NEWS 10th Single!!

21 08 2008

ニューシングル「Happy Birthday」 2008.10.1 RELEASE!!
New Single 「Happy Birthday」 1st October 2008 RELEASE!!

「Happy Birthday」はSEAMOの楽曲提供による21世紀のバースデーソング!

「Happy Birthday」 is a song by SEAMO for the 21st century birthday song!
Catchy sound in the gentle melody, lyrics that touch the heart, combine NEWS cheerful singing. Your loved ones will surely want to hear it on their birthdays!
NEWS will be singing this song as KOSE’s 「HAPPY BATH DAY」 TVCM song


■First Press Limited Edition
CD (3 songs + 1 original karaoke song)

☆CD contents☆
M1:Happy Birthday
M2: Ganganganbatte
M4:Happy Birthday(オリジナル・カラオケ)
M4: Happy Birthday (Original・Karaoke)

②「GAME of LOVE」収録(通常盤未収録曲)
③「Happy Birthday(オリジナル・カラオケ)」

●First Press contents
① 3 faces 6 pages jacket [I’m really not sure about this]
② 「GAME of LOVE」 (Not included in the Normal Edition)
③ 「Happy Birthday (Original・Karaoke)」 (Not included in the Normal Edition)


■Normal Edition
CD (3 songs)

M1:Happy Birthday
M3:Push On!

②「Push On!」収録(初回盤未収録曲)

●Normal Edition
① 3 faces 6 pages jacket [I’m really not sure about this]
② 「Push On!」 (Not included in the Limited Edition)

OMG~!! They’re really recording and shooting it now!! YAY!! And it’s one of my best friend’s birthday!!

By SEAMO eh? It will surely be a very nice song!! I can’t wait to hear it!! OMG!!

Again, I provided my own version of translation, lol.. Just make do with it since I can’t find any translations and I’m trying to improve my Japanese everyday!! Forgive me!

The 2nd song’s name is so cute~ Ganganganbatte, lol~~ Must work hard 3 more times than usual ne! XD

AH~!! On the 19th, I received the NEWS pacific DVD in my mailbox~!! FINALLY!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG~!! XD So super super super happy!!

Here’s my small collection, lol~~ All are Limited Edition and haven’t been opened yet except for Never Ending Wonderful Story~ XD

Besides the DVD, I bought Myojo’s Sept issue recently XD $13+ T_T Next week, I have to buy DUET and WinkUP, omg, I’m gonna be so so so broke!! T_T

But, it’s worth it, because I love them~



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