NEWS — Happy Birthday

6 09 2008

Due to the fact that imeem songs cannot be posted here, which sucks major ass, I can only post the link here for you to listen to this very nice song coming out on the 1st of October!!


It’s very nice!! I could only catch the chorus, lol~ I love challenging songs, lol~!

Happy Birthday [Chorus]
10th Single

Umareta koto mo deaeta koto mo
Ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
Kimi no happy birthday
Ichinen ichido no mahou tokubetsu no hi

Whether it’s the fact that we were born or the fact that we are able to meet
The fact that you are by my side now, I want to thank you
Your happy birthday
A magical and special day once a year

So sweet ne!! ♥

P.S.: Yay, Ryo sings first!! ♥

P.P.S.: But “burst-day” frustrates me to no end, lol~! XD



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