Beijing Olympics 080808

9 08 2008

Wow, wow, wow~!!

Isn’t it touching?!

Just finish watching the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics!! On HD5! SHIOK!!

It’s very grand, isn’t it?

Plenty of fireworks too! I love it~!! ♥

Next Olympic host has very big shoes to fill!! Stress~~!

10:58pm, Singapore finally appeared!! We were so anxious!! Because so many countries have come out already!! We were among the last 10~! LOL~

And then, one blink and you’ll miss it, haha.. Wave the flag, Li Jia Wei~!! Haha~ O, our “leader” wasn’t shown like how some other countries were.. No Lee Kuan Yew or whoever else.. Was he not there? Was he there? Haha..

The lighting up of the huge torch is also really nice!! Really love the design~~~ ♥

Tomorrow, there will be a repeat at 6am! Not gonna wake up to watch it though, I’m very tired, lol~ XD

But 10am will be the start of the Games~ Women’s weight lifting, woo~!!




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