WinkUP 08 September Issue

8 08 2008

Yay, another translation~!

Ryo did not reply to Jin’s message last month! [The one where Jin called him a skinny monkey, haha!]

I wonder if YamaP replied? XD I’ll go search for it~

I forgot to put up the first pic on the 16th of July! Really absent-minded T_T O, and the “so take care” is gibberish, because I don’t understand what he said [“hitotsu nishi bore”], lol.. XD

WinkUP 08 August Issue

WinkUP 08 September Issue

Here’s YamaP’s answer to Jin’s Aug message! I’ll try my best to find its scan!!

To Akanishi Jin:

I don’t want to be told that by you.

If you were to join the Olympics, which event would you like to challenge?

Sprinting. I don’t have much confidence though, so if I really have to join, I want to join an event which will end fast without hassle.



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