National Day 2008!

9 08 2008


It’s the National Day!!

The NDP 2008 just ended~ It’s very colourful and nice!

Every year, my family would sit in front of our TV set and watch the NDP~ Only my youngest sister have attended NDP live, it was last year~

This is also the first time, I believe, to have NDP in the rain!! Every year, no matter what, it would be sunny or it would be cleared up before the Parade, but this year, the rain continued well into the Parade!

I like the new versions of past National Day theme songs~! Chinese, Malay, Indian~ ♥

The theme song for this year is “Shine for Singapore”~ I didn’t like it, but after tonight’s Parade, I like it~! The harmony of Joi Chua and Hady Mirza was nice!!

All the national songs are nice and inborn in all Singaporeans~ ♥

The segment I like most is the Merlion Dragon Dance~ Although it looks skeletal, it’s special, haha~ Why didn’t they add the Merlion Lion Dance as well? LOL~

It’s always so touching to sing the National Anthem and say the Pledge~ Everyone will forever remember every word and sing/say along~ It’s really touching~ ♥

The performance by the Black Knights was spectacular!! Very exciting and beautiful!! I love that heart in the air!

The fireworks are so good too! Especially the last batch, full of golden flakes falling down! That’s one of my favourites!!

President SR Nathan is in a good mood today, isn’t he? He shook many people’s hands before boarding his car and leaving Marina Bay~ He’s so friendly, no wonder he’s one of the most well-loved Singapore Presidents! We ever had the honour to have a photo taken with him, I was so happy! I think it was taken in 2004~ SP’s 50th birthday, he came and we were performing as SP Choir~ ^_^v

Now the next event to look forward to are the Night F1 Race and the Youth Olympics in 2010!! Yay!! ♥

Once again..




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