Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 14.8.08

18 08 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
11.8.08 1905h

Doumo. Kyou wa NEWS no shigoto wo shiteimasu.

Un. FURIItte muzukashii…

Sono uchi wakaru to omoimasu.

TSUAA mo nokori ato wazuka,

Ganbatte atsui natsu wo norigiri tai to omoimasu.

Hello. Today I’m working in NEWS.

Yeah. It’s difficult to be free…

I think you would understand that soon.

Tour, too, has a bit left,

I want to work hard to get over the hot summer, I guess.

Ryo’s entry for last week~!! ♥

NEWS is gonna have a new single, is that what they’ve been working on for the past 6 days? So that’s what we’re gonna know soon?

Plus the Kanjani8 tour.. Busy busy little bumble bee!

He must have been so busy to say he wanna be free.. Free of what, Ryo? Work? Poor Ryo, get some rest whenever you can!! Work in air-conditioned places to get over the heat, hehe.. XD

Love you, Ryo, isshoni ganbatte~! ♥

P.S.: I’m sad, I haven’t gotten the pacific LIVE DVD in my mailbox yet!!



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