP ‘s interview in the local weekly magazine!! Page 64, in the movies section~

He’s so cute~

Poor thing~ Sick but determined to finish the shoot in the rain~ ♥♥ Everyone loves a hardworking man~ Hehe~

No wonder he blog-ed about practising English in his recent Jwebs~ He was influenced to wanna study English!! I knew that when I saw the movie, lol~

Take a look at the reporter’s name~ She misspelled YamaP’s first name: “Tomoshita” -_-” That’s like, super wrong. Reporter-san, his name is Yamashita Tomohisa. Please check before submitting and printing, this is not the first time you spelled something wrong already.

I’d love for YamaP to come here! Bring along your mates, ok! LOL~ ♥ Seriously, if they come for a concert and the tickets cost $200, I’ll go~ ^_^v




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