4 09 2008


Went to watch this with my best friend in Cathay Cineleisure~!


It’s so sweet sweet sweet!!

Disney-Pixar movies are always so good so good so good!! They don’t need big stars to voice the characters, hee~

I really like the story, it’s really nice~

The future portrayed in the movie was indeed a sad one, I don’t wish for that to happen to us!! But we are progressing towards that!! XD So let’s meet up for gatherings more often, ok!! XD

This time, I’m sure I was the only one in the whole cinema to cry, I cried lots, lol.. It was so sad at that part!! I was so scared that all the memories between them would disappear *snaps fingers* just like that!! T_T

Go and watch it, it’s really good~ After watching it, buy the DVD when it’s out~ I plan to do just that. ^_^v

I almost scream when I saw a big big YamaP on the pillar in Cineleisure!! OMG!! Kurosagi is coming!! I really couldn’t believe it!! Somebody in Cathay has EYES, has TASTE!! OMG!! I’m really grateful to you for bringing it in!!


My must-watch list:

07 Aug 08 = Pathology [Peter from Heroes! OMG, such a sick film that I absolutely will love, lol..] {Didn’t watch}
14 Aug 08 = My Girlfriend is a Cyborg [Have been waiting for this~]
28 Aug 08 = WALL-E [Waiting for this ever since the day I know it last year]

28 Aug 08 = Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Need to explain?!]
04 Sep 08 = Hana Yori Dango FINAL [Wait and wait and wait and FINALLY!! OMG!!]
04 Sep 08 = The Shinjuku Incident [It looks cool~ Jackie Chan and lots more interesting people!]
18 Sep 08 = Kurosagi [OMG!! NEVER EXPECTED!! MUST WATCH!!]
25 Sep 08 = The Closing Ring [It reminds me of The Notebook~]
01 Oct 08 = Eagle Eye [Saw the trailer and totally succeeded in making me wanna watch it~]
30 Oct 08 = Sing to the Dawn [It’s time to re-read that book sitting in my cupboard!!]
20 Nov 08 = Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [This is.. I have to watch it.]
11 Dec 08 = Game [It sounds very interesting~]
25 Dec 08 = Twilight [I can’t resist sexy blood-suckers called Vampires~ 😉 ♥]
14 Mar 09 = Dragonball [Wanna see how bad it’s gonna be, lol~ Okay, wanna see how they’re gonna pull it off~ But MAIN REASON is: James Marsters, coz I love Spike!!]
March 09 = BLOOD: The Last Vampire [I was originally anticipating it, last year, but shortly after, the female lead was revealed and I fell from the peak of anticipation to the bottom of it.. T_T WHY HER!! SHIT LA!! T_T]




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