トマQ volume 04 + トマQ volume 05

16 09 2008

★トマQ:volume 04


When I was undecided about what to eat in the studios’ canteen, which menu would such an indecisive me decide on with hesitation?

★ A. Curry rice

★ B. Raw tuna slices rice

★ C. Soup noodles

I read this when it was out but I didn’t have time to translate it, hee.. That time, I guessed A. Curry rice, lol~

Since a girl called mi-chan commented, I shall continue to translate TomaQ, lol~ ^_^ Btw, thankz~ ^_^

TomaQ volume. 03’s answer

Releasing the correct answer!

The correct answer is?

It is?


It can’t be?

C nutrition drink

Yes, that’s the one.
The one introduced in hanamaru.
Often, I drink that in the morning to get energised.

Please look forward to the next one.

★トマQ:volume 05


Recently, there’s something that I really really want, what is it?

★ A. Jersey

★ B. Tumbler

★ C. Speaker

Ok, I’m gonna guess.. C. Speaker~

Ah, volume 03’s answer was C nutrition drink.. I guessed wrong again, lol..

TomaQ volume. 04’s answer

The correct answer is raw tuna slices rice.

Released it so fast!

Usually, I’ll put natto on the raw tuna slices rice.
Didn’t expect that among everyone’s answers, curry rice was so popular (laughs)
But I like curry rice very much too…

Sigh, really

Caused everyone to guess wrongly

LOL, Toma is so cute~~~ ♥

Well, let’s see if I can find his TomaQ06 and we’ll see if our guesses are correct, or not, lol~ ^_~




One response

20 09 2008

Thanks to you!!! <3<3<3
Mmmm.. volume 5… I guess B ^^

I enjoy a lot with the TomaQ. It’s very entertaining. Thank you very much again.

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